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Chapter 28 The Dancer and the Cab

Chapter 28 The Dancer and the Cab
Kun hesitated and seemed to have something to say, but his open mouth made no sound.

It was already past one o'clock in the morning after all this.

Back in the bar room, most of the guests had already gone. Because the bar’s walls had particularly good sound insulation, few guests knew what had transpired at the bar’s back door.

Outside the front door, after all, was the main street of the city and there were still a lot of cars coming and going. Young guys, driving all kinds of sports cars, stormed on the spacious roads, engines roaring and exhaust fumes filling the street.

The night air was cool. Qin Feng smoked, sighing, "Sister Flower, it seems this Meng Zhaolin is going to try his luck fighting against Zhao Jun."

"Are you sure it was Zhang Hui?"

If they were really Meng Zhaolin's people, then this matter could not be underestimated. The inner working of the entire underground nightlife industry in Tianhe city might change.

"With the surveillance footage we just watched together, don't you think so?"

Qin Feng asked, "He has a motive. These people do things with complete disregard for the consequences. Anything that’s of no use to them is destroyed! Just awful."

"This was not aimed at me. Meng Zhaolin and Zhao Jun have not had a good relationship in the past. The last time a major road project was undertaken by the city, both of them wanted to step in. In the end, it was very tense. Nobody dared to offend the boss in the engineering department, and finally they each got half of the project. Although they made money, it was clear that if they would disagree with each other all the time, the project wouldn’t have been completed by both parties. However, if they always separated the project into half, the brothers would have no money to live. That’s why tonight's fire happened to us," Sister Flower analyzed.

Qin Feng clearly knew that this was only one of the reasons. He still had a secret, but he did not say it.

Qin Feng had already seen the list of Chinese drug distribution points stolen from Shark Kun. The distribution points in Tianhe City were very popular, but they were only managed by third-rate "agents", and they were the lowest level. The volume and goods they took were meager, but even so, the profiteering was unimaginable, and it was Meng Zhaolin who controlled the trading of drugs in Tianhe City.

This was also the reason for his rise to prominence in recent years. The main reason that he didn’t respect Zhao Jun as much as before was that he had a lot of money on hand. Since he had a lot of money, he would have a lot of people to fight for him. Thus, his power grew. No one dared to mess with him.

On the other hand, since Sister Flower managed the Free Man Bar, she did not allow any drugs inside. The other two bars owned by Zhao Jun, Nocturniae and Supersonic, took very high commissions on the goods from Meng Zhaolin's side, which greatly reduced his profits. Moreover, Zhao Jun’s business model also inspired several other underground bosses in Tianhe to follow his example. In this way, the overall efficiency of Meng Zhaolin’s network declined substantially. He was doing this business at the risk of losing his head. If he did not have considerable profits to pave the way, why would he risk his life in this dangerous game? And now Zhao Jun had become an obstacle in the way of making his fortune, especially in this Free Man Bar which refused to let in any drugs. This made Meng Zhaolin resentful. Besides, Sister Flower didn’t know how to cooperate and didn’t agree to work for him. Tonight's incident was like killing chickens in front of a pet monkey to serve as an example.

Nevertheless, Qin Feng couldn’t divulge this kind of thing. Knowing it would not benefit Sister Flower. Soon, the guests of the bar were all gone. Qin Feng had an early shift and could go back to rest early, but he was forced to stick around until after 2:00 in the morning.

Sister Flower was also tired, wanting to go home to rest. Qin Feng took a taxi, ready to go to the hospital and check on Zhu Fei, but just as he got into the taxi, another figure plunged in beside him.

Qin Feng was stunned. The person who got into the car was Jiang Xiaowen of the Art Institute.

"What are you doing?"

Qin Feng was a little confused, "I thought you had left early. What are you doing here?"

Generally, this kind of dancer would leave after one o'clock. When the crowds were beginning to thin out, they would leave. But this girl had gone out with the Free Man Bar’s staff through the back door.

"I was waiting for you."

Jiang Xiaowen smiled with joy. "The man looking for you tonight was so fierce. You two went out the back door. Nothing happened?"

Qin Feng muttered, "What did you want to happen?"

"Will you buy me dinner? I’m hungry."

Jiang Xiaowen did not regard herself as an outsider at all, and said to the driver, "Mister, please go to Yanshan Road, where there’s good food."


Qin Feng was too embarrassed to refuse the young girl's initiative. In this area, there were only two reasons why males and females went out.

One was for the money. It didn’t matter what the richer person was like, as long as the money was enough. They would go out to eat, drink, sing, and get a room.

The other was to look for people who could look into their eyes. These kind of people usually did things reluctantly and wanted to find a well-balanced person among the other fish in the sea, such as Qin Feng in this scenario. Jiang Xiaowen would not likely ask for money at all. If Qin Feng ate with her, they got along well and she felt at ease, they might just end up sleeping together. It would make for a delightful evening.

Jiang Xiaowen grabbed Qin Feng's arm and leaned close to him.

The scent of her body dazed Qin Feng for a while. "Don’t you need to go back to school?"

He knew what she had in mind, but he asked anyway. Qin Feng was not an apologist. If such a great specimen of a woman gifted herself to him, he had no reason to reject her.

But what happened the other night and over the past two days made him nervous, he didn’t want to have other things to worry about by adding one more variable into his life.

The driver listened to Jiang Xiaowen's instructions and did not ask Qin Feng's opinion, he took off for Yanshan Road.

"Me? No. Now that I am a sophomore, the dorm staff don’t check up on attendance, so I don't have to go back. My roommates never sleep there. Being the only one in my dorm room scares me to death."

Jiang Xiaowen was almost buried in Qin Feng's chest, like a cat. His strong chest muscles made her feel very attracted to him. Such a man could be called a man and being with him gave her a sense of security.

"I'm going to the hospital in a few minutes. When I'm done eating, We’ll have to part ways."

After thinking about it for a moment, Qin Feng still felt a responsibility to go to Zhu Fei for a visit that night. He was afraid that the neurotic Jia Dapeng would harass her in the middle of the night.

"Ah? What happened? Is something wrong with you? I could walk you to the hospital."

Jiang Xiaowen moved her head in front of Qin Feng nervously, with a serious expression.

"No, it’s a friend of mine.”

Qin Feng went on, "After all, we just met...right? I've been really preoccupied lately. By the way, I think you may have some misunderstanding about me. I'm not in charge of the Free Man Bar. I'm just an ordinary waiter who cleans tables, I make only two or three thousand Yuan a month. You must be looking for a different kind of person... right???"