My House of Horrors
960 Altar
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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960 Altar

The complicated pattern moved on the walls, and the dark window was gently pulled up by Chen Ge. A chilling draft rushed into the room. Chen Ge narrowed his eyes, and the muscles of his back tightened as he continued to push the window up.

\"There is something hidden in this scenario!\" Chen Ge was very familiar with this feeling. His pupils slowly narrowed as he assessed the new scenario before him. On the other side of the window was a Japanese-style room, with Japanese furniture and décor. However, what caught Chen Ge's attention was not that but the walls. All four walls were covered with handprints. The light hanging from the ceiling flickered. Underneath the boxed light, there scattered the dead bodies of moths, and around them were traces of wax. It was as if someone had stood under the lamp and used a candle to slowly burn the wings of the moths one by one.

After the new scenario was revealed, the scenario behind Chen Ge changed. Blood dripped from the ceiling, the door to the corridor rattled, and footsteps came from beyond it. Before the visitors could react, the door that led to the corridor was shut, and the girl's laughter boomed beyond the door like the child was standing beyond it at that moment.

\"She's back to look for her doll?\" Even though Chen Ge felt like it was rather inappropriate for an adult to steal from a girl, considering that this might lead her to salvation, it made him feel better.

\"Chen Ge, I've been to this new scenario before.\" The police officer's initial attitude toward Chen Ge was bad, but without him realizing it, his attitude had changed, perhaps because fear had gotten him without him realizing it.

\"Is there anything to pay attention to?\"

\"The room is cursed, and the curse is planted on three items. We have to find the three items while being attacked by the ghosts, place them on the altar, and use the divine figurines on the altar to cleanse them.\" The police officer tried to remember the details. \"But since this is hellish difficulty, we might need to find more than ten cursed items.\"

\"Finding items won't be too hard. I'm afraid that whole room is wrapped in a curse, and everything and everyone inside it is cursed.\" Chen Ge possessed Yin Yang Vision. In his sight, everything in the room was dyed with misfortune, and any visitor that came into contact with them would have their luck affected. This was the difference between Chen Ge's Haunted House and the futuristic theme park. His Haunted House allowed his workers to feed on the visitors' negative emotions to balance out their mood, but the Haunted House at the futuristic theme park was in a completely out of control situation. The visitors would be harmed when they visited the place, and they would continue to spread misfortune after they left the place.

Curses are different from actual Specters. Chen Ge was reminded of his experience in Li Wan City. The shadow specialized in curses, and that seemed to be a specialty of the ghosts from Eastern Jiujiang. As he leaped over the window, Chen Ge heard a tingling voice in his ears. The voice appeared suddenly as if announcing the presence of new visitors.

\"When you search for stuff, cover your hand with a layer of your clothes. Do not come into direct contact with anything in this room.\"

Hearing that, the few visitors were confused. They looked at each other with questioning gazes. To prevent Chen Ge from seeing through their act, they did not communicate much, but with the signal from the police officer and the young man, they all followed Chen Ge's instructions.

\"Empty bottles and trash are collected in the corner, and there are cigarette butts from three different brands in the cigarette bowl. The clothes and shoes that littered the room are of different sizes. It appears like this place once played host to a small party, and the party goers have all been drunk.\"

\"Yes, when on my last visit, we found relevant information in the bedroom. A group of people came to a friend's house at the countryside to play, but it rained so heavily that it caused a landslide. They couldn't return, so they decided to stay at the friend's house overnight.\" The police officer confirmed Chen Ge's suspicion and was shocked by Chen Ge's sharp observation.

\"The information was found inside the bedroom?\" Chen Ge entered the bedroom alone. When he pushed open the door, the singing of a girl appeared in his ear. The voice was airy and light, carrying with it a trace of melancholy. Chen Ge could not capture the exact lyrics, but he heard the terms moth and butterfly. The entire Japanese-style scenario had six rooms, and the bedroom Chen Ge was in was the smallest room.

Blankets were placed on the ground, and random objects crowded the already small room. There were male shoes and clothes and many female hairs. But the most eye-catching object had to be the camcorder fixed on top of a suitcase. The device was screwed to the suitcase, probably because the theme park worried that their equipment might be stolen.

\"Who would steal a cursed item?\" Chen Ge opened the camcorder's display and saw the image of four men and three women flicker across the screen. In the day, they spent their time touring the countryside, admiring the scenery, and taking in fresh air, but when they planned to leave at night, the skies suddenly opened up. The elders in the village said that the only exit from the village had been blocked by fallen rocks. They had no choice but to stay at the village and leave the next day.

\"The elders said the road was blocked? They didn't confirm that themselves and decided to stay based on other people's words?\"

Chen Ge continued to look, and the other visitors gathered around. Of the seven, one was a local, and he placed his six friends in his ancestral house. The rain kept pouring, but that did not affect the group's good mood. They drank, played cards, and partied until midnight. At this point, the image turned darker. The seven were gathered in the main living room. The drinks were running out, and a fatty with glasses stood up to use the toilet when he saw an altar built in the darkest corner at the end of the corridor. Normally, altars were placed on a table, and this was the first time he had seen an altar that was built inside a corridor.

In the video, the drunk fatty staggered to the altar. He leaned closer to the altar and appeared to hear some weird noises coming from inside it. Reaching to grab the black cloth that covered the altar, as he was about to pull it back, someone called his name, and the person who screamed was the person who was recording the video. The fatty was given quite a fright and crumbled to the ground. He crawled up, ignored the altar, and went to the toilet. When he returned, he sidled up to the owner and asked him about the altar.

The owner said that he did not know much about it. He went to school in the city alone. One day, he got a phone call from the police that said his parents and grandmother had gotten caught in a landslide when they were coming home, and the whole family got thrown into the river with the car. Now, he was the only survivor of their family.

At that moment, another man put down his glass of wine and told the others in a mysterious tone that an altar placed on a table was for ghosts and divinity, but altars built in dark corners were for rearing of ghosts.


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