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Chapter 6 Car Fighting

Chapter 6 Car Fighting
Sister Flower stared at the old house in front of her eyes and said with some hesitation, "Alright..."

Once they got to the fourth floor, Qin Feng opened the door. The lights were already on inside. The apartment had an area of 120 square meters, with three rooms. A section of the living room had been partitioned off into a bedroom. The door was closed. The sound of running water could be heard from inside the bathroom. The innermost bedroom belonged to Qin Feng.

"Sister Flower, I must admit, the conditions of my living situation are very simple," he said.

The bedroom was less than ten square meters in size and had no natural light. Inside, there was only an old Simmons bed and a broken table covered with bottles, jars, chili sauce, peanuts, rice, bread and other such food items. The bowl of instant noodles he had eaten in the morning was still on the table.

There was a bitter smell of mold filling the flat, Sister Flower was anxious to open the window, but as she did so the wind blew a pair of men's shorts in. Qin Feng, who had hung them on the windowsill earlier that morning, hadn’t had the chance to bring them in.

Sister Flower stepped back, feeling embarrassed. She sat beside the bed, "You live here? This food doesn’t look very good. These are poor living conditions. There are several people using the same bathroom. It’s seems like a real inconvenience, not to mention unsanitary. Let’s just go to my place?”

Just as she finished her sentence, erotic sounds could be heard from the next room. Sister Flower’s cheeks flushed, "Is that where the lovers live?"


Qin Feng’s face couldn’t hide his embarrassment. He had gotten accustomed to listening in on them every day. It was a couple of college graduates that lived next door. The girl was pretty, but the man wasn’t so impressive. He had a face covered with acne, wore glasses and was as thin as a stick. More importantly, he never really lasted long. Qin Feng habitually counted the amount of time it took for them to finish - it was usually about three minutes. The longest time was seven minutes, but that was the third time they had gone at it that day. They would often wake up in the middle of the night and decide that was a good time to get busy. Good thing it wouldn’t last long.

After chatting for a short time, Sister Flower looked at her watch and said, " I still have many things to do tomorrow. I can't stay any longer."

Sister Flower took out a stack of bills from her bag. "I’d like to give you a bonus. Here, for your great performance at work. If you continue to do-"

"I don't want it. I'm not helping you for money." Qin Feng calmly waved his hand and refused.

"Take it, please, just take it. Buy some nutritious food, you can’t always eat junk food. You’ll ruin your stomach."

Sister Flower said, "My brother is like that. He loves to eat spicy snacks, he’s done so since he was young. He always ate a bag of some of that junk before dinner. Now his stomach is destroyed. Don’t be like him."


Qin Feng heard her mention Xiao He again and humbly accepted the bonus.

After walking Sister Flower out, he felt a little hungry. He hadn’t eaten anything at the Erlang stall.

The noodle stall in front of the building was still open. He walked out to buy a bowl of noodles. Outside, Qin Feng enjoyed the night’s breeze and had a smoke, quickly mulling over a few things in his mind.

Sister Flower had always believed that Xiao He was just a second lieutenant of an ordinary peacekeeping force in the Republic. That he often went on business trips, but only going to other countries for symbolic representation of military force. When in fact, Xiao He was just like Win Feng, taking on the Republic's most dangerous combat missions. He never retreated, whether he had to climb up mountains of jagged rocks or dive into a sea of flames.

After tonight's torment, Qin Feng also saw Sister Flower’s situation. She seemed to be in a good position at work, but her business ran too deep. She was just someone else's pawn. No accident would go unpunished. If an accident happened, she would be responsible for someone else's mistake.

What he had to do now was help Sister Flower get out of this dangerous business, find a stable job, build a happy family, and live a good life.

Her current lifestyle was something Xiao wouldn’t approve of.

There was simply too much chaos involved in this line of work. Qin Feng started getting a headache just thinking about it.

He arrived at the noodle stall. “A small bowl with some tofu skin and eggs, please."

"OK, just a minute."

That stall was operating a very good business. It was already 3:30 in the middle of the night, yet many people had still chosen to eat there.

In an instant, several bright lights flashed by and everyone at the stall looked up. Four cars were rushing towards them at high speeds.

When they got a little closer, Qin Feng could see them clearly. The first three vehicles were two Prados and a Highlander. Behind them was a white Porsche Cayenne, which stopped ten meters away from the first three cars.

Through the Cayenne’s windshield, Qin Feng recognized Ji Dongchen.

His intentions were very obvious: he had come to find Qin Feng.

Sure enough, after the first three cars surrounded the stall, more than a dozen men got out of their vehicles holding knives and machetes, circling Qin Feng.

Qin Feng got up and looked at the stall’s owner. "Hide, or you’ll get blood on you."

The other patrons of the noodle stall had long since gotten far away, now their boss ran to the other side of the road to join them, with his rolling pin still in hand.

There was no dialogue at all. They knew what the deal was. They were ready to fight.


Qing Feng grasped a man with a short knife and threw him down. Two others stabbed towards his ribs. Qin Feng sank to the ground and swept them quickly with his legs. He picked up a weapon from the ground and mercilessly smashed it on the ankle of a man sneaking up behind him. The sound of bones breaking tore through the air. Miserable sharp sounds resounded through the night sky. Qin Feng rapidly shifted among them. Wherever he passed, bodies of men littered the ground. I just a couple of minutes, he had knocked them all to the ground, while the remaining two men who had only suffered minor injuries scrambled up and rushed back into their cars. They drove away in the Prado and Highlander, signaling to the their brothers on the ground to move away. They struggled up from the ground and quickly got out of the way as the Prado and Highlander rushed towards Qin Feng.

Close, close. When it was about two meters away from Qin Feng, he stepped up on a table and jumped, landing directly onto the Prado’s roof, shaking his wrist and using the weapons he’d picked up to smash the windshield. The driver's face was covered with shards of glass causing the two cars to bump into each other, crashing through the seven or eight tables in front of the stall.

Qin Feng jumped off from the top of the car. "Is that all you got?" He taunted them.

As he raised his eyes, he saw a bright light in front of him. It turned out to be the Porsche Cayenne, which had thus far been silent in the distance. It was extremely fast and came roaring in Qin Feng’s direction. As it approached, the driver slammed the breaks to make the car slid sideways towards Qin Feng, trying to hit him with the broad side of the vehicle, but he dexterously dodged it.

The Cayenne flew down the road without hitting anything.

Ji Dongchen knew that he was powerless to control the situation. He lowered the window and glared at Qin Feng as he floored the gas pedal to escape.

Qin Feng grabbed the two injured drivers and shouted, "Next time bring a few more men."