My House of Horrors
1153 I Have Kidnapped the Demon God“s Son 2 in 1
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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1153 I Have Kidnapped the Demon God“s Son 2 in 1

Chen Ge had predicted that the cursed hospital might send their people, so he had purposely gotten Ol' Wu to drive the car to the other side of the city, the side that was furthest away from the cursed hospital, and along a lane that people rarely used to leave the city. It was true that one might run into ghosts if one travelled too late at night, but if a ghost tried to ambush too many humans on the road, they might run into Chen Ge.

There were not that many people on the road. Even if he got into a battle with a Demon God, they would not harm any nearby innocents. Furthermore, this place was very far from the cursed hospital, so Chen Ge had enough time to kill the opponent and escape as soon as possible. Chen Ge's escape looked like it was done in a hurry, but actually, every step was carefully planned. The endless blood waves gushed out from under his feet and soaked into the ground, sealing up the road at an extremely fast speed. The Red Specter before him was just a toy; the real danger was the one controlling it. Chen Ge knew that very well, so he had all his Red Specters make their moves at the same time to seal up the entire territory.

"Found you!" The spreading of the blood soon met resistance. Chen Ge turned his head in that direction. A child was sitting at the door of an abandoned building by the side of the road. The child kept his head lowered, and he had something like a lollipop in his hand. When the blood that came out from Chen Ge's feet reached the child, the blood involuntarily moved around him and could not get close to the child's body.

"Is it a Demon God?" Chen Ge was very nervous as well. Using his Yin Yang Vision, he finally saw clearly that the boy was not holding a lollipop but an eyeball that was pierced through a stick. Around the boy's feet was a cluster of toys. The toys were all made from different human facial organs. The Red Specter in the middle of the road lunged at Chen Ge under the boy's control. When it was about one meter away from Chen Ge, it could not budge forward anymore. The stench morphed into a thick palpable wall to block the way toward Chen Ge. The Red Specter howled in pain. Its body was torn by the blood lines. The boy did not care about its feeling. For him, it was just a tool that could be replaced at any time.

"No wonder you have the guts to escape. You've found someone to help you." A chilling and shrill voice came out from the boy's body. The boy raised his head. His face was as pale as paper, and his whole face only consisted of a mouth! "Why would you escape when we are family? There is nothing more that I hate than those who abandon their family!"

The boy's voice travelled into everyone's ears as if the voice could pierce through their eardrums. Seeing the boy's emotion was getting out of control, Chen Ge was not only not afraid, the corner of his lips turned up into a smile.

He isn't running? Looks like he has not realized the situation he is in.

Chen Ge had once heard from Chi Ren that this was the child that he first dreamt about inside the morgue. Later, his dream included a middle-aged man who only had a mouth on his face. With that information, the middle-aged with only a mouth was the real Demon God with the surname Chi, and this boy with just a mouth was probably his split self or perhaps his son. No matter the situation, there was at least one point that was certain. The boy was very powerful. At the very least, he was powerful enough to believe that he could deal with any trouble that Chen Ge might pose to him.

Even though he was surrounded by the sea of blood, the boy still did not intend to escape at all. He knew that he had fallen for an ambush. The first thing that came into his mind was to kill Chen Ge alongside with the traitor. Actually, this was expected of the boy; Xin Hai was the cursed hospital's territory, so there was nothing for him to worry about. Furthermore, his task was to chase after a betraying family member. Who would have thought the person would have a friend that had a Demon God, three Top Red Specters, and many Red Specters with unique talents to set up an ambush? A normal person or ghost would not even consider that.

Chen Ge used this psychological that the opponent might have, and instead of running away, he pretended to escape to lure the enemy into his trap.

"This boy can control Red Specters like toys, and he has a curious relationship with that Demon God. Thus, the boy himself should be very powerful as well." Chen Ge's initial plan was to trap and surround the enemy, but he did not expect the boy to voluntarily fight him head on. If the boy had chosen to run away when he first saw Chen Ge, it would have been very unbeneficial to Chen Ge should this turn into a chasing battle, and that was what he worried about the most. Thankfully, however, the boy was too overconfident to do something like that.

Seeing the boy slowly walk toward him, Chen Ge could not stop the smile from appearing on his face. One Red Specter after another appeared from the blood mist. When the boy's attention was occupied by the several Red Specters, the red high heels and Xiao Bu, who had been hiding in the dark, attacked at the same time. This was not cunning; this was Chen Ge's tactic. The Top Red Specters attacked from the back. When the boy realized what had happened, it was already too late. Five fingers covered in curses pierced his chest, and multiple black and red blood vessels stuck into his body. The sound of wailing shattered the peace of the night. A pile of living facial organs fell out from the boy's body. Somehow, these organs were still alive. The eyes were still blinking, and the lips were screaming; the whole scenario felt surreal and terrifying.

"Make it quick!" After the quick interaction, Chen Ge had a sense of the boy's true power. He was a Top Red Specter, but he was different from a normal Top Red Specter. There were plenty of black patterns that did not belong to him residing inside his body. This gave Chen Ge the feeling that this body was like a spare body the Demon God had prepared for himself. Just like how Chang Wenyu had separated out her heart, the Demon God with the surname Chi had given the pattern with a special meaning to this boy. The boy could not utilize this power inside the black pattern. Combined with the ambush from two Top Red Specters, one of them being the red high heels, a Top Red Specter who specialized in curses, the battle from the beginning was one-sided bullying. That was Chen Ge's style; he would never preserve his energy. A battle should be wrapped up as soon as possible.

Demons danced in the sky, and ghosts floated on the wind. Blood and curses covered the empty road. Even the clouds over the horizon were dyed red. The Top Red Specter from the cursed hospital was attacked by more than ten Red Specters from Chen Ge's haunted house. His body was flickering. He was seriously injured, but he refused to die. The black patterns on his body would always protect him at the most crucial moment. In the end, he knew that he could not resist any further. He thus transferred his memory and his consciousness into the black pattern and gave up the rest of his body. The battle continued, but a very bad feeling started to form inside Chen Ge's heart. "If this continues to drag on, the cursed hospital will definitely send reinforcements!"

The black pattern on the boy's body was under incessant attack. The Demon God with the surname Chi must have sensed it already, and if he arrived at the scene, everything would go out of control. Chen Ge's plan was to surprise the enemy with an ambush, but now that the cursed hospital knew that he had the ability to surround and slaughter a Top Red Specter, they would not let their guard down again. Unable to take advantage of the situation, Chen Ge decided to call it a night. With the cooperation of several Red Specters, the dying boy was sent behind the door of the Tunnel Lady's son.

"Ol' Wu! Get back to the driver's seat! We are going back to Jiujiang!"

Chen Ge had done something big this time. He had directly kidnapped the Demon God's 'son'. With no time to waste, Chen Ge immediately ordered Ol' Wu to drive and leave Xin Hai. After they got on the highway, Chen Ge turned back to look at Xin Hai. The night sky above Xin Hai's countryside was painted red, like a bloody mouth that was widening. "Has something happened inside the cursed hospital? Did they not send anyone to chase after us?"

Touching the wedding ring on his finger, Chen Ge had no idea whether this had anything to do with Xiao Sun or not. Ol' Wu had just experienced the scariest night of his life. He drove the car directly back to Jiujiang. He had not driven so fast in his life before.

"Chen Ge, when we left Xin Hai, what was the thing that we encountered?" Ol' Wu's voice was shaking. He had been holding this question in during the whole journey, but just as they were arriving at their destination, the question finally slipped out.

"I will tell you in more detail when we reach New Century Park. We still have not escaped from the danger yet."

"The theme park? We are not going to a theme park! We should head to the police station now! I am going to give Captain Yan a call!"

"That won't be necessary. Trust me. I will explain everything to you when we reach the theme park."

When Ol' Wu drove the car into New Century Theme Park, Chen Ge summoned out Zhang Yi and sent Ol' Wu into a beautiful dream. "When you wake up, you will forget all the pain and anxiety."

Chen Ge left Ol' Wu inside the car. He carried Chi Ren and headed toward the haunted house. After he opened the gates, before he even entered, the curtains were pulled back to reveal Ol' Bai, who was hugging Xiaoxiao, and a big white cat was slumped lazily across his shoulder. "Boss, you're home."

Seeing Bai Qiulin in the role of a househusband, Chen Ge did not know what to say. He removed the white cat from Ol' Bai's shoulder. "You are a Red Specter. At least get them to respect you while you're working."

The white cat wiggled its body out of discomfort. It tried to scratch at Chen Ge, but it was easily ignored by the latter.

"Did any accidents happen at the haunted house while I was away?" Chen Ge was not that worried about the haunted house, but he still needed to ask.

"The running of the haunted house went smoothly. Everyone gave their full cooperation, but…" Ol' Bai pointed at the direction of the haunted house's toilet. "There was a little change there. Master Wei and I were planning to try to reach out to you and tell you about this."

"The toilet? What happened?" Chen Ge became nervous.

"The door of the cubicle suddenly opened on its own one night."

"What‽" Chen Ge's heart immediately jumped to his throat. His rushed to the toilet, and what he saw caused his already quivering heart to palpitate even further. The wooden boards that had previously sealed up the cubicle door littered the ground in pieces. The picture of the demon on the door was ghastly and creepy, like it was watching everyone that headed into the toilet.

"The door was opened from the inside. When I heard the sound, it was already like this." Ol' Bai walked in behind him. "To preserve the state of this place, I have not cleaned this place at all. I have been guarding the entrance and made sure that no one came in here."

"When was the door pushed open?"

"Around midnight yesterday." Ol' Bai tried to bring up his memory about that night. "At the time, I was training the students from Mu Yang High School in the underground scenario when we suddenly heard a loud crash."

Ol' Bai walked to the cubicle door and pulled the door open. The picture of a demon was carved into the outside of the door, while inside the door, there was a bloody handprint.

"The handprint was left behind that night. It is clear that it is the handprint of a child. I can't think of a child in this haunted house who would match this handprint." Ol' Bai shared everything that he knew with Chen Ge.

"The door that has been relatively quiet has started to change. Is it because someone has escaped from behind the door?" Chen Ge stared at the bloody handprint on the door. "And he chose to open the door when I was not at the haunted house? Is this a coincidence, or is it premeditated?"

The door at his own haunted house being pushed open from the inside was not something that Chen Ge had envisioned. His focus was currently all on the cursed hospital; he did not have any energy left to investigate this door at his own haunted house. One could not enter a blood door without any preparation. For example, the door of the ghost fetus and the door at the School of the Afterlife, once entered, would put one under the control of the 'door pusher'. Therefore, Chen Ge had no intention of entering this door without finding out more about it. Ever since he obtained the black phone, this was the first time Chen Ge had been away from the haunted house for so long.

"I have a feeling that the thing that escaped from the door was purposely trying to avoid me. It did not harm anyone and did not destroy anything inside the house. After it left the world behind the door, it disappeared almost immediately." Chen Ge silently scratched his chin. "It feels like it was being chased by something behind the door and finally found its chance to escape."

The handprint on the door was that of a child. Chen Ge memorized the shape of the handprint and then closed the cubicle door.

"It feels like everything is connected somehow." Chen Ge had Ol' Bai to continue guard the entrance to the toilet while he entered the underground scenario. After greeting every employee who had been left behind at the Jiujiang haunted house, Chen Ge brought the remaining Red Specters into the Spider Boy's door. The world behind the door was separated from the real world. Even the Demon God would not be able to sense the boy's presence there. Chen Ge had already planned everything with no crack in his plan.

Chen Ge turned to Zhang Yi. "Have you gone through the memory of that Top Red Specter?"

"I just became a Red Specter myself, so the difference in power is too big. I cannot go through his memory." Whenever Zhang Yi wanted to get close to the boy, he would be burned by the boy's curse, and black blisters would appear on his body. Of all the employees, only the red high heels was not affected by this at all.

"The power difference is too big? Then you guys should continue to suck away his power. No matter the method, just keep on doing it until you are able to read his memory." Chen Ge used the most vindictive tone to say the cruelest thing.

Hearing what his boss had said, Zhang Yi smiled helplessly, but he did not dare reject him. He merely said, "The Top Red Specter who is familiar with curses is currently peeling away the layer of curses. After she has consumed all the curses, there should be no issue."

The curses on the boy were a strain that the red high heels had not seen before. The curse contained the Demon God's power, so it could injure the red high heels, but at the same time, it could increase her power. As mentioned before, it was difficult for the red high heels, who was already a Top Red Specter, to seek a breakthrough, but she was now one step closer to becoming a Demon God. With the cooperation of more than ten Red Specters, each using their unique talent, they had split the Top Red Specter from the cursed hospital into several parts.

The most dangerous curse was consumed by the red high heels, the remaining memory and consciousness was given to Zhang Yi, and the resentment and hatred collected by the Top Red Specter was shared among the rest of the Red Specters. The only thing that remained was the black pattern that came from the Demon God. This strange pattern contained the truth of life and death. It had a captivating beauty to it while giving off a very dangerous presence.

"The most valuable things on the Top Red Specter are these few patterns. Consuming them will give one an enormous power boost, but one has to be able to perfectly digest them." Zhang Yi relayed the words of the red high heels to Chen Ge. "It is very difficult to digest them. Even the boy with the aid of the Demon God was unable to do it."

"Even a Top Red Specter was unable to do it?"

"Digesting a demon god's resentment with just the ability of a Red Specter is almost impossible because the process of digestion will take too long. During this whole process, the consumer will suffer from unimaginable pain and despair, and they have to be careful not to get influenced by the Demon God's lingering spirit." Zhang Yi shook his head. "That is too difficult. Unless the Demon God who produced this pattern is willing to help, almost no one could successfully digest this thing."

The most valuable thing was also the most dangerous. Most of the Red Specters were unable to give it a try; only a Red Specter was silently staring at that strange pattern.

"Xu Yin?" Chen Ge and the nearby Red Specters all turned toward Xu Yin. The young man with the melancholic expression reached out, and he slowly raised his arm. The skin that came into contact with the pattern cracked and shattered almost immediately. This was a pain unimaginable to a normal person, but it only made Xu Yin barely frown.

Of all the employees at the haunted house, Xu Yin had the toughest determination, and Chen Ge had confidence in him. He believed that even if he was influenced by the Demon God, Xu Yin would not do anything to harm Chen Ge or the haunted house.


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