My House of Horrors
958 Bad Feng Shui
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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958 Bad Feng Shui

The chef could not be seen in the dark corridor. Chen Ge held the wall and stood in the middle of the corridor, his eyes narrowed as he stared down the corridor.

There is a camera in the upper left corner of theater exit and the corner of the corridor. Just how rich is futuristic theme park that they would install two cameras to watch one corridor?

Chen Ge wanted to summon Xu Yin, but he had to avoid the cameras and the other visitors. This was not his own Haunted House, so he had to be more careful.

I need to find the appropriate time. The best solution is to actively attract the attention of the lingering spirits at this place, and when they appear, I will have Xu Yin or other Red Specters replace them.

A Haunted House should be haunted, but the ghosts should have nothing to do with Chen Ge. The static from the recorder travelled into his ears, and Chen Ge's emotions slowly calmed down. The woman's cries and the girl's laughter elicited no response from him.

\"Come back! What are you doing‽\" The police officer and the other visitors crowded at the door. They saw Chen Ge bend down to pick up a doll. \"What are you doing?\"

His fingers caressing the burnt face, Chen Ge looked at the doll's dark eyes. \"Did any of you notice a little girl holding this doll earlier?\"

\"I did. She seemed to come out from theater.\" The police tried to remember. \"But why would you suddenly ask about that?\"

\"When I looked out through the gap on the door, the chef was gone, but the girl was walking toward us holding this doll. Yet, when I opened the door, there was no one in the corridor, except for this doll with a burnt face abandoned on the floor.\"

Chen Ge carried the doll in his embrace, and after some thought, he added, \"No, it was not abandoned. It was more like someone had purposely placed it there, like they wanted the doll to follow and study our movements.\"

Then, Chen Ge turned to the other visitors. \"Do you think the Haunted House would hire a little girl as its actor?\"

\"First, you need to stay away from me.\" The police officer stared at the doll in Chen Ge's embrace like it was cursed. \"I'm not sure whether the haunted house would employ a little girl or not, but the last time I was here, I didn't see any girl and didn't hear her laughter. Even the crying that we have been hearing, that only appeared at the end of my previous tour.\"

\"In other words, the girl is not an actor, and she isn't a visitor either, so what could she be?\" Chen Ge purposely led the 'visitors' down a road of no return.

\"Perhaps she's just a projection?\" the man with the glasses said softly.

\"Have you seen a projection walking around with a doll? And this doll is much heavier than you think.\" Chen Ge then tossed the doll toward the man. As the doll flew toward them, the other visitors all moved away from it. They seemed very afraid of the doll. Chen Ge noticed this and remembered it. \"Why are none of you willing to take it?\"

The doll landed on the ground with its limbs twisted at strange angles. The burnt face looked up at the surrounding visitors, the black eyes staring at everyone.

None of the visitors dared get close to the doll. After a long time, the youngest man took several steps back. \"In horror movies, children and dolls are a classic pair. When you run into these two in a Haunted House, it is wise to stay away. Also, there is one thing you need to remember; when we entered the Haunted House, didn't the worker tell us that to create an authentic feeling, they have placed many ancient objects of unknown origins inside the haunted house?\"

\"Then, how can you be sure that this doll is one of those things?\" Chen Ge picked up the poor doll again and placed it inside his backpack.

\"Hey, this belongs to the theme park. Are you sure it's okay to take it like that?\" one of the female visitors asked.

\"This could be an important clue, so we might need to carry it with us. If you don't trust me, I can hand it to you to take care of it.\" Chen Ge's one sentence silenced everyone else.

\"You sure are brave. Aren't you afraid that something might be possessing it?\" the police officer grumbled softly. He would not get near Chen Ge anymore.

\"If you're guilty of something, everything you see could be possessed, but the truly possessed thing is your pair of eyes.\" Chen Ge held the backpack with one hand and walked toward theater. He wanted to understand how the girl appeared. Turning the corner, Chen Ge tried to push theater door, but something heavy was blocking behind it that it would not budge. He leaned against the door and used Ghost Ear to listen, but he could not hear anything.

The first scenario was seven students bringing the ghost teacher back to theater to watch movie on the day of Soul's Return. It's a reincarnation of the soul. The second scenario is the owner of the house waking up from his nightmares every night, killing himself again and again. It can be considered a physical reincarnation. Connecting the two scenarios is a corridor filled with guts and internal organs, watched over by a 'chef from hell'. Do these three scenarios appear randomly, or is there an internal connection to them?

The camera was above it, so Chen Ge would not just burst through the door.

There's a problem with the girl, but since she's not a Red Specter, she can't leave her item of possession. As long as I have the doll, she will eventually return. The key problem is that this Haunted House doesn't appear to have only one ghost. When I entered this place, I felt a chill. Initially, I thought that it was some kind of new technology, but now that I think about it, the chilliness could only be caused by lingering spirits and baleful Specters. There are no other possibilities.

Chen Ge knew the difference between Eastern and Western Jiujiang. His parents did not dare to build a Haunted House in Eastern Jiujiang, but the futuristic theme park had done exactly that. A Haunted House was a heavy Yin location, and it was an attraction for lost souls. The futuristic even purposely placed some old objects in it. This was not increasing the difficulty but playing with fire. Eastern Jiujiang was not a lucky location; Chen Ge knew that too well. The problem of the ghost fetus had not been resolved, and who knows how many doors were hidden in Eastern Jiujiang? Considering the location of the futuristic theme park, it was squeezed in the middle of Li Wan City and Jiang Yuan Apartments; they would form a straight line across Eastern Jiujiang.

The theme park is situated at a problematic location. Perhaps after the bridge is built, it'll be much better, but can they hold on until then?

The theme park was stuck between two doors, and the Haunted House theme attraction was at the deepest part of the park where the Yin energy gathered. It would attract not only the visitors but also the Specters and ghosts.

The managers sure have business acumen, finding such a strategic location.

Chen Ge did not know Feng Shui, but he knew that his family had to move away from Eastern Jiujiang.

Theme parks are popular, and the crowds in the day should be enough to temper the spirits, but what will happen after theme park closes at night? Even if I didn't come here, eventually, something bad would happen.

Chen Ge felt the heavy responsibility on his shoulders. He found another reason to protect New Century Park, and that was to stop the futuristic theme park from harming more innocent people.


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