My House of Horrors
995 Old Friends!
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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995 Old Friends!

It was not that difficult to persuade the woman and her son. They knew about the horrors of the shadow better than Chen Ge, and they knew about the ghost fetus' existence. They just did not expect him to arrive so soon. The two Red Specters agreed to help, but they only agreed to let the woman follow Chen Ge. The son refused to leave the tunnel no matter what. This time, the situation was different from Li Wan City. Chen Ge had more than enough Red Specters to help him. One more Red Specter was not going to change the situation. What he needed was that unique door, and the door argued about this for a long time.

Chen Ge slowly understood what the two Red Specters were worried about. The door that the son pushed opened toward the tunnel behind the door. No matter where he opened that door, it would lead to that same place. But the problem was, the son had only opened the door in the real world. He had not attempted to open the door inside the world of another Red Specter. He could not guarantee that his door would lead them back to real life.

This was the first problem. The second problem was that the son had a very curious power—Dream Weaving.

After he consumed a Specter, he could gain a part of the Specter's memory and use that memory to weave a dream. The intensity of the memory impacted how long the dream would last. Most of the dreams dissipated after a moment, but there were a small handful of dreams that could exist for a long time, as long as the boy continued to feed them. The son had spent many years rigging the tunnel with many dream traps. Once one accidentally stepped into them, even for the shadow, it would be a difficult trap to escape from. These dreams were scary, but they needed the son to continue repairing and feeding them. If he left for an extended period, the dreams would all dissolve on their own.

When the ghost fetus arrived, nowhere would be safe. Chen Ge argued with the ferocity of truth on his side. After enough persuasion, the son finally agreed. Within the next nine days, he would follow Chen Ge and leave for one night. One night was more than enough for Chen Ge. He was very appreciative of the two Red Specters' help. After they had made their agreement, he left with the woman from the car crash and hurried toward Li Wan City.

"Danian, one day, if every page of your comic is filled with Red Specters, will you feel too pressured?"

"You are the strongest Specter beneath a Red Specter; you have to have confidence in yourself! You can do it!"

"No matter what other people say, you are the best!"

"I mean, take a look at Ol' Bai now. Look how amazing he is. He should try to consume other Specters. When you become a Red Specter, you'll become the strongest Red Specter beneath Demon Gods!"

Chen Ge walked for a long time before he got a taxi driver who was willing to take him. On the way to Li Wan City, he talked to himself while hugging the comic. The driver thought that he was talking on the phone, but when Chen Ge got out of the car, he realized that Chen Ge was not wearing any earbuds.

Chen Ge managed to reach Li Wan City before midnight. He found the door, and when the door was covered in blood at midnight, he carried the backpack and pushed the door open. The blood fog stuck to his skin, and his breathing became difficult. Every breath filled his lungs with the scent of blood. Chen Ge activated the recorder to summon Xu Yin, and then he wandered down the red streets. Compared to his previous time there, the place had not changed much.

"When the door was pushed open, Xiao Bu should have realized my presence already." Li Wan City was a 3.5-star scenario, and the blood covered almost half of the city. After the shadow died, most of the locals had slipped away, but many new ghosts had migrated there to replace them. Chen Ge only took few steps when he felt many malicious stares on him. They were very interested in the living human, but due to Xu Yin, they did not do anything. "It must be quite tiring for Xiao Bu to manage such a big place alone. If I have time in the future, I should come and help her."

Narrowing his eyes, Chen Ge smiled at the buildings around him. "Don't just stand there and watch. Why don't you come and join me?"

There was no answer. Chen Ge wanted to release Yan Danian, have him stop drawing, and get him involved in some fighting. "Consider yourself lucky."

After walking past several deserted streets, the blood fog thickened. Bloody raindrops fell on Chen Ge, and a figure appeared in the rain. She wore a red raincoat, and her lips were sewn together. Her bloodshot eyes followed Chen Ge and Xu Yin. The woman in the red raincoat!

Chen Ge stopped moving and waved. "Have you found your child?"

The woman slowly walked toward Chen Ge, and when she reached his side, she shook her head lightly.

"If he's not behind the world inside the door, is it possible that he's actually not been killed by the shadow but is hidden somewhere around Jiujiang?" Chen Ge looked into the woman's pair of clear eyes. "The ghost fetus is possessing one of the children, and your child might be one of them. I have done a lot of research and have narrowed down the candidates to nine children…"

Chen Ge was about to speak when the woman suddenly grabbed his arm. The chill seeped into his skin, and the chill crawled up his bones and into his heart. The woman's lips were sewn shut, so she could not speak, but a pleading cry escaped from her mouth.

"Calm down, I came to get you to leave with me. For the next eight days, I will track down all nine children, but during this period, you have to listen to me and cannot act on your own." Chen Ge struggled loose from the woman. "Where is Xiao Bu? Bring me to see her. I have something that I need to clarify with her."

The woman in the red raincoat slowly turned around and signaled for Chen Ge to follow. They walked through Li Wan City and came to the building where Zhang Ya and Doctor Gao had battled the shadow. The innocent red little girl was lying against the wall, using her own blood to slowly clean away the curse left behind by the shadow. It would take years or even decades to remove the curse that the shadow had left on Li Wan City, but Xiao Bu did not seem to mind.

Before Chen Ge got close, Xiao Bu sensed Chen Ge. She pulled back all her blood vessels and walked toward Chen Ge. The girl reacted curiously when she saw Chen Ge. Her eyes only stopped for a second on Chen Ge's face before she turned to Chen Ge's shadow like there was something interesting that captured her attention there. She stared at his shadow and started to daydream.

"Xiao Bu, what are you thinking?" Chen Ge wanted to walk forward to tussle her hair, but considering that she was the door pusher in Li Wan City and could be as powerful as a Top Red Specter, he cleverly gave up that idea. "I've come to see him due to something important. The ghost fetus that separated from the shadow years ago is about to be born. He is currently in Jiujiang, hiding in one of the children. I wish to invite you to come help me find him."

Her hazy eyes wandered between Chen Ge and the shadow before Xiao Bu nodded.

After leaving the door at Li Wan City, Chen Ge glanced at his phone. "It's still earlier. I should take a detour to the Third Sick Hall. I haven't seen Men Nan in such a long time. I kinda miss that little guy."


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