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Chapter 10 Cockroaches

Chapter 10 Cockroaches
"Get out of here, you pervert! Why did you move to this apartment?!"

Zhu Fei shoved Qin Feng, he was quick to withdraw. "I was just kidding! Look at your face - you’re all red."

"No! You're not allowed to come to my room anymore! You’ll get your stench on me."

Zhu Fei was particularly funny when she acted serious. She had a doll’s face, so when she got angry, her facial expressions seemed almost animated.


Qin Feng had just returned to his room when he received a call from Sister Flower. "Hello, Sister Flower."

"Are you awake?"

Sister Flower's voice was low, and sounded not very good, like she was having a cold. "Did anything happen last night?"

"Nothing. I just woke up. Do you have a cold? You don’t sound too hot."

Qin Feng did not want to say that Ji Dongchen had come again last night, but asked with concern, "Have you got any medicine? I could get you some."

"It's all right. Last night I caught a little cold. I took a hot bath to resist it."

"It’s not OK. There are a lot of viruses in the air these days. You can’t treat a cold haphazardly. It’s easy to cause inflammation and make it worse."

Since Qin Feng had been mandated by Xiao He to protect her, he wasn’t going to take any chances. "Tell me your location, and I will bring you some medicine."

"Thank you."

Sister Flower smiled softly. "I didn't expect that I would work with you as a part-time waiter... My head is still a little dizzy. I’ll go back to sleep."

"Good. I'll call you when I get there." Qin Feng hung up the phone.


Suddenly, a shrill scream filled the apartment.

Qin Feng rushed out, judging that it must have come from the bathroom.

Another scream: "Go away! Go away! Go away!"

Qin Feng shouted through the door, "Who’s in there? Are you OK?"

Zhu Fei was in the shower, could it be a that a man had gone inside?

This was a big issue.

Was it a thief?

"I’ll get him!"

Qin Feng dared not delay. He knew he had to act fast. He could simultaneously beat the thief and become the hero who saved the beauty, and also capture the beauty’s heart while catching a good glimpse of her body. Such a good opportunity was rare to come by.

"No! No! No! Don't come in." Zhu Fei slapped the frosted glass door of the restroom, "There are cockroaches in here! A whole bunch!"

"Bugs? I thought it was an intruder! What the hell..."

Qin Feng was thunderstruck. "Flush them out with the shower head. Just wash them down the drain."

"They'll get on me!"

Zhu Fei timidly pressed against the glass door. Although the glass was frosted, he could not see her clearly. He could however, still see her silhouette. Qin Feng only snuck a glance, but he could not help but open his mouth. This was a rare sight.

Those curves... and that mysterious posture... He couldn’t imagine seeing all of her.

While Qin Feng was in a trance, the handle of the glass door turned and she walked out!

Qin Feng sucked in a mouthful of cool air. His eyes dared not blink, shamelessly staring at her.

She wore a pink bathrobe. Her body was all wet. Because she had rushed out, she hadn’t bothered to tie the robe at the waist. Thus, the bathrobe was loose and didn’t properly cover the body meant to be hidden beneath it. Qin Feng’s eyes wandered and tried to look away, but his head wouldn’t react.

He felt drunk. He saw her jade-like face, beautiful breasts and smooth white skin.

"What are you waiting for?"

Zhu Fei pushed Qin Feng aside and found that his eyes were not looking towards the insects. She used her hand to cover her chest and viciously stared at him. "Are you serious!? Grow up!"

Qin Feng came back to his senses and rushed into the bathroom with a compelling obligation. He picked up the shower head and maxed out the water pressure. Then he opened the floor drain and washed all the cockroaches hiding in the corners of the bathroom into the sewers.

"They’re gone. Go in and take a shower."

After Qin Feng came out, he smiled and said, "Living here really doesn’t suit a fancy lady like you."

"I don't want to take a shower anymore. It's disgusting in there," Zhu Fei said with a depressed face.

"It's all right. I'll be right outside the door. If there are any more bugs, call me. If that doesn’t work, I can put on a blindfold and go in with you. I won't take a peep at you. If there are any more bugs, I’ll trample them!" Qin Feng brazenly said, a nefarious, charming smile on his face.

Zhu Fei was shocked. "Can you be any more shameless?"

"I'm just trying to help!" said Qin Feng flirtaciously.

Then Qin Feng suddenly pointed at Zhu Fei’s back and shouted, "Watch out, a gecko, a gecko!"


Zhu Fei's face went green. She immediately rushed into Qin Feng’s arms, wishing her legs could also hang on his body. She grabbed on for dear life, filling the building with the sound of her screeching.

Qin Feng obviously felt her soft bosom against his own. He proudly stuck out his chest, wanting to make this moment more intimate. Zhu Fei seemed to slowly realize what was happening, nervously lifted up her head, and looked at Qin Feng in confusion. "A gecko?"

"It's gone. You scared it away by screaming so loudly."

Qin Feng’s body tilted, and his palms landed on her shoulders. Although the bathrobe was between them, her fragrance filled his mind, and her body exuded a charm that made Qin Feng fall into madness.

Zhu Fei timidly turned back. There was absolutely no gecko in sight. She looked back at Qing Feng, and then awakened. She pushed him away, "You... are really shameless!"

"Were you serious about not wanting to take a shower anymore?"

When Qin Feng faced Sister Flower, he would treat her with respect and try to keep things professional, especially because she was Xiao He's sister. But with the girl in front of him, he would not be so restrained when it came to flirting.

After so many days of repression, he really needed a lady to vent his sexual desire. Although there had been two ladies at the Free Man Bar who had slept with Qin Feng, it was never sincere with them. It was almost as if they were just using each other’s bodies for pleasure.

"No! You're worse than a cockroach."

Zhu Fei glanced at him, growling coldly, "You made me angry early this morning," she said. "You’re really becoming an eyesore!"

Qin Feng laughed, "Life is long. I’ll grow on you eventually. I'm a man by nature."

"I think you’re disgusting and filthy."

Zhu Fei slammed her bedroom door and then locked it.
Qin Feng turned on the faucet, washed his face, and returned to his room to take out clean clothes and toiletries for his shower.

While washing, he suddenly noticed a piece of cloth in a small pink basin in the corner. There was white lace inside. The shape was a bit unusual. He squatted down and took a closer look. It was a thong!!!

"What the..." Qin Feng couldn’t help but say out loud. He realized this must be Zhu Fei’s undergarments. Did she really not even take the time to wash her underwear? She just threw them away?

He shrugged it off, got up and went on with his shower.