My House of Horrors
954 It“s Ruined at the Star
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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954 It“s Ruined at the Star

The ghosts on the screen inside the mini theater started to flicker, and the crying moved from inside the screen to outside like it was hiding among the visitors. The already dim lights began to flicker, and the seats were shaking. Even the floor itself started to spin, and a little girl's laughter appeared in the speakers. A woman's crying, a little girl's laughter, and the worker hiding behind the chair—this theoretically simplest scenario had three 'ghosts'.

\"We should leave now.\" Chen Ge's gaze moved away from the movie posters. He had already determined what his future occupation should be.

\"No.\" The man who had the police role denied Chen Ge's suggestion. From the cold sweat on his forehead, it was clear that he was afraid.

\"The ghosts will come soon. Do you want us to wait and meet them?\" It was not that Chen Ge was being kind. He just felt like bringing these people with him during the livestream would make the event more exciting. Other than that, he could use them to lead the way and his scenario completion speed.

\"I… I came here yesterday to challenge the Haunted House. I was playing a medium difficulty scenario.\" The fashionable man ignored the hinting glances from the others and spoke openly. \"This theater is just the first level. In the medium difficulty, the theater is used to give the visitors some warnings for during the visitation and introduce the background of the stories. There are two scare points. One is the chair that will shake on its own, and the second is the 'teacher' that is hiding among us.\"

\"Please continue.\" The man's expression showed that he was not lying, and Chen Ge did wish to know what the man was trying to say.

\"But this time, there was not only no introduction and warning, there wasn't even the most basic safety information when exploring the haunted house and not even a hint. Plus, the last time I was here, I didn't run into the seven ghosts that suddenly jumped out from the screen, the crying, and the laughter, so I suggest we stay here for now and get to know everything we can before we move onto the next scenario. After all, this first scenario should be the simplest.\"

To be more accurate, the role played by this 'visitor' should be the 'guide'. He knew the locations of all the scare points and traps, but the situation that they were in had completely strayed away from his expectations.

\"This is all his fault for challenging forty scenarios at the same time! The danger level has basically increased by forty times.\" A smaller girl pointed her finger at Chen Ge.

\"I wanted to do this alone. It was you guys who insisted on following me. So, how is this my fault?\" Chen Ge did not turn around to answer. He had already found the exit. There were two curtains of black cloth next to theater, and behind the cloth, one could see a doorknob.

\"Now is not the time to discuss that.\" The youngest man walked to stand between Chen Ge and the other visitors. \"We'll vote for this.\"

When the visitors were conversing, the female office lady with long hair silently took out her phone like she was communicating with someone. The combination of forty scenarios had hiked up the difficulty to an unimaginably level, and they too were afraid. The visitors were discussing hotly among themselves, but Chen Ge ignored them and walked to the curtains of black cloth alone.

If the actor hiding behind the chair wishes to get me, they will have to go through the visitors. The visitors are clearly not on my side, but they will serve as a good meat shield.

Chen Ge ignored the dead body projection that was on the screen and pulled back the black cloth.

\"The exit is this way.\"

The moment his hand landed on the doorknob, static interrupted the speakers, the girl's laughter turned shrill, and the whole scenario appeared to be changing.

\"There is a second layer to this place?\" Chen Ge pulled on the doorknob. He was about to pull the door open when five pale fingers suddenly reached through the gap to grab his wrist. A chill came from the back of his hand. Before the owner of the hand could react, Chen Ge grabbed the hand back.

This should belong to a girl. The fingers are too slender for a man…

Before he could find out more, the five fingers slithered away from his palm like the girl behind the door was given a shock. He pushed the door completely open. Outside the theater was a small path that could only fit two people at a time. The sides of the path were sealed up by wooden boards, and human body parts were pinned on them like some grotesque art.

\"This is not good!\" The police officer knew something. When he saw Chen Ge open the door, he screamed, \"Once the door to the next scenario is opened, all the ghosts in this scenario will make their move! We must leave now! The ghosts are coming!\"

The seats shook harder, and the dead people in the screen moved. As the crying and laughter grew louder, a girl hugging a doll poked her head out from the corner, and the four walls around them leaked blood.

Something snapped, and the worker who had been hiding on the back row slowly stood up. He wore the same outfit as the dead teacher inside the video, but there was no blood on his face. \"My good children… you're finally back!\"

Then something in his mind seemed to snap as he charged at the visitors.

\"Run!\" Chen Ge was the first to get out from the room. He had just stepped out when a bleeding cleaver aimed for his neck like it was going to decapitate him. With his senses sharper than most, Chen Ge bent over to evade it.

\"They are going so far as to kill me outright?\" With a frown, Chen Ge took another glance. The cleaver was also a projection. \"That was quite realistic.\"

Being attacked like that, anyone would be scared, and Chen Ge had instinctively ducked to evade the danger.

Chen Ge's reaction was calm, but the visitors behind him were not so lucky. The 'police officer' followed behind Chen Ge. When he saw the cleaver come at his neck, he almost fainted.

\"Even the police officer didn't know about the cleaver… Did they not tell him about this?\"

With the combination of forty scenarios, even the workers themselves did not know what would happen next.

\"Quick! We must go! The wrist band is telling me there are murderers getting close to us!\" Before he could calm down, the police officer saw his wrist band glow red. This was the police officer's ability. Even though he could not sense Specters and monsters, he could sense the approach of murderers and madmen.

The end of the narrow corridor echoed with the sound of whistling and blades hacking on the wall; something was approaching!

Some of the visitors still had not escaped the theater. Considering what had happened earlier, Chen Ge volunteered to bring up the rear of the group. The police officer led the way and took the other visitors hurriedly away. Chen Ge waited for the last visitor to come out before he grabbed hold of the doorknob and closed the door to theater. He was about to leave when something strange happened. A scream came from inside theater, and it sounded like it was elicited by the 'teacher'.


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