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35 He is such a kiddo

Next day Mrs. Lee decided to leave to Seoul as she was satisfied with her own eyes that Eunbi and Young-soo are leading a happy life. In the evening Young-soo and Eunbi went to the Jeju domestic airport to send off Mrs. Lee in the airport. Before Mrs. Lee go to do the check-in she held both Eunbi and young-soo's hands and advised the couple, "I know that you guys are leading a happy life but I need to say this, cherish one another and live happily so that we can able to spend our rest of our life peacefully, hope you guys already know the meaning for the marriage and live your life."

"Mom, we don't make you disappoint in any situation, so you don't worry about us and take care of your health." Young-soo assured.

Eunbi nodded her head for Young-soo's assurance, "Yes, Eomonim, Young-soo is right stop worrying about us and take care of your health, we are happy together he is taking good care of me."

Mrs.lee gently pats Eunbi's hand, "I know you guys will never make us disappoint in any situations because you two are such a lovable pair and respectful children's to the parents." Then she hugged them one by one, asked them to take care of themselves, and went into the check-in section of the airport by moving her luggage trolley.

Young-soo and Eunbi waved their hands in the air bidding bye to Mrs.lee. And Mrs. Lee does the same to the couple.

Young-soo and Eunbi went to the parking area of the airport and gets into their car, Young-soo drove the car from the airport to their house.

After a few days Young-soo finds that he has fallen in love with Eunbi like anything else in this world. He adores the way she treats and takes care of him with lots of cares and affections. He felt like he wanted to stay by her side forever, wanted to walk together on the journey of life, wanted to rest his head on her lap every night before go to sleep and wanted to wake up at every morning by looking at her angelic face. He was attracted by the each and every single actions of her. He couldn't concentrate on his work often he kept on thinking only about, Eunbi. She was filled in his each and every cells of his body. He couldn't hold his feelings towards her anymore so he decided to propose his love directly to her, thinking that she's also feeling the same like he does because for a past few month the way she interacts and treat him was seems way too different than before. Therefore, he makes some plans for a quite few days to make it as a perfect and unforgettable love proposal, to start a fresh new life as a husband and wife.

It was a Saturday night while they were watching a movie on television Young-soo started the conversation, "If you have no plans for tomorrow shall we go for an outing?"

She turned her head to one of her shoulder side and look at him, "I don't have any plans, and I am free tomorrow so yeah of course let's go out, but, where?"

He was so happy to hear the positive reply from her so he replied her with excitement, "how about a one day tour of this Island?"

"Hmm, I like your idea but tell me which all the places we are going to go tour tomorrow?"

He tells her the places name one by one as she hears the place called Seongsan Ilchulbong which is famous for sunrise she said, "I am sorry to say this I am not coming to see the sunrise I want to take some rest because it's a Sunday tomorrow."

He took a deep breath, turns over to her side by drawing his legs over the couch, and crosses his legs together, "oh! Come-on Eunbi please say yes I knew that you have already seen the sunrise in that peak even I too had seen that before along with my friends and family and now I would like to watch it once again along with you. I have been awaiting for so many days to take you out for a proper tour so please don't disappoint me by saying no, please say yes, please, please," he pleaded her sweetly by jutting his bottom lip out in a pout with puppy dog eyes.

This was her first time to see the cute side of Young-soo she was so surprises and never thought that he would do such cute expressions to her and because of this main reason she nods her head in approval by gently ruffling his smooth and silky hair.

Young-soo was overflowed with full of happiness with Eunbi's decision, he gets down from the couch and pumps his fists in the air, saying, "yes, yes, yes," in ecstatic.

She couldn't understand why he is so excited for this simple matter, "oh God! You are such a kiddy, Young-soo," she commented with a smile. She turns off the television, "now control your excitements and go to bed, tomorrow we need to wake up too early in the morning, good night," she said like a mother ordering her child.

He saluted her saying "ok omma, good-night" with a smile. Eunbi smiles back at him and then both of them get into their rooms.

Next morning they started from their house at sharp 3:30 am and Young-soo drives the car to their first destination. In the car Eunbi connected her phone to the car transmitter via Bluetooth and plays some of her favorite melody songs through the car stereo system. And in a few minutes she falls asleep by resting her head on the headrest of the car. As he saw that she was sleeping in the car he turns down the volume of the stereo system of the car and focuses on the driving.

After an hour of driving they reach to the place called Seongsan Ilchulbong the sunrise peak. He gently shakes her arm saying, "We are reached wake-up, Eunbi," she opens her eyes looks at the surrounding through the windshield and stifled a yawn. He drinks some water from the water bottle and passes it to her saying, "Fix your hair and make-up, and then let's go for trial hike to watch the beautiful view of sunrise over the mountain." She did what he asked her to do. He takes his backpack, gets out of the car slung the backpack onto his back, and waited for her patiently next to their car, in a few minutes she gets down from the car and starts to hike over the mountain through the steps.

There were lots of tourists was hiking on the mountains path by enjoying the views of twinkling lights on the long roads of the Island. Finally with lots of difficulty they reached at the top of the mountain, sat down next to each other at one of the stairs and waits there to watch the sunrise.

The darkness has not surrenders to the light, yet they could see the thick grey clouds that were casting over the sky. Eunbi rests her head on his shoulder saying, "Wake me up when the sun was about to rise, I'm feeling sleepy." Young-soo was amazed and his heart flutters for the small physical contact he clears his throat and replied, "hmm" with a slight nod.

Young-soo enjoys the atmosphere which was filled full of tourists from different countries and the different divisions of South Korea. He felt like it was a treat for his eyes to see the people from different countries in one place and it was music to his ears to hear the languages spoken by them under the morning cold breeze.

Young-soo woke Eunbi to look at the beauty of the nature as he saw the first slither of the sun peaked at the skyline in a radiant, white form. Eunbi slowly opens her eyes stood up by rubbing her eyes using her fingers. Slowly the sunrises peeking at the clouds of a vibrant black-drop with the golden orange hues rays and it kissed the sea by reflecting on the sea water and also gives a warm kisses to the people, who all were waiting for such a long time to welcomes it with their amazement and smile at their faces. Young-soo captured some pictures of the nature along with the morning beauty of his wife, and also captures some selfie's together using his smart-phone.

After viewing the perfect scenery of the sunrise they get down from the mountain to watch the Haenyo performance (female divers: known for their independent spirit, iron will, and determination) which describes their daily life at sea through a folk tune. Then they went to Jeju stone museum, Dongmum market, O'sulloc tea museum, Cheonjeyeon waterfalls, and last in the evening to the Teddy Bear Museum.

While they were in the teddy bear museum Young-soo's phone vibrates in one of his pants pockets so he takes out his phone looked at the phone display it reads Hoon-suk. He excuses himself form Eunbi walked few meters away from her and answered the call, after talking to him for five minutes he hang up the call. He approaches Eunbi informs her, "My friend, Hoon-suk has came to Jeju for some personal matter. Hence, he has got no plans for tonight he invited us for a dinner in one of his favorite restaurants, if you are willing let's go together otherwise I'll ask him to postpone it on some other days."

"I'll come, Young-soo but one condition, promise me that you guys will not tire me by discussing too much of your official business," she ordered him.

"Ok, I promise you that we will never tire you," he replied her with a smile.

After thirty minutes of the car ride they reach to the restaurant and gets in. One of the restaurants male staffs members greet them with a smile after asking them about the reservation, he escorted them to the table. It's a rooftop restaurant with a beautiful view of a blue ocean. As they saw Hoon-suk was sitting with his girlfriend Sohee and Park Inha next to the poolside table, once they reach the table both the male friends hug each other in happiness. Eunbi was irked to see Park Inha's presence but she maintains her patience and advised herself to not show any attitude to Park Inha until they leave the restaurant. She just shakes her hands with the two ladies with a smile plastered on her face and inquired about how their lives are going.

And both the ladies answered her politely that their lives are going smooth.

Eunbi sat in-between Young-soo and Park Inha. As they were settled down on the rounded dining chairs, Jaemin came and joins them on the table and apologies to Young-soo for his late arrival. Eunbi couldn't guess why Jaemin was joining the dinner with them and why there were no other customers in the restaurant. Like that many questions were arisen in her mind.

In a whole one of the restaurant waiters came to their table, fills some warm water into their glasses gives them the menu cards, takes their order, and went to the kitchen. In a few minutes the waiter returns back again to their table with red wine bottle explains, "it's a 35 years old wine imported from Germany, would you like to have some of it," by asking one by one he pours the wine until their glasses was half way full.

Hoon-suk takes the wine glass of the table by holding it's stem, raises his glass and says "cheers" to everyone. And everyone in the table clinks their glasses with him and sips some of the wine from their glasses.