My House of Horrors
1096 The Ghost Fetus“ Special Power 2 in 1
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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1096 The Ghost Fetus“ Special Power 2 in 1

After walking out from the first room of Jiu Hong Apartments Block 2, Chen Ge turned back to look. The door had the number 0097 on it. The number on the door was identical to the patient's number jotted down inside the diary entry.

"There is no fixed arrangement of the numbering of the rooms in this building. From my observation, they do not appear to be arranged according to the floors that they are on. But it should be the case where every room here corresponds to one of the patients from the cursed hospital."

Chen Ge turned to look at the second room on the first floor. The number for this room was 0049.

"At the cursed hospital, the lower your number, the more serious your illness is deemed to be. That means that the room that I just visited belong to a patient who suffered from a mild illness."

Chen Ge walked to the door of the second room on the first floor. Once again, he leaned on the window and looked through it. The interior of Room 0049 was also mainly white. The furniture and wallpaper were all white, giving it a very clean finish. The door was not locked, so Chen Ge walked in directly.

"Hey! I don't think we should wander into people's rooms. We might get chased out by people again like how in Block 1." For now, Xiao Sun just wanted to survive safely until dawn. What had happened that night was indeed a bit hard to swallow for a 'normal person' like himself.

Chen Ge ignored Xiao Sun.

As he entered the room, he was ready to use Yin Yang Vision when he suddenly felt lightheaded. It felt like the world had suddenly given way underneath his feet.

My body seems to be weakening due to the multiple uses of Yin Yang Vision.

Every time Chen Ge used Yin Yang Vision, it would cause a certain amount of pressure on his body. Chen Ge had never noticed this before, but in this world behind the door, he could feel the damage brought upon by the Yin Yang Vision very clearly. Every time he used Yin Yang Vision, his body temperature would experience a very slight change.

"Chen Ge, are you okay?" He felt someone hold him by his elbow. Chen Ge turned back to look and realized that Wen Qing had moved to stand beside him. This mother was a good caretaker.

"Don't worry about me, I'll be fine."

To give himself a break, Chen Ge stopped using his talents like Yin Yang Vision, Spirit Sniff, and Ghost Ear. This meant that the world around them was soon enveloped in darkness, and the only source of light in the room came from Wen Qing's phone.

After closing the door behind them, Chen Ge dragged Doctor Skull Cracker's Hammer as he walked around the room. Out of his expectations, he found nine diaries inside Room 0049. The material for each diary and their cover looked identical, and the patient's number for all nine diaries was 0049. With unbridled curiosity, Chen Ge flipped through the diaries one by one, and he realized that the content of all the diaries had little variation to them. They were practically the same.

"Why would the patient inside Room 0049 record the same thing nine times?"

After Chen Ge gave them a closer read, he slowly understood the reasoning behind it. Even though the content of these nine diaries was the same, the tone and angle of description for the events that transpired were wildly different. In other words, the diaries gave the impression that there were nine different people inside this room describing the same thing that occurred from nine different perspectives. None of the nine diaries had the date written down anywhere. If he just read one of them, he would have been utterly confused by its entries. But when he placed all of the diaries together and read them at the same time, he made a startling discovery.

"These nine diaries should be written by one single person." Chen Ge laid all nine diaries on the ground and turned them all to the first page.

The first diary: "A new patient just arrived at the hospital. Its patient's number was blocked off. Its body was wrapped in bandages used for dead bodies, so you could not see its face at all. This is all so mysterious. I stood at the window and looked for half an hour. The doctors appeared to be hesitating which sickroom to place the new patient in."

The second diary: "It has been so long since this floor has welcomed a new patient. My big brother told me to mind my own business. He has gotten so old that he has become afraid of even the smallest thing. I swear I will never become someone like him when I grow up."

The third diary: "There are practically no empty rooms from Room 1 to Room 50. Which room do you think they will deposit the new patient in?"

The fourth diary: "I personally hope that it will move in together with us. Do you know how nauseous I feel because I have to face the eight of you day in and day out? What can I do to get away from you people? How about each of us pick a body part and then we can go our separate ways from there? That sounds like a good idea, right?"

The fifth diary: "Every one of you wants to claim the head. Obviously, that is unrealistic. I suggest we separate and split the body parts according to their weight. That is the fairest method."

The sixth diary: "Stop arguing! You b*stards that have taken over my home! I am the real Patient 0049! You bunch thieves! Madmen! Idiots! Crazies! Get out of my home!"

The seventh diary: "Sister Six has started her mad ravings again. Can any of you kindly make her shut up?"

The eighth diary: "Calm down now. Stop arguing. In terms of pathology, all nine of us are split personalities. There is no difference in superiority among the nine of us. We should see each other as an equal."

The ninth diary: "So tell me again, why did the nine of us agree to consume and tear up the main persona again? If we continue to split mentally like this, this room will only get more and more crowded."

Nine diaries represented nine different personalities. Just a skim through them caused Xiao Sun's skull to go numb, but Chen Ge appeared to have quite the blast reading through them.

"I feel like these nine diaries are random ramblings by a mad person. It is filled with crazy words. None of the content can be trusted." Xiao Sun had placed all his hope on Chen Ge. He was worried that Chen Ge might be influenced by these diaries.

"You think they are crazy, but they will mock you for being an idiot." Chen Ge knelt on the ground. By reading through the nine diaries again, he had a new discovery. "Patient 0049 suffers from schizophrenia, but his situation is rather unique because the personalities that he has created have somehow murdered the main persona, or to quote their own words, they have consumed the main persona."

"A persona can be consumed?"

"Well, I am no expert on that. Who knows? This might be a case where their main psychiatrist purposely planted this impression in their mind."

Chen Ge shook his head. The cursed hospital had no bottom line. Instead of treating their patients, they would often exacerbate the smallest psychological disorder into full on mental illness in their patients.

"All nine personas have their own background and experience. In fact, they have their own occupations and personalities. The eldest brother is the most cowardly and is a middle-aged man. The second brother is a lawyer. The third brother is a plumber. The fourth sister is a night club bartender with a horrible temper. The fifth brother is a murderer with an obsession for cleanliness. The sixth sister is a celebrity. The seventh sister is a piano teacher. The eighth brother is a psychiatrist. The ninth persona is the youngest and has the closest personality to the main persona."

"Are you reading these diaries as a story book? Brother, I do not need a narration of their lives. We'd better find a safe place to hide for now." Xiao Sun had a very bad feeling about this place. He felt like this place was far more dangerous than Block 1.

"There is no place that is one hundred percent safe behind the door. The only thing we can do is keep on moving, chasing after the weakest light we can find." Chen Ge sat on the sofa. Even after resting for so long, his physique had not only not recovered, he only felt much more tired. "The new patient stayed with them for nine days, and every day a persona of Patient 0049 would die. The further in the diary I read, the more despairing the entries became. On the ninth day, only one of the nine diaries was updated."

Chen Ge held the last diary. "The owner of this diary is the ninth persona, the youngest persona and the persona who is closest to the main persona. He wrote the last diary entry."

"x Year x Month x Day, I do not know whether the heaven the doctors speak of exists or not, but I know that there is definitely hell on earth because I have witnessed a living demon with my own two eyes.

"Yes, a demon has a face just like it. Its heart is completely demented, and it cannot express its emotions like a normal person. Or rather, it has no idea what an emotion is. To this demon, love is equal to death, and hope is no different from despair. It desires all the goodness in the world, but it will not stop throwing curses at everything. It will find some other ways to destroy those that it cannot obtain, and after it has obtained them, it will personally destroy them itself.

"Madness is too weak of a term to describe it. None of the vocabulary that the human race currently has is evil enough to describe someone like it!

"Now I finally understand why the doctors arranged for it to share a room with us inside Room 0049. The doctors wanted to see what kind of reaction they could get out of it after it murdered people with different identities. Before I met it, I always thought I was different from everyone else. There were nine family members living inside me. No matter how harsh the situation outside got, we would figure out a way to deal with it. We had a lawyer, a psychiatrist, a celebrity, and even a murderer among us. With our collective power, we were able to deal with most of the hardships that life could possibly throw at us. It was not until the new patient moved in with us that we realized how laughably weak we were.

"The new patient appears to have a superpower that is invincible. It burns the hatred, resentment, and pain inside its heart to create a curse. No matter how harmless this curse is, it will slowly turn into reality after a period of time.

"Once the seed of the curse is sown, it will never be broken. My big brothers and sisters died one after another. I saw them disappear in the agony of pain and despair like they were never a part of me to begin with. Today is the ninth day, and I know it will be my turn soon…"

The content of the nine diaries was quite a lot to go through, but in reality, they were all interconnected, and they were all pieces of the same puzzle. On the afternoon of the day the new patient moved in Room 0049, patient 0049 attempted to kill the new patient.

It was the latent murderer personality that put this plan into action. The reason was merely because he could not stand the horrible stench that reeked from the new patient. After he made his move though, he realized that the new patient was not even a person but a monster wearing the coat of a dead body. He tried many methods but failed to kill the new patient until the doctors rushed in to stop him.

Normally, when a patient attempted something as dangerous as murder, they would be severely punished, but this time, there was an exception. The doctors merely came to question them about the whole process before they left in a hurry. That night, the nine personas gathered together to have a discussion. Just as they were at the height of their argument, the murderer's persona started to self-mutilate. It was as if some kind of madness had taken hold of the man. He repeated the things that he had done to the new patient on himself.

The other eight personas had no idea what had come over him. However, they knew that they had to stop the murderer from harming the physical body that they shared, so they had no choice but to bond together to consume the murderer's persona. After the murderer was killed, the remaining eight personas started to look for the reasoning behind this. In the end, they realized that all the problems originated from the new patient. To protect the physical body from actual harm, the psychiatrist and the lawyer used the oldest persona among them, the middle-aged man, as bait to conduct an experiment. They discovered, to their surprise, the new patient's scary power—the power of curses.

As long as it was something that was uttered by the new patient, there was a chance of it becoming a part of the reality. After multiple experiments that they had done on the new patient, they became more and more afraid for their own lives, and there was a good reason behind it. This was because they discovered, the more despairing, cruel, and vicious the curse that the new patient said, the easier it would turn into reality. In contrast, the happy, beautiful words that it said had never once been realized.

The remaining personas decided not to associate themselves with the new patient anymore, but alas, it was already too late. From the moment the murderer made his move, the new patient had started to curse all of them. With the death of each persona, the stench on the new patient would heighten slightly. That appeared to be the sacrifice that he had to pay for using this power.

After reading all nine diaries, the biggest reward that Chen Ge gained was that he managed to discover the ghost fetus' power. All of the curses that came out from his lips had the chance to become reality, and the more vicious the curses, the greater the chance of it becoming real. This power could be said to be the scariest that Chen Ge had ever encountered. It was not something that could be evaded, and nothing could be done to prevent it. At least, that appeared to be the case.

"Everything has a balance to it. Won't the ghost fetus need to give up something every time it curses someone?"

After reading all the diaries, other than the increasing stench on the new patient, it did not appear to have received any other negative influence.

"Looks like the best solution as to kill the ghost fetus because it has the chance to speak."

That was easier said than done. The ghost fetus was a Demon God. It would be difficult to even harm it, much less to attempt to kill it before it was given a chance to speak. Furthermore, if he made a move and failed to deliver the fatal blow, then he would suffer the monster's vicious revenge. Chen Ge replaced all nine diaries that he had found. He picked up his backpack again and prepared to go to the third room on the first floor to take a look.

"Chen Ge, why don't you take a longer rest? You do not look so good." Wen Qing was quite worried about Chen Ge. She held the phone and stayed close to Chen Ge as if worried that the latter might faint at any moment.

"I'm fine. Since the building still has not acted up, it is the perfect chance for us to conduct our investigation. When the place becomes chaotic, it will be too late to do anything." Chen Ge's senses had become much duller compared to before. In fact, even his voice carried the lethargy of an ailing man.

The third room of the first floor was number 0011. Chen Ge hesitated when he saw the number, but in the end, he chose to push open the room door. Room 0011 was rather different from the previous two rooms he had visited. Even though the walls were also painted white, one could see the dark red splotches of blood that the white coat of paint was trying to cover up.

"The first ten patients at the cursed hospital had special doctors to look over them. From the patient's number, Patient 0011 could be considered the patient with the most serious illness among the ranks of 'normal' patients."

Three different rooms had recorded the experience that had happened to the rag doll after it was sent to the hospital. The last trace of humanity that it had was wiped out from its body, and it became a complete monster. The cursed hospital appeared to be doing this on purpose; they were purposely pushing the rag doll to become some kind of monster, and who knew what kind of goal they were trying to achieve out of this?

The cursed hospital appeared in Jiujiang about twenty years ago. They wasted so much energy on the rag doll. Could it be because they knew that it was my shadow and the real person that they were trying to target is me?

The thought crossed Chen Ge's mind, but he soon shook his head.

I am just a person who owns a haunted house. There is no reason for anyone to target me. The real target that they are after is probably the version of myself that cannot be killed no matter what. My parents' disappearance probably has something to do with them as well.

Ever since he obtained the black phone, everything that Chen Ge had done was to find his own parents. At that moment, he felt like he had never been closer to the truth.


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