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Chapter 61 Guilt
Zhu Fei and Qin Feng looked at the same time. The one who came was Jia Dapeng, who hasn’t made a move in many days.

This extremely domineering, spoiled child had recently been to Hainan. He enjoyed his vacation, but he couldn’t stop thinking of Qin Feng.

He bullied everyone, big and small, and he would not stop until he felt he had had enough. And no one had the courage to fight back.

For as long as he could remember, his father had been the director of the police station, and then he climbed all the way up until he took the seat of the director of the Tianhe City Public Security Bureau. When he’d held that seat for more than ten years, Jia Dapeng could walk tall in Tianhe City and no one dared to say anything against him. His character was completely spoiled by his old father.

If it were not for Qin Feng, Jia Dapeng would remain the "prince" of Tianhe for as long as Jia Quan remained in power.

He needed to avenge himself on Qin Feng, but it was not because Jia Dapeng hated him that much. It was more because he had to maintain his authority in the city. Someone like him could not be stood up to. He got kicked around by some unknown pawn, and if this ever became widely known, how could he show his face in Tianhe?

"You...? What are you doing here?"

Zhu Fei's chest tightened. Zhou Liang already gave her enough of a headache, and now she had to deal with Jia Dapeng as well. This guy was far more temperamental, and Zhu Fei was really afraid of what might happen next.

He beat her father so cruelly, and this debt would be repaid sooner or later, but now the most pressing matter was to resolve the bad blood between him and Qin Feng. Zhu Fei did not want to see the two men fighting over her, especially Qin Feng. She already felt guilty enough. Somehow he became her fake boyfriend and things got way out of hand after that. She didn’t want things to go on this way; she would rather face her problems head-on. There was no need to involve anyone else; that would only make things worse.

Jia Dapeng’s pupils shrank as he caught sight of Qin Feng. He made an ugly face, "Yo, the young hero is here too? What - no more dishes to clean at the bar?"

He looked at his watch and said, "Not yet, then?"

Then he sighed and shook his head, "You better come out; everyone’s waiting outside the ward."

Jia Dapeng was not stupid. Naturally, he had back up.

He was accompanied by Zhang Dali and four or five other fighting instructors from various special police brigades in plain clothes. Each one of them was an expert in the professional field. Supported by these people, his confidence and vigor naturally grew. Even if Qin Feng was an incredibly fierce opponent, could he take on such a group alone?

Moreover, Jia Dapeng did not want to fight today. This was not the place for a fight. His father had been giving him hell for beating up the sanitation worker. If it were not for his father, the matter would have already been made into front-page news.

Jia Dapeng knew in his heart that his father was his only protective shield. Therefore, after listening to Zhang Dali's suggestions, he resolved to act as sparingly as possible in the future and not cause trouble in public. Even if he had to fight, he would do it in the dark, in places where no one else could see him.

Although he chafed under these restrictions, as long as he could maintain his princely status, he could bear with them.

"Kid, if you're here for trouble, let’s talk outside."

Qin Feng did not want to upset Zhu Fangguo. He tried to block his vision with his body as much as possible, but the old man twisted his body to see and caught a glimpse of Jia Dapeng's face. He sat up abruptly and thrust an accusing finger at his face, "You! You dare come here!? You think you can just beat people up in the street?! Huh!?"

All his anger and grievance burst forth. Zhu Fangguo had never suffered so much. He rarely lost his temper in his life, but this time he really couldn't stand it. The way that punk kid carelessly attacked people like that was simply malicious. Zhu Fangguo was an old man with a weak body. Just for reminding him not to throw cigarette butts on the ground, he was badly beaten and almost killed, while Jia Dapeng just went on with his life as if he’d done nothing out of the ordinary.

Turning around, Zhu Fangguo looked at Zhu Fei. "Fei Fei, didn’t you say he was taken away by the police? Don't you think he'll get fair punishment? What is this? Showing off?"

Even a rabbit could bite if cornered. Forget about him being an old man in his late sixties. Working hard on the streets, serving the people and earning a meager salary, not only did he not get the respect of the world, but he got a harsh beating in exchange for a kindly reminder, and he had no power to fight back. In that moment, Zhu Fangguo lay on the ground and could feel how everyone around him barely bothered to try to stop this tragedy. In this society where everyone felt unsafe, no one wanted to get involved in anybody else’s issues because they were afraid of getting hurt themselves. Zhu Fangguo's heart trembled. What has the world come to? An overbearing youth can beat up an old man in the street in broad daylight and the crowd of hundreds of people watching it happen are so indifferent they barely even say a word in protest. Zhu Fangguo, who had seen many seasons come and go, had a hard time living in the past few years. He had too many unfair and sad experiences, but in the face of this situation, his heart was still filled with unbearable pain......

Hearing what Zhu Fangguo said, Jia Dapeng just chuckled. "Fei Fei, did I hear that correctly? When did I go to the police station? Who's gonna punish me? Don't lie."

Jia Dapeng raised an arrogant eyebrow . His sense of superiority radiated from his very bones.

Who would dare to touch him in Tianhe? Preposterous!

Zhu Fei didn’t want to explain anything. "Get out! Get out!" she screamed.

"Fei Fei, call the police, call the police! How can such scum stay in society!?"

Zhu Fangguo strenuously got up from his bed, his chest heaving violently. His already high blood pressure soared, leaving him short of breath and with a tightness in his chest.

Seeing this, Qin Feng hurried to hold him down, "Uncle, I can handle it, don't worry."

Zhu Fangguo struggled feebly to get free, but he still believed in Qin Feng. "OK, just don't let me see this guy again!"

"Uncle, you misunderstood me. I came here to apologize. I was very wrong. I was in a bad mood and lost my temper."

Jia Dapeng took a few steps forward. His arrogance was for Qin Feng to see. But the purpose of his coming today was to reconcile with Zhu Fangguo. On one hand, he was under pressure from his father; on the other hand, he still liked Zhu Fei. He didn’t want to be on bad terms with her dad.

In his view, appeasing a simple elderly sanitation worker was easy. As long as he put enough money in his hands, any amount of resentment could be washed away.

Jia Dapeng took out a brand new UnionPay card from his wallet. "Take this as a sign of my good will. This is your compensation; 200,000 Yuan."