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Chapter 36 Lousy idea

Chapter 36 Lousy idea
Li Xiuju said, "Sister Flower and Brother Kun don’t care about trifles like these. The waiters all answer to Hall Manager Zhao Hu, who indulges their lounging about. The ladies are all under Sister Flower, so he…”

"I see."

The elevator door opened and Qin Feng led the way. Following the sounds of conversation to one of the private rooms down the hall, he pushed the door open with his shoulder. When the waiters saw Qin Feng barge in, they stared at him in surprised silence for a moment, but then a fellow with yellow hair shouted, "Come in, Qin Feng. There’s no tissue paper here."

Qin Feng put the crate filled with paper on the floor. His firm gaze slowly passing over each member of that group of couch potatoes, he said matter-of-factly, “Put away all these cards and do your jobs."

The yellow-haired man was called Li Dazhong, one of the foremen. He had been working at the Free Man Bar for more than three years, and as the eldest among the waiters, expected to be treated like an honored old master. He knew that Qin Feng was pretty good in a fight, but he never took him seriously. He had no patience for a junior waiter who had only just started working full time telling him what to do. "Qin Feng, who do you think you’re talking to? Pick up that crate for me, put down two boxes of paper, and then go away," he said, sighing exasperatedly, as if dealing with an impertinent child.

Li Dazhong was still holding an uneaten Jiujiu Duck Neck with greasy fingers. He casually tossed it at Qin Feng's face.


Qin Feng’s body swayed fluidly, easily avoiding the airborne snack. Then, he leaped forward sharply into the center of the room. As he drew near Li Dazhong, one hand shot out and grabbed him by the collar, lifting his whole person off the ground.

Li Dazhong flailed like a fish on dry land, but accomplished little. Qin Feng threw him across the room and the scrawny Li Dazhong crashed into the door of his private office with a dull thud. Seeing this, the others shrank away from Qin Feng, trying to avoid his violent attention.

Li Dazhong grinned painfully. He never thought Qin Feng would really dare to start something with him. "You... hit me! I’m gonna have Brother Hu get rid of you, believe it or not!"

He always thought Sister Flower was paying special attention to Qin Feng just because of some kind of handsome man’s trickery, which left her a little confused. He did not take Qin Feng seriously at all. In Li Dazhong's view, the manager of the Free Man Bar should have been Brother Kun. And Zhao Hu, as the manager of the main hall, was Kun's right hand man. In turn, Li Dazhong was Brother Hu’s right hand man. As a foreman of the waiters, he held some influence in the Free Man Bar. Even if Qin Feng was taken care of by Sister Flower, it meant nothing. He had to be a simple, obedient waiter!

Qin Feng strolled across the room, slowly squatted down, and grabbed Li Dazhong by his yellow hair, whispering, “Acting this way, getting sacked is inevitable. Just you wait."

Then, Qin Feng turned to leave. Li Dazhong slowly climbed up to his feet behind him. Nobody knew where the dagger in his hand came from. Seeing his opportunity, he stabbed. The sharp blade was pointed straight at Qin Feng’s spine. If he got stabbed there, it was very likely that Qin Feng would be disabled for life.


The waiters who witnessed this scene in the private room were all too frightened and foolish and worried to run out. They did not dare to give Qin Feng a warning. They all thought that this was the end of him.

However, Qin Feng seemed to have eyes in the back of his head. He turned around in a flash, swinging his leg in a magnificent roundhouse kick aimed directly at Li Dazhong’s face. His foot made contact with Li Dazhong’s right cheek, sending his whole body flying straight through the connecting door to the adjacent private room.

Then… nothing happened.

He was knocked out cold.

Qin Feng coldly muttered, "A knife? Seriously?"

His hands in his pockets, he went down to the barroom on the first floor, whistling a little tune to himself.

After he left, all the waiters rushed into the room where Li Dazhong lay and found that his face was covered in blood. He had crashed headlong into the corner of a tea table, leaving a long cut on his face.

The hall was quiet; the lights were very bright. The girls were gathered there, chatting in low voices. A couple of cleaners were picking up cigarette butts in the corners of the room. It was just four o'clock in the afternoon, long before people would start coming in to party. Zhao Hu, the manager of the hall, was there in his formal suit and tie. Holding a walkie-talkie in his hand, he was chatting up the cute cashier at the front desk, occasionally letting out a dirty laugh.

Qin Feng climbed up the stage to the DJ stand and turned the music down a bit. Then he picked up and tested the mike.

When everyone saw it was Qin Feng who was testing the mike onstage, several ladies who had a good impression of him shouted, "Brother Feng, sing us a song! Just one song, one Xue Zhiqian."

"You guys don’t look too busy," he said, his voice booming out of the speakers, " so let's get together and have a good time."

Qin Feng walked over to the edge of the stage with the microphone and said, "Singing, dancing, and telling jokes are all good. I have a reward for the best performer!"

"Oh, Brother Feng, what kind of reward do you have? Is it...? Haha, we have so many ladies here, you can't satisfy all of them!"

It was Yuanyuan who spoke below the stage. She was one of the most popular ‘entertainers’ at the Free Man Bar, with a full height of 1.75 meters and a great figure. At one time, she was among the top ten models in the entire northern region of the country thanks to her beautiful, long legs. She did not continue to rise higher than that, but with a bit of makeup, she had an exquisite white jade face.

Her relationship with Qin Feng was quite ambiguous. On the third day after Qin Feng started working there, they went to a back room to have sex after the night shift. That night she had drunk a lot of alcohol while entertaining customers. The customers in the private room were groping her, but Yuanyuan was very clever - she got them so drunk they lay down on the sofa to sleep. Finally, the club closed and they were dragged away by friends. When Yuanyuan got out of the private room, she saw Qin Feng and started talking dirty to him. She was that kind of woman. In any case, Qin Feng did not overthink things. He took her to a back room after work, and they did it four or five times that night.

"Ha-ha, we won’t know for sure until we try."

The reason Qin Feng was doing this was to get a lively atmosphere going in the club. He also wanted to give them all a good impression of himself. Furthermore, he wanted to let everyone see he was approachable. He was laying the groundwork for taking over Kun’s position.

It was unrealistic and unlike him to just use his fists to get everyone to do what he said. Once Kun and Zhao Hu were out of the way, he hoped to rely on leadership by example to turn the people of the Free Man Bar into a tight-knit group instead of disparate factions that squabbled amongst themselves, as was the case at present.

Zhao Hu heard him and came over with a stern look, staring at Qin Feng on the platform, "What are you doing? What’s the big idea?"