My House of Horrors
957 Reflect on I
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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957 Reflect on I

\"With every reincarnation, the situation becomes worse. We'd better find the rest of the mannequin as fast as we can. I have no idea what kind of new monster will appear at the next midnight.\"

With the experience from before, all the visitors started to become more serious in their search for the body parts. Chen Ge showed incredible promise. He stood from the angle of a Haunted House designer and found a half of the body parts alone. Many body parts were hidden in very secluded corners like underneath cracked tiles, behind the toilet, in the sewage pipes, and so on. His professional technique and acute senses caused the 'visitors' around him to feel a strange chill.

At 11:59 pm, the group placed the pieces of body parts on the coffee table. The situation was scary to say the least. The visitors stayed far away from it. Only Chen Ge was sitting alone at the coffee table.

\"The five internal organs, spine, four limbs, head, and human skin—the design of this dead body is very detailed, but the feel of the touch is the drawback. It does not feel like the touch of normal human skin at all.\"

The difficulty of a hellish scenario was too high. If not for Chen Ge, they would have spent a lot of time trying to find the dead body parts, and then putting the parts back together would take even more time.

In less than a minute, Chen Ge basically had rearranged the body parts to their correct position. The clock on the wall chimed again, and the second midnight had arrived. The television gave off this static noise, and the pots and pans in the kitchen fell to the ground. The dresser door slowly opened, and everyone saw a wounded man curled up inside it. His face was frozen in fear, and he held a sharp knife in his hand. Then the group saw him crawl out from the dresser and charge at Chen Ge at an incredible speed. Sitting on the sofa, Chen Ge did not even budge, and he allowed the man to phase through his body.

\"Yet another projection?\" Even though this was the second time, they had seen a projection of a dead man, so the group was given quite a fright. The time on the clock returned to 11:56 pm. The second reincarnation was not that scary. It was a mere repetition of the scares from the previous reincarnation.

\"There will a projection that appears at midnight. As long as we get used to that, this scenario is not that scary.\" The man with the glasses laughed drily.

\"Are you glasses fogged? Can't you see that the flickering frequency of the television has changed? The time that we are left stranded in the dark has gotten longer and longer.\" Chen Ge did not raise his head. \"The walls around us have started to bloat with blood. The little girl from the previous scenario should have joined us this time. The bedsheets have been replaced on the bed. None of you have reentered the bedroom, so this proves that other people entered the room this time. At the next midnight, a real person might appear, and the first two times are just the system trying to make you lower your guard. \"

Chen Ge said a lot and the man with the glasses was stumped. In the end, he could only mumble, \"The room is so dark. Even if my glasses aren't fogged, no one would notice these details.\"

When they conversed, Chen Ge had completed the dead body. He turned to look at the police officer. \"How did you get out the last time you came to visit?\"

\"We found the dead body under the bed, and there was a diary inside its pocket. It recorded the things about the owner and the map of the surroundings as well as the key to open the window.\" The police honestly volunteered the guide.

\"The key to open the window?\"

\"Yes, there is a big lock on the key, and by jumping through it, we will reach the third scenario.\" The police carefully entered the bedroom. He pulled back the heavy curtains, and behind it was a black window that was embedded into the wall. \"Previously, I assumed the key would be inside one of the body parts, but now I realize that things are not that simple.\"

\"We need to find the key to leave.\" Chen Ge looked at the rearranged dead body on the table, and his expression changed.

\"What's wrong?\"

Everyone gathered around him, and they saw Chen Ge pick up the phone that had a black screen. He had been too focused on piecing the body parts back together, so he had placed the phone on the table, and it had livestreamed the whole process. When he was done, he finally realized that his livestream had been banned again. He quickly logged out and restarted the stream, but it showed that the service was blocked because the host had violated the streaming rules. The livestream was blocked, but the number of online viewers was still close to a million. The viewers who had been watching laughed their asses off.

\"I am a new fan. I've seen the host's streams thrice, and of those three times, the stream was blocked in the middle for the two of them. Now I don't even know whether it is my problem or the host's problem.\"


\"Impressive host, piecing back a dead body online!\"

\"Hopefully the host will learn from his mistake and reflect on why the platform targets him every time.\"

\"Brother Gang is a real man!\"

Chen Ge did not whether to laugh or cry when he saw the comments in the chatroom. It was not often a stream would get so popular. The donations that he had received from this stream were enough to fill up the School of the Afterlife scenario with security cameras at every corner.

\"I also have no idea why my stream is banned every time. Perhaps because it is too gory,\" Chen Ge explained as he grabbed the mannequin by its spine and tossed the pieced mannequin to the side. \"I just wish for a simple livestreaming experience to provide good content to my fans, but I still get banned.\"

Chen Ge reached into his pocket and activated the recorder. Then he walked alone to the living room door. At that moment, the woman's crying and the girl's laughter were approaching. The other visitors quickly stopped Chen Ge.

\"Do not go out there!\"

\"We are close to solving the puzzle! We will find the exit soon!\"

\"Exit?\" Chen Ge grabbed the doorknob. \"Isn't this a door?\"

\"It is a door, but…\"

\"Since it is a door, then it is an exit. Since it is an exit, we will be able to walk through it.\" Holding his backpack with one hand, Chen Ge opened the door and looked down the corridor.

[1] Cao is a homophone of f*ck in Chinese, used to get around censorship.


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