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Chapter 26 Fierce fight at the back door

Chapter 26 Fierce fight at the back door
"Oh, have you done something wrong?"

Zhang Dali’s arm trembled, and the whole small round table shook violently. The empty bottle nearly fell to the ground.

Qin Feng’s face had no expression. He turned to Jiang Xiaowen. "You should go back to work. I have something to do."

Jiang Xiaowen naturally read the atmosphere, and declined. She was too nervous to speak, but she was also a little worried about Qin Feng, and she refused to move.


Qin Feng raised his voice, frightening Jiang Xiaowen. She left.

Qin Feng and Zhang Dali did not say another word. They looked at each other, drank up the rest of the wine on the table, and then walked to the back door of the bar.

Yes, a confrontation between masters does not require too much repetition. They knew each other; neither one had an advantage over the other.

Zhang Dali needed to give Jia Dapeng an answer, and Qin Feng also needed to give Zhu Fei an account of what happened.

The back door was actually the firefighting passageway of the bar. It opened into an alley, and many small merchants and hawkers liked to put up their night market stalls there at night. Many people came and went, but now it was already midnight, and the alley was empty.

Qin Feng was in front. He and Zhang Dali walked to a small grove not far away.

The surroundings were surprisingly quiet. There was a closed commercial street not too far away.

The wind blew in their ears. They stood three meters apart, facing each other.

"If I'm not wrong, you’re also a soldier, and work for Jia Dapeng as a mercenary. Do you think it's worth it?" Qin Feng said.

"Each is for his master. My destiny is in his father's hands. I have no choice."

Zhang Dali’s body withdrew. His took up a solid fighting stance, arms hanging out, ready to attack.

"In that case, there is nothing left to say."

Qin Feng’s left arm stretched and his center of gravity moved forward, the right leg gliding gently on the ground, kicking up dust.

He could feel that the guy in front of him was the first worthy opponent he had met since coming to Tianhe, so he was a little excited.


Zhang Dali's body shook suddenly, and he rushed up with a stride. The distance of three meters was closed in an instant. His feet, like a whirlwind, stepped through the air and struck a plume of dust. There was a great destructive potential between them. Qin Feng did not come up. He moved back and forth, waiting to see his opponent’s reaction.

Zhang Dali made three or four moves, but did not take any advantage, which made his heart worry. Such a tough opponent was really rare these days. Who was this guy? How did he suddenly appear in Tianhe? And he was just a little waiter at the bar? It was beyond logic and above reason.

But he did not have the leisure to think about it at length, as Qin Feng had come forward.

His footsteps were extremely rigid. It seemed like a gentle strike, but only Zhang Dali could know the strength contained within it. Dong! The two people kicked each other. It was a test of leg strength, but also of the soul of the body.


Zhang Dali turned over and withdrew a few meters. If he hadn’t grasped a weeping willow, he was likely to have fall down.

With only this simple blow, despite being one of the top ten Sanda practitioners in the military, he knew he didn’t stand a chance to fight against him. This left Zhang Dali extremely puzzled. Even if he fought against champion fighters, he had never been overpowered in such a way, and he had never lost the fight. Was this guy from an ancient martial arts school? Incredible. How strong was he?

Qin Feng did not mean to be aggressive. What he wanted was Jia Dapeng, not this guy, and he always respected the strong. Although this guy could not match him, it was rare for him to meet such a strong opponent in Tianhe. He didn’t have to fight.

"You should go. Jia Dapeng and I will deal with this matter amongst ourselves. If you still help him next time, don't blame me for being cruel."

Qin Feng stood mightily, his powerful arms exuding an indifferent ethereal potential, and quite a bit of style.

Zhang Dali stood still and did not leave.

"I will not sit idly by. I told you, this is about my future!"

He came from the countryside. The fact that he could survive by relying on himself was not such an easy thing to accomplish. During this period, only he knew how many trials and tribulations he had suffered, how many tears and how much sweat he had given. How could he be willing to give up just like that? Even if the road ahead was difficult, he would try his best to break through!

"Well, in that case, that's it."

Qin Feng was not interested in continuing to fight with him at the moment. When he saw Jia Dapeng again, he would deal with them both.

At that moment, four dazzling lights rushed through the dark night with great speed. They didn’t look like passing cars; they were headed straight for the Free Man Bar's back door.

When Zhang Dali saw this, he squinted his eyes and squatted down together with Qin Feng to see what happened next.

Sure enough, two cars appeared, a Great Wall pickup truck and an Audi Q7. The pickup truck was carrying a large barrel of oil. Five or six people got off. After jumping onto the pickup truck, they picked up a torch prepared in advance and stuffed it into the oil barrel, and then pulled it out. With a match – whoosh! - the torch burst into scorching hot flames.

Seeing this scene, Zhang Dali’s eyes opened wide in shock. "What’s this? What are they doing?"

Qin Feng had a bad feeling. He grabbed Zhang Dali's collar. "Are these not Jia Dapeng's guys?"

"I don't think so. Though he was defiant, I made him listen to reason. I said I'd go to you alone and he'd give me time to settle this myself," Zhang Dali said with certainty.


The next second, Qin Feng rushed out of the wood with the speed of a mountain leopard. Watching that group of people preparing to throw torches into the Free Man Bar’s windows, Qin Feng roared, "Stop!"

"Come on! Keep going! Don’t mind him." The man sitting in the passenger seat of the car hurriedly poked out his head and shouted, "Run Qin Feng over!"


The xenon headlight in his face was so bright that Qin Feng could not open his eyes. He dodged backward, but around him was a vast open space without cover. He had no way out. Under the circumstances, he had to step up to meet the opponent!!!

Leaping into the air, Qin Feng rose high and stepped directly onto the hood of the Audi Q7. As soon as his center of gravity sank, he seized the opportunity to bounce up and stomped on the windshield. The glass was very heavy, and Qin Feng struck very ferociously. However, he could only crack the glass, not break it. After all, it was a luxury car.

But even so, the Audi Q7 driver was horrified. He hurriedly slammed on the brakes and tried to get Qin Feng off the roof of the car, but Qin Feng was ready and leaned over to seize the edge of the open window. Even though the car was screeching to a halt and the momentum was very strong, Qin Feng managed to hold on.

The passenger window did not close in time. Qin Feng swung his body, his legs close together, and kicked into the car. The passenger immediately screamed in pain. His body was thrown back and his head hit the driver's temple hard. The two men were dizzy and moaning, almost fainting.

There was no time to stop. Several people on the pickup truck had thrown three or four torches through the Free Man Bar’s windows. Seeing that the fire was about to rise, he stormed past them like a storm wind. He kicked a man who was about to throw another torch. The fell to the floor, the torch landing on top of him.