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Chapter 69 Go ahead and try

Chapter 69 Go ahead and try
Qin Feng could appreciate a girl who could “eat a banana”. A woman with good skills could really make a man feel great.

The delicate woman in front of him looked like a succulent, ripe, red apple. The slightest squeeze could make the juice come out of her.

Qin Feng was just a man. He was not immune to beautiful women.

Watching the woman approach, kneel down, and gently bite her lower lip as she started pulling down Qin Feng's pants, he nervously took a step away from her, "No, no, no, this isn’t right."

"Oh, Brother, rest assured, her skill will impress you. There’s no harm in giving her a try," said Zhang Hui.
"I'm not that kind of person." Qin Feng grabbed the woman's hand and said with a serious face, "Please respect me."

The woman rolled her eyes at Qin Feng, "Are you serious? With that tent in your pants?"

"Huh? Really?" Qin Feng instinctively looked down at his pants. It was really very embarrassing.

"Ha-ha!" Zhang Hui laughed, "Brother Feng, you do not need to pretend. We are men! Enjoy it."

Zhang Hui turned his back to Qin Feng. "I won’t look, okay?"

Meanwhile, the woman undid Qin Feng’s belt and skillfully opened his zipper. She saw the black and white underwear underneath and excitedly whispered, "Damn, nice bulge. Sexy boxers. Fancier than these pants."

Qin Feng was torn, but he stopped her again, "Hey, don’t do this, this isn’t right.”

Damn it. I came here to play it cool and get information, but now I’m Zhang Hui’s whoring buddy.

"Look at yourself, Brother, you’re all set to go. I can't take it anymore! Stop whining; you’ll explode if you don’t let out some steam. You are young, energetic…. Don’t hold yourself back so much."

The girl held Qin Feng's penis, swayed it and sighed, "Your tool is really big."

While saying, he quietly came to Qin Feng and whispered, "Bigger than Zhang Hui's, ha-ha. He's a loser."

Qin Feng listened, with an embarrassed face. By this time, he had no ability to resist. Although this matter was very awkward, it also left him particularly excited. He had never played like this, and it was also unique.

The girl buried her head and began her work. The soft and warm mouth tightly held the penis of Qin Feng, sometimes fast and sometimes slow. She mastered the rhythm very well, and her throat could relax enough to take him deep. She stared and estimated an impressive 20 inches, yet she could still wrap her fingers all the way around, which left Qin Feng with his eyes rolled back.

"Umm... Hmm..."

Qin Feng and the girl were almost simultaneously intoxicated. The girl was even more excited than Qin Feng. She couldn't help putting her hand in her dense forest, dipping into it, swimming with ripples of water, she even tried to drag Qin Feng to her bed. The two people came to a passionate 69 position, but Qin Feng did not care about pleasing her. He slightly closed his eyes, enjoying the joy on his own.

Zhang Hui secretly turned his head and caught a glimpse of Qin Feng’s intoxicated expression before bursting out laughing, "Brother, how is it? Pretty good, huh? I told you this bitch had a really good mouth!"

"Turn around!" Qin Feng shouted.

Zhang Hui quickly turned back around, but went on, "This woman won’t be able stand it, put a condom on and you can satisfy her once. Her moans are so sweet to hear, it just might kill you."

"Shut up, I’m not going for sloppy seconds," Qin Feng huffed.

"Well, one of these days I'll find you two sisters, twins, a real nice pair. One in the front and the other in the back - you'll definitely be satisfied," said Zhang Hui.

"What are you, a pimp?" Qin Feng barked. "Lie down on the bed, don't talk, and don't turn around. If you don’t behave yourself, I'll castrate you."

"OK, OK!" Zhang Hui quickly responded.

About ten minutes later, with some low moans coming from Qin Feng, he finished directly into the woman's mouth, face, hands, chest......

Qin Feng had never been so cruel. He was anxious to get up to clean the woman up, but the woman was left with a satisfied expression on her face and cleaned up with her mouth, "Don’t waste it, it’s high in protein, delicious."

Qin Feng looked at her and saw her swallow it down, speechless, "It doesn’t bother you?"

The woman chuckled, "What’s next? You’re going to ask if I’ll get pregnant?"

Zhang Hui was lying on his bed, but when he heard this, he laughed, "Ha-ha, ha, ha...”

Qin Feng felt a little weak. He stood up and tried to shake it off.

Qin Feng sighed. Living in the city was really nice. There was no need to observe discipline, and he could get satisfaction at any time.

After cleaning up, Qin Feng waited for the woman put on her clothes and go to another room.

He put his arm around Zhang Hui and discussed a few secret matters with him. At first, Zhang Hui was very conflicted. He didn’t want to have such a sensitive discussion with Qin Feng. But after seeing Qin Feng open his mind, Zhang Hui was less apprehensive and promised to try a new role.

Of course, his cooperation depended on him being 100 percent safe and risking nothing.

Qin Feng did not pressure him. This delicate matter needed time. Forcing him into it would only be counterproductive.

It was 7:30 in the evening when Qin Feng left the villa.

Qin Feng’s eyes and ears in Supersonic made a call to explain the situation over there. Ru Ru had been beaten black and blue by Ji Jiangshan’s people and was tied up on the floor. The whole bar had been sealed and the thick doors tightly closed, so any passersby simply did not know what was going on inside.

Dozens of ladies were hunched together on the dance floor in the main hall, while the bouncers and waiters had all been beaten up until they couldn’t stand.

Ru Ru had already cursed Zhao Jun 10,000 times in her heart. Where were the reinforcements? Where was anyone? After waiting for three hours, why hasn’t he come to rescue her yet?

"Stinky bitch, no more following Zhao Jun. He thinks he’s so high and mighty he can beat our Young Ji? Well, today we’ll show him who’s boss!"

The leader of the attacking gang was 1.9 meters tall. He was one of the few who stuck around after Ji Jiangshan decided to quit the area. He was nicknamed Mensi, and he fought with reckless abandon. He could singlehandedly take on eight thugs.

He took a mouse out of a cage covered with black cloth. "I wonder how it would feel to have this baby in your crotch?" he said. “You must be dying to experience it, aren’t you? Ha-ha!!"