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Chapter 49 The List

Chapter 49 The List
Zhang Hui had just received a strange phone call. It turned out to be the mysterious man, who seemed to be able to see everything there in the dark, but Zhang Hui did not know where he was. The man scared him, but he had no choice but to do what he said.

"Brother Hui, don't make a fuss. What can he do?" Erpao grumbled. “You’re placing all your bets on the wrong player.”

"Erpao’s right. Anyway, I think we should take advantage of the time we have left to fuck Sister Flower. When I went to the Free Man Bar, I tried to flirt with her a few times and got turned down. This time....." Sanbao showed a vulgar expression, rubbing his hands together and creeping toward the room where Xiao Jinhua was being held.

Zhang Hui grabbed him and shouted, "Sanbao, Brother Meng told us plainly that Xiao Jinhua is only bait; no one is allowed to touch her. Not to mention, Brother Meng himself is thinking of Xiao Jinhua. You would dare to touch the woman he likes?"

The three fighters hurriedly waved their hands and explained, "Oh, Brother Hui, you’re serious? We were just joking around! If that woman is Brother Meng’s, of course no one can touch her!"

Just then, Zhang Hui's phone rang again.

It was the mystery man.

"Hello?" Zhang Hui said nervously.

"He's almost here; get ready."

Green Dragon was hiding in a watchtower on the highest point of the salt field. He was very well-hidden, observing the course of events with powerful military-grade binoculars. He could see every inch of that dilapidated factory from a distance.

"Where the hell are you?" Zhang Hui asked apprehensively.

"You don't need to know where I am. Concentrate on getting ready," said Green Dragon. "He has few weaknesses, but the most important one is his lower body. You can focus on that."

Green Dragon hung up.

Just then, the roar of a car came from beyond the gates of the compound. Zhang Hui shouted, "Get ready, brothers!"

In addition to Dagang, Erpao and Sanbao, Zhang Hui also brought with him more than a dozen other skilled fighters, all of whom were among Brother Meng’s original followers. They were not only good in a fight, but also very determined in execution. Brother Meng would not send a horde of random cronies to do a tough job. Having more people did not necessarily mean having a more effective force. The most effective fighting group would be one composed of men with a sense of unity and tactical understanding, who would do their utmost and never run in the face of death.

Everyone was in their places, weapons ready, waiting for the arrival of Qin Feng.


The Tiguan crashed through the gate, drifting sideways, almost gliding into the workshops. Qin Feng slammed on the brakes and the tires screeched deafeningly along the ground, grinding to a halt ten meters away from Zhang Hui.

People hiding on both sides of the entrance hurried to push the iron gate shut and lock it, blocking Qin Feng’s escape route.

Qin Feng did not stop for a second. Regardless of how many people there were around him and what danger he may encounter when he got off the car, he immediately jumped out and ran to Zhang Hui.

Qin Feng was unarmed, but he had an intimidating air about him. He spoke very loudly, as if he was rebuking a subordinate who had made a low-level mistake, "Where is Xiao Jinhua?! Where is she?!"

A vein bulged on Qin Feng's forehead. His ferocious face exuded the kind of air that an elite Spec Ops warrior should have. Only when he faced professional mercenaries and soldiers on the battlefield would he take this stance.

This was a genuine death glare. His hawkish eyes could instill terror in men’s hearts from a thousand miles away.

Zhang Hui was momentarily stunned. Even though he thought he was sufficiently prepared, when he saw the enraged Qin Feng’s real face, doubt crept into the back of his mind.

Zhang Hui coughed lightly and tried to calm himself down. The stakes were too high for either side to get careless.

"Give us the list and she will be turned over to you unharmed. End of discussion."

Although he did not know why Qin Feng attached so much importance to Xiao Jinhua, he knew that as long as Xiao Jinhua was still in his hands, he could take the initiative.

"List?" Qin Feng was stunned, a sense of foreboding appearing in his heart. "What list?"

"Don't play with me. You have the Golden Triangle drug lord’s-"

Dagang impatiently prodded him before he could finish, whispering, "Brother Hui, there’s no need to talk. Let’s just take him down!"

Dagang was a northeastern man with a short temper. He was also a master of knife-fighting against multiple opponents. He had committed a crime in his hometown and escaped to Tianhe. After a long period of hiding, he finally dared to come out. He thought he had killed someone, but in fact the person whose neck he had almost cut off was miraculously saved. Later, he met Meng Zhaolin, who personally sent people to the northeast to handle the incident and gave the victim 200,000 Yuan to drop the charges. Dagang was safe once more. Since then, he has only looked up to Meng Zhaolin.

When this behemoth approached Qin Feng, the atmosphere of the interaction took a rapid turn for the worse.

Talking his way out of it was not realistic. First he would have to pass through Dagang, only then would Qin Feng would have the right to speak.

"Kid, have you heard of the Four Great Powers of Tianhe? I'm one of them!"

This was Dagang's favorite opening statement. He liked to properly introduce himself to opponents who weren’t familiar with him. Basically, he made his opponents remember his name every time. The powerful names of the Four Powers spread like wildfire, at least within the Tianhe area. They rarely encountered real opponents, and Meng Zhaolin also benefited from this. His rising influence was overtaking that of the old underworld kingpin, Zhao Jun.

"Oh, you want to fight? Come at me!" Qin Feng knew he would have to beat down several formidable opponents today if he was to save Sister Flower.

However… How did Zhang Hui know about the list of Shark Kun’s agents in China?

Very few people knew of the list; practically no one outside his ”Golden Four” team.

Did Shark Kun's men come to Meng Zhaolin? Did he want Meng Zhaolin to get the list from Qin Feng’s hands because he didn’t dare to send his own mercenaries to Tianhe?

That made sense, but…

Shark Kun should have known Qin Feng’s strength after their encounter. Hundreds of his elite mercenaries could not kill him, but he expected a prefecture-level mobster who had a few untrained thugs with him to do it???

Obviously, that wasn’t very logical.

But Qin Feng didn’t have time to think about it too much, as Dagang was already coming at him.

Worthy of being the head of the Four Great Powers, any blow from Dagang was potentially lethal. He charged straight up the middle, sparing no thought for any sort of flanking or exploratory attack. There were not many people at all in the Tianhe area who could take a direct punch from him and remain standing. Or conscious.