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My Nightclub Landlady

Author:Yu Zhong Wu Tong

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After my brother in arms died to save my life, I swore to protect his sister, no matter the cost. Little did I know the grip the underworld had in her town. Working undercover in a Nightclub/Hotel in the gangster infested city of Tianhe, I must deal with the problems that arise from corruption, money, and the search for power 我的夜店老板娘
《My Nightclub Landlady》 Text
Chapter 1 Jungle Battle
Chapter 2 Back to the City
Chapter 3 Run Away From Defeat
Chapter 4 Recollecting the Past
Chapter 5 Fierce Fighting at the Barbecue Stall
Chapter 6 Car Fighting
Chapter 7 Inside Information about the Special Combat Team
Chapter 8 Inflame and Agitate the People
Chapter 9 Sharing the Shower
Chapter 10 Cockroaches
Chapter 11 Embarrassment
Chapter 12 Her Upper Body
Chapter 13 Arrogance
Chapter 14 It’s my fault
Chapter 15 Being bullied
Chapter 16 A contest
Chapter 17 A Big Misunderstanding
Chapter 18 Street trouble
Chapter 19 Rage in the tea house
Chapter 20 An Unlikely Relation
Chapter 21 Zhu Fei’s identity
Chapter 22 Pretend Boyfriend
Chapter 23 Questioning
Chapter 24 Secret talk in the tea house
Chapter 25 Act for God and perform moral acts
Chapter 26 Fierce fight at the back door
Chapter 27 Fire
Chapter 28 The Dancer and the Cab
Chapter 29 Horrifying
Chapter 30 Duties
Chapter 31 Easy
Chapter 32 Misunderstanding
Chapter 33 Orphaned
Chapter 34 Push-up
Chapter 35 No one cares
Chapter 36 Lousy idea
Chapter 37 Return from Sanya
Chapter 38 I’ll be right there
Chapter 39 Resume the relationship
Chapter 40 At peace with each other
Chapter 41 Let’s talk outside
Chapter 42 To move her by sincerity
Chapter 43 Thai boxing
Chapter 44 Put his mind at ease
Chapter 45 The strange call
Chapter 46 The Salt Farm
Chapter 47 The strange call
Chapter 48 The Salt Farm
Chapter 49 The List
Chapter 50 The Four Powers
Chapter 51 The Rat
Chapter 52 Burial Ground
Chapter 53 Sniper
Chapter 54 Cease to exist except in name
Chapter 55 The implications
Chapter 56 The outcome
Chapter 57 Exposure of identity
Chapter 58 Pretending
Chapter 59 Losing face
Chapter 60 Trust him with his daughter
Chapter 61 Guilt
Chapter 62 Cohabitation
Chapter 63 Rotten Egg
Chapter 64 Inner Struggles
Chapter 65 Dancing
Chapter 66 The Supersonic
Chapter 67 Afterglow
Chapter 68 Skill
Chapter 69 Go ahead and try
Chapter 70 Go Die
Chapter 71 Lone Ranger
Chapter 72 Hurling Bottles
Chapter 73 Just Taking Up Space
Chapter 74 Zhao Jun's Pain
Chapter 75 No Escape
Chapter 76 Repentance
Chapter 77 Combat Force
Chapter 78 A Decent Statement
Chapter 79 Search & Destroy
Chapter 80 Collapse
Chapter 81 Always Loyal
Chapter 82 Wealth
Chapter 83 Gratitude
Chapter 84 Unbelievable
Chapter 85 Rush Out The Door
Chapter 86 Affection
Chapter 87 Five Years Ago
Chapter 88 First Awakening of Love
Chapter 89 Get Close
Chapter 90 The Public Eye
Chapter 91 Arrested
Chapter 92 Lawlessness
Chapter 93 Cunning
Chapter 94 Fatherly Love
Chapter 95 The Rights of Officials
Chapter 96 The Joyous Expression
Chapter 97 Guard
Chapter 98 Carnal Lust
Chapter 99 A Phone Call
Chapter 100 Disaster Looms over Li Faxian
Chapter 101 The Peach Blossom Mirror and Sister Wen
Chapter 102 The Game of Life
Chapter 103 Kneel Down And Beg
Chapter 104 Intention
Chapter 105 Tear
Chapter 106 Mission
Chapter 107 Solemn Vow
Chapter 108 No Escape
Chapter 109 A Complete Person
Chapter 110 No Future Trouble
Chapter 111 Surprise
Chapter 112 Blasphemy
Chapter 113 Struggle
Chapter 114 Hua’er Hutong
Chapter 115 Constipation
Chapter 116 A Bright Future
Chapter 117 To Go
Chapter 118 The Task
Chapter 119 Front Line
Chapter 120 Encounter an Ambush
Chapter 121 Can’t Be Relieved
Chapter 122 Struggle to Fight with Life
Chapter 123 Look At My Gesture
Chapter 124 A Frenzied Volley of Fire
Chapter 125 Historical Heroes
Chapter 126 Rescue the Hostages
Chapter 127 Valley Charge
Chapter 128 Wipe them out
Chapter 129 Return home
Chapter 130 The Return of Green Snake
Chapter 131 The relationship between us
Chapter 132 Take him down
Chapter 133 Action
Chapter 134 The experience of Green Snake
Chapter 135 It Won’t Disappear
Chapter 136 It doesn' t matter
Chapter 137 Wonderful Figure
Chapter 138 Hard Work
Chapter 139 Tracking
Chapter 140 Father and Son Consultation
Chapter 141 Jealous
Chapter 142 Difficult
Chapter 143 Bad Appearance
Chapter 144 Impulse after getting drunk
Chapter 145 Memory
Chapter 146 No temper
Chapter 147 Compete
Chapter 148 Crushed
Chapter 149 Five million
Chapter 150 Sales skills
Chapter 151 A Chief
Chapter 152 A Dead End
Chapter 153 Beg Me To Climb In My Bed
Chapter 154 A Confrontation in a Villa Area
Chapter 155 Chopped Into Pieces to Feed the Dog
Chapter 156 Beat Him To The Ground
Chapter 157 Because I Am Qin Feng
Chapter 158 The Monumental Poison
Chapter 159 A Fierce Battle In The Villa
Chapter 160 The Embarrassment After The Crisis
Chapter 161 An Endless Debt
Chapter 162 Pure Training
Chapter 163 A Doomed Ending
Chapter 164 Difficult To Tell
Chapter 165 His Own Little Interest
Chapter 166 Change In The Relationship With Sister Flower
Chapter 167 Being Moved At The Moment
Chapter 168 Drink up the alcohol
Chapter 169 Thoughts in Mind
Chapter 170 The Biggest Young Master in Tianhe
Chapter 171 Father-Son Relationship
Chapter 172 Back to the Qin Family Compound
Chapter 173 Left or Right
Chapter 174 Can't Stand Up to Torment
Chapter 175 They Are Dirty Inside
Chapter 176 Heartless
Chapter 177 What Exactly Should He Do
Chapter 178 A Situation That Must Be Controlled
Chapter 179 Past events of Cross Fire
Chapter 180 My instructions
Chapter 181 For Xiao He
Chapter 182 In the name of protecting her
Chapter 183 The greatest consolation
Chapter 184 Hugging knees to start crying
Chapter 185 The Ultimate Joke
Chapter 186 Nearly desperate telling
Chapter 187 A sudden idea
Chapter 188 Communicate with Lei Ming
Chapter 189 A wave is stronger than another wave
Chapter 190 He finally finds her
Chapter 191 No honesty, no meeting
Chapter 192 Test your drinking capacity
Chapter 193 Cherish everyone around you
Chapter 194 I'm coming to you now
Chapter 195 I am the Gold King
Chapter 196 An inextricable misfortune
Chapter 197 You're being rude
Chapter 198 Only because of love
Chapter 199 Lose all the capital invested
Chapter 200 No third class of fea
Chapter 201 Have nothing to say in reply
Chapter 202 Must leave
Chapter 203 Misunderstanding of Qin Feng
Chapter 204 That's what you did to me
Chapter 205 She was sad because of Qin Feng's sadness
Chapter 206 A waste of affection
Chapter 207 The controversy over Xiao He
Chapter 208 Ate soil every day in the army
Chapter 209 Ali Zha went mad
Chapter 210 Approaching him step by step
Chapter 211 The Fight With Alizha
Chapter 212 Troubles from the contract with Zhao Jun
Chapter 213 Flutter in the wind
Chapter 214 Zhu Fei's troubles
Chapter 215 A man's charm
Chapter 216 Secretary Liu's Conception
Chapter 217 Tell me where you are
Chapter 218 The agreement between Zhou Liang and Sister Hua
Chapter 219 Emotional basis
Chapter 220 Start a new family
Chapter 221 99 blue enchantress
Chapter 222 Bet between men
Chapter 223 Never speak to Qin Feng
Chapter 224 Ji Jiangshan's ideas
Chapter 225 Be famous for spoiling his son
Chapter 226 A deal in Yihuchun teahouse
Chapter 227 If you don't believe me, try i
Chapter 228 You all know nothing
Chapter 229 Zhou Liang's sincerity
Chapter 230 Does he want to thoroughly change the backwardness of himself
Chapter 231 Zhou Liang's good
Chapter 232 Tie yourself up
Chapter 233 The power of the army shank
Chapter 234 A phone call in the middle of the nigh
Chapter 235 Common interests
Chapter 236 Wait to die
Chapter 237 No matter how hard your mouth is, you have to concede defea
Chapter 238 The loveliest person
Chapter 239 The appearance of Municipal Party Secretary
Chapter 240 Secretary Liu's mighty power
Chapter 241 Sister Hua's grievance
Chapter 242 Exempted Products
Chapter 243 The territory of Shark Kun
Chapter 244 Ha Lei's pain
Chapter 245 Battle in the evening
Chapter 246 Help the government army to ambush
Chapter 247 Competition for Plateau
Chapter 248 Artillery bombardmen
Chapter 249 A scene of rock burs
Chapter 250 Selling souls
Chapter 251 Desperate death
Chapter 252 The Soul of the Innocent death
Chapter 253 the fierce hyena
Chapter 254 There's a sound underground
Chapter 255 The power of the Fire Beetle
Chapter 256 Close eyes and have a res
Chapter 257 Kang Mingyang's arrangemen
Chapter 258 Basic demands
Chapter 259 Existence tasted no better than chicken ribs
Chapter 260 The obvious signal
Chapter 261 Change the backer
Chapter 262 That's not the thing I should be thinking abou
Chapter 263 Kang Mingyang's mind
Chapter 264 Encountered such a thing
Chapter 265 Birthday presen
Chapter 266 Zhou Liang's troubles
Chapter 267 It's awful
Chapter 268 All the efforts were in vain overnigh
Chapter 269 You shut up
Chapter 270 Dream
Chapter 271 Only one woman
Chapter 272 Nirvana rebirth
Chapter 273 Happy Hour
Chapter 274 Bloody Storm
Chapter 275 No more silence
Chapter 276 It's unacceptable
Chapter 277 If money can fix it, it's not a problem
Chapter 278 Brother Biao's pas
Chapter 279 Thai boxing
Chapter 280 We can talk like a gentleman
Chapter 281 Knelt on the ground
Chapter 282 Home Inn
Chapter 283 Impatience
Chapter 284 Birthday Banque
Chapter 285 About himself
Chapter 286 Work steady
Chapter 287 Never chea
Chapter 288 Where had he gone
Chapter 289 Missing each other
Chapter 290 Burst into anger
Chapter 291 Commander Kang's words
Chapter 292 Appointmen
Chapter 293 Roller Coaster
Chapter 294 Virtue
Chapter 295 I'm not forcing you
Chapter 296 Be confused about the state of affairs
Chapter 297 Zero point internet bar
Chapter 298 Man-behind-the-curtain
Chapter 299 Old Wan's rules
Chapter 300 Come without fear of death
Chapter 301 Thirteen years ago
Chapter 302 Cut down
Chapter 303 Counterproductive
Chapter 304 Thoughts on Xiao Jinhua
Chapter 305 Find happiness
Chapter 306 No one can touch i
Chapter 307 Experience