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Chapter 42 To move her by sincerity

Chapter 42 To move her by sincerity
Zhou Liang turned around and swaggered out to the corridor.

Zhu Fei and Qin Feng followed him to the staircase down the hall.

Few people used those stairs. Patients and family members would normally take the elevator, so it was more convenient to talk there.

Qin Feng closed the fire escape door behind them. Zhou Liang folded his arms, leaning against the stainless steel handrail with an evil face. "What do you want to talk about?” he growled disdainfully, “Look, you don't like it? Might as well tell you; a single phone call to Su City from me and a hundred guys will be here to whoop your ass."

In truth, Zhou Liang was a bit wary. After all, his cronies were all down south in Su City. In Tianhe, he was indeed very weak. This fellow in front of him was presumably a Tianhe local, so in the event of a real conflict he would have the home advantage.

However, Zhou Liang had street smarts. He’d never let anyone get the upper hand on him. He always knew he had to take the initiative to suppress the opponent. Most people would be intimidated by him and back off.

Of course, one should never make threats one can’t back up. Zhou Liang really had that kind of power.


Qin Feng did not bother to talk with him. He quickly realized this kid was just a showoff and he really couldn’t work up the interest to deal with that kind of person. He looked to Zhu Fei instead. "Tell me something. Do you have any interest in this man?"

If Zhu Fei said she did not want to have anything to do with Zhou Liang, Qin Feng would act immediately and teach this kid to show some respect.

He liked to brag too much. Maybe it was because his parents spoiled him as a child. In truth, he was nothing.

"Zhou Liang, I have neither a good nor bad impression of you. I did not leave Su City because of you. I didn’t need to run from home because of a blind date. I could just play for time with you. A couple years of procrastination wouldn’t have been a problem. The real reason I left is actually because I was tired of life there, tired of pretending to be happy. I felt like I wasn’t myself living there. I am a real Tianhe girl, I am the child of common workers, and there’s common people's blood in my veins. I have nothing to do with Li Jianbin, so even though you’ve managed to find me, you have nothing to gain. Don’t persist. Going back empty-handed will not mean defeat - it’ll mean being responsible for your own future. Right?"

Hearing this, Zhou Liang was a little surprised. He didn't think that Zhu Fei, who had enjoyed so many years of affluence and comfort in Su City, would feel no attachment to that kind of wealthy lifestyle. What’s more, she even missed this poor, working-class life. Was she crazy...?

"Zhu Fei, do you think that I came looking for you just for Li Jianbin's family fortune? To tell you the truth, he begged my family to arrange this marriage. My family’s wealth is ten times greater than his. And to be honest, Li Jianbin also has nothing to do with this. I like you, understand? If you want to stay in Tianhe, I can buy a mansion here and accompany you. Anyway, no matter where we live - as long as you are happy and by my side - it’s all right. As long as you're there!" Zhou Liang said seriously.

After travelling the world, Zhou Liang had acquired more experience than most people his age. He was very good at reading people and adjusting his tone and mannerisms to influence them.

Zhou Liang knew that the reason Zhu Fei had this idea that she wanted to go from riches to rags was that she had had too much of a good thing. She was just throwing a little temper tantrum for a few days. Her refined and expensive tastes wouldn’t let her persevere for long. She would probably begin to regret her decision within a few days, especially since Li Jianbin blocked her bank card. In less than a week, she would have to go back to Su City.

Of course, Zhou Liang could not bring up any of this in front of her, especially in the presence of Qin Feng. He could only talk about feelings and try to move her heart and subtly influence her. No matter how fake and false his words were, as long as he showed his “sincerity”, he could play upon that naïve little princess’s heartstrings. Taking advantage of her kind and pure heart, he would soon be able to manipulate Zhu Fei into reconsidering her originally negative feelings about him.

Obviously, Zhu Fei hadn’t expected Zhou Liang to say such things. He surprised her, and she couldn't help but see him in a new light. Qin Feng did not interrupt, yawning lazily. He did not seem to be moved by Zhou Liang’s heartfelt monologue.

"As you can see, my father is hurt. I can’t spare a thought for anything else at the moment. I will not go back to Su City. You have a good future, why waste your time on me?" said Zhu Fei.

"You are not married, I am not married. We have both reached the age of love, so why is it a waste of time? I really want to be with you. You can't accept it now, but it doesn't matter. Like I said, I will wait. I have enough patience to wait for you to change your mind, but please don't get involved with any shoddy people before you think about it more carefully. That would be a real waste of time."

Qin Feng naturally picked up on the subtext in Zhou Liang’s words.

He couldn't help laughing. "Aren’t you tired of talking shit? If you know what true love is, then pigs can fly."

He stepped forward, stopping half a meter away from Zhou Liang. The two men were of similar height and build. Two pairs of eyes coldly faced each other. Anything could happen right now.

"What the hell are you looking at?" Zhou Liang's eyes were wide open, his whole body emitting strength, "If you say another word of nonsense, I will do you in right now!"

"Really? Try it."

Qin Feng did not like to talk too much nonsense with hypocritical people. He could see straight through Zhou Liang's nature at a glance. If he really was a down-to-earth and genuine person, Qin Feng would not only not interfere, but would take the initiative to persuade Zhu Fei to give this man who came all the way from Su City a chance. But the seemingly respectable Zhou Liang was in fact a sinister villain, full of talk about benevolence and morality, yet inadvertently unable to hide his dirty and false nature.

Of course, these details could not be detected by Zhu Fei. Qin Feng, as the team leader of an elite Special Forces unit with an extensive background in investigation, was very good at seeing through people and could even discern a person’s personality from the five elements and eight diagrams on their face.

Zhou Liang was by no means worthy of being entrusted with Zhu Fei’s life. There was certainly a hidden agenda behind his visit. Such a person was full of sinister intentions, and the honest and kind Zhu Fei was no match for him. If Qin Feng watched from the sidelines as Zhou Liang continued to blow hot air, Zhu Fei would eventually get on the thief’s ship of his own volition.