My House of Horrors
1028 Similarities Between the Ghost Fetus and the Black Phone
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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1028 Similarities Between the Ghost Fetus and the Black Phone

Helping the police detain the criminal twice brushed up Chen Ge's reputation within the local law enforcement greatly. The arrest of a Grade A fugitive was going to create big news, but due to Jia Ming's own uniqueness and the fact that the cases that he was involved in were not revealed to the public, Chen Ge's name only made the rounds among certain law enforcement circles.

"Officers, the boy's father has just been killed, and his mother is in ICU. Now is his most vulnerable moment. If possible, I wish to accompany him." Chen Ge carried the backpack and hugged the boy's shoulders as he pulled him to his side.

"Don't worry, we will call in the professional to look after him and give him proper counselling."

"Then, can I visit him sometimes? I know his parents, and we have some catching up to do. May I?" Chen Ge looked at the boy with warmth.

"When you wish to see him, just call Inspector Lee Zheng and ask for a request." The officers did not have the heart to reject Chen Ge.

"Thank you." Chen Ge squatted behind the boy. "My name is Chen Ge. Come find me if you need anything."

"I remember you… On the bus, you sat behind father…" The boy had once entered Li Wan City with Chen Ge on the hearse. He could still remember Chen Ge's face.

"That day, I should have brought you all away with me. If I'd done that, you wouldn't have suffered so much." After giving the boy a light hug, Chen Ge picked up the backpack and left the small alley.

Seeing him walk away, the two plainclothes sighed softly. "Such a kind man."

Chen Ge did not hear that, of course. After leaving the alley, he did not return to New Century Park but walked into a nearby building. Standing inside the stairwell where the sun could not reach, Chen Ge flipped through the comic, and the scent of blood tickled his nose. Soon, the stench and Xu Yin appeared, holding Jiang Long between him.

"Chen Ge, give me one more chance. I don't know what came over me earlier. I was just acting on instinct. I couldn't control myself!" Jiang Long was so damaged that his shadow was gotten much lighter. He kept begging for mercy. "I'll give you important information. Zhen Zhen and I have already found a candidate chosen by the ghost fetus. The boy has a failed sense of smell. His smell was taken by the ghost fetus!"

Chen Ge was expressionless as he looked at Jiang Long. "Bring me to him."

"He's already dead. It was Bei Ye who killed him." Jiang Long revealed more. "Every candidate chosen by the ghost fetus has a corresponding door, and behind the door hides one of the ghost fetus' powers. If you can find the item that contains the ghost fetus' lingering spirit behind the door, you can gain that power."

"There is such a thing?"

"I got that knowledge from the shadow, but it's hard to put it into action. Seven days ago, we found that child, and we entered the door when he was sleeping. The item in question was a toy dog." Jiang Long sneaked a look at Chen Ge at this point. "I can take you to see that toy dog and the mud statuette with the boy's name."

"Wait a minute. At most, you are just a Half Red Specter. How could you manage to kill the Specter left behind by the ghost fetus behind the door on your own?" Chen Ge himself had entered the doors of these children. Any of these doors were almost as powerful as a two-star scenario.

"The more doors you open, the closer the ghost fetus comes to waking up, and thus, his presence will get stronger. The door I opened was the first one, so it was also the easiest one." Chen Ge calculated the timeline. Jiang Long was not lying about that. He had entered Jiang Ming and Wu Sheng's doors. The world behind Wu Sheng's door was obviously bigger and scarier than Jiang Ming's door.

"Take me to that toy dog."

"Okay, they're back inside that small yard."

With Jiang Long leading the way, Chen Ge returned to the small yard. He entered from the backdoor and found a black leather case under the bed. Opening it, Chen Ge saw a toy dog that had lost most of its fake fur. Chen Ge remembered this toy dog too. When he first moved, he had found this toy on the stairs. At the time, the dog had still been quite new, and it had looked fluffy and cute with its fur. He had no idea who had left it there, but after waiting there for an hour, he had taken the toy home with him.

"Was this one of the shadow's toys?" Chen Ge reached out to pick up the toy dog. At the same time, the black phone in his pocket vibrated. Chen Ge pulled the Specters all back into the comic and took out the black phone.

"Completed 3/9 of the four-star Trial Mission, Ghost Fetus. The ghost fetus' sense of smell is heavily injured. Red Specters' Favored, you do not have much time left!"

When he saw the message, Chen Ge sighed in relief. Jiang Long did not lie to him. The toy dog did come out from one of the doors. Unfortunately, it was not Chen Ge who had found the boy but Jiang Long and Bei Ye. With a sigh, Chen Ge placed the mud statuette on his shadow. The bloodied mud statuette had the name Liu Wen on it. When the statuette touched Chen Ge's shadow, the blood stains disappeared rapidly. This time, Chen Ge stood to the side and observed this quietly. He noticed that his shadow was like a deep pool, and through the surface of the pool, he could catch a blurry glimpse of a woman's sleeping face.

"The wounds on Zhang Ya appear to be recovering. Looks like the black blood on the statuette is of great help to her." With his hand on the shadow, Chen Ge's eyes narrowed. The woman who appeared to be floating in an endless ocean flickered her lashes like she was awakening. When the last drop of blood was sucked away, the mud statuette with Liu Wen's name shattered.

"Liu Wen, Wu Sheng, Fang Yu, and the statuette with my name… After Zhang Ya absorbs all the black blood from these statuettes, perhaps she will wake up."

Standing in the stairwell, Chen Ge looked at the shattered statuette.

"To get reborn as a man, the ghost fetus has stolen different powers from nine children, including the sense of smell, hearing, sight, and so on. But… they correspond perfectly with the rewards that the black phone has been giving me! When I first got the black phone, the first power I was given was Yin Yang Vision. That is the power of sight. Then I got the talent of Living Doll, a power related to creation of human body. Then I got Ghost Ear and Spirit Sniff, which correspond to the five senses. They are similar to the various powers that the ghost fetus has taken away from these children!

"Is the ghost fetus also doing the same mission given by the black phone, or are they actually two sides of the same coin?"

Chen Ge was overwhelmed by a sudden chill. Perhaps this moment was predestined as soon as he picked up the black phone.


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