My House of Horrors
993 Trap or Opportunity
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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993 Trap or Opportunity

Chen Ge told Captain Yan and Lee Zheng all the information that he could share with them. Once the two heard that someone planned to take Chen Ge's life, their expressions changed immediately. They knew that Chen Ge would not joke about something like that. Since he said that someone was out to get him, it could only be true. Furthermore, Chen Ge had to be under a lot of pressure from the threat, or else with Chen Ge's personality, he would not have gone to the police for help without any concrete evidence.

They talked for another hour, and Chen Ge told the police everything that he could. Then Captain Yan called over the station's profile expert. Based on Chen Ge's description, they drew a picture of the ghost fetus when he was a baby. After leaving everything with the police, Chen Ge left in a hurry to the next location.

"The child with Jia Ming probably corresponds to one of the altars. He knows the shadow and the ghost fetus better than Zhang Yi. After he is captured, the fog around the ghost fetus will disperse."

After taking the cab to the hospital, Chen Ge went to the hall for fainted patients. There were many patients who had left after they woke up, but their empty beds would quickly be taken by new patients. As the popularity of Chen Ge's haunted house continued to grow, there would occasionally be times when there were not enough beds, and they would have to add new beds temporarily. Carrying the heavy backpack, with the nurse leading the way, Chen Ge was brought to one of the sickrooms.

The employees from the futuristic theme park enjoyed good benefits. The upper management at them park had arranged for their six workers to share a private room at the hospital. After knocking, Chen Ge entered the room. The police officer, Xiao Ling, and the woman with the long hair were playing cards. When the three saw Chen Ge, they shivered on instinct and the memory that they had forgotten with difficulty had started to surface.

However, they were different from the visitors that had fainted at Chen Ge's haunted house. These workers did not think that their horrible nightmare had anything to do with Chen Ge. One thing that confused them was why everybody had fainted but Chen Ge was able to walk out from the haunted house on his own two feet.

"I visited a haunted house with them a few days ago, and what we are going to discuss will involve the business secrets of the two theme parks, so…" Before Chen Ge finished, the nurse nodded to show that she understood, and she left the room.

"Chen Ge, sorry for what we did that day. We have made such fools of ourselves." The police officer thought that Chen Ge was quite a reliable person. If not for their employers, they might even have been friends.

"There is a problem with your haunted house." Chen Ge sat down beside the three with a serious expression. "I hope that you will not tell another person what I am about to tell you."


"I came here just to confirm one thing with you." Chen Ge's eyes scanned the three in the room. "Did we run into actual ghosts… that day?"

The three workers from the futuristic theme park did not say anything, but their expressions were complicated. Chen Ge dropped his backpack in the corner of the room and then took out his phone and placed it on the table. "Don't worry. I am not recording any sound bites or videos. You can search my body if you want. I just want to clarify what happened that day."

The police officer and Xiao Ling both turned to the woman with the long black hair. The three shared a look. In the end, it was Xiao Ling who went up to check the door, and after ensuring it was locked, she began to whisper, "It is not only you who feels that way. We also have been shivering in fear when we think back about what happened."

"Of the ghosts and monsters that we ran into that day, many of them were not supposed to be in the data base," the police officer said with a bitter smile. "That can only mean that the scenario possesses things that should not be there in the first place. In any case, I will not go to the haunted house to help around anymore. If they insist on posting me there, I will have no choice but to quit."

"But why would something like that happen? Is it really because of the dead people's spirits that possess the old objects? Like the altar inside the cursed Japanese house?" Chen Ge was slowly directing the conversation. He wished to get some information, but he could not make it sound too obvious.

"Other than that, we cannot come up with another explanation."

"I heard from someone that all of the old objects were moved into the haunted house by a director with the surname Jiang. Is it possible that Director Jiang knew that something like this would happen?" Chen Ge asked with obvious curiosity. "Who is this Director Jiang? Building such a large haunted house requires a lot of money. Why would the upper management at your theme park agree to something like that?"

"Jiang Jiu is one of the bigwigs at the theme park. He is also one of the shareholders of the theme park. He was in the real estate business, and I heard he had an altercation with your theme park's Director Luo about ten years ago." Xiao Ling sat back down on the bed. "In any case, he is a very important person, and small employees like us will not know anything about him."

"He had an altercation with Director Luo?" That was something that Chen Ge did not expect. He felt like he was standing inside a spiderweb that was weaved through the years. He was slowly getting close to the truth, but the spider that spun the web had its eyes on him as well.

"Yes, they were both in real estate in the past, but for some reason, they both wanted the same piece of land in Western Jiujiang. In the end, it was taken by director Luo." The woman with the long hair seemed to know many things. The presence that she carried herself with separated her from other normal workers.

"Is it the land that New Century Park is currently sitting on?"

"Yes, at the time, the piece of land looked normal, but now I cannot help but be impressed by the foresight of the bigwigs."

"Normal?" On the surface, Chen Ge knew it looked normal, but it was definitely not normal underground. He memorized this detail and changed the subject.

"The history of the older generation does not have anything to do with us. I just wish to understand the reason for Jiang Jiu purposely moving those old objects into the haunted house. Don't you think he's up to something?" Chen Ge asked. "I went to check up on the information regarding this after I left your theme park. I realized that altar was not a shrine to honor the gods; it is to feed the ghosts with curses. Every altar has a mud statuette inside it, and anyone who comes into contact with mud statuette will be cursed. That is such a trivial attitude regarding the safety of the visitors."

"There must be some kind of misunderstanding there."

"If the altars are just placed there, something bad will definitely happen," Chen Ge said in a serious tone. "You have personally experienced how scary the haunted house can be when it goes out of control. This is related to human lives. I must have a good chat with the management of your haunted house. Does any of you know how to contact Jiang Jiu?"

The few were just employees, so Chen Ge did not expect they would help him gain contact with one of the futuristic theme park's bigwigs, Jiang Jiu. Instead, he was trying to fish for information about Jiang Ming from them, and then he would make his move that night. That was why he did not have the police intervene into the issue at the futuristic theme park. The Specters at the cursed house had seen a mud statuette with Jiang Ming's name on it before. This meant that Jiang Ming was one of the nine children. The intervention from the police would ruin his plan and complicate the situation.

This Jiang Ming looks about the same age as I am. When the shadow separated from the ghost fetus, he would've been about ten. I saw him before at the theme park. He looked normal and had a friendly presence about him. Why would someone like him be selected by the ghost fetus? Could this be a trap set by the ghost fetus?

The chance of the ghost fetus being inside Jiang Ming was not high, but Chen Ge still planned to meet him in person that night. When the employees from the futuristic theme park heard that Chen Ge wanted to contact Jiang Jiu, they all acted strangely. They did not deny Chen Ge's request but turned to look at the woman with the long hair.

"Wait, you can really contact Jiang Jiu?"

"I can't contact Jiang Jiu, but his stepson, Jiang Ming, is my ex-boyfriend. We were together for three and a half years, but we broke up for a ridiculous reason." The woman had the air of a powerful woman. Even if she was feeling sad, she would not allow it to show on her face.

"A ridiculous reason? What kind of ridiculous reason?" Chen Ge was intrigued.

"When I went to his home for the first time, I realized that there was a child about four or five years old staying at his home. The boy's name is also Jiang Ming. I asked him what his relationship with the boy is, and all he could do was stammer."


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