My House of Horrors
950 Bonding Opportunities for the Red Specters
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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950 Bonding Opportunities for the Red Specters

Dawn started to arrive for the day, and the first ray of sunlight appeared on the horizon.

\"It's finally morning.\"

Hugging the cat, Chen Ge re-entered the stairwell. The stairwell was empty, and it felt scary.

\"It's hard to imagine I was walking up here with my eyes blindfolded yesterday.\"

With a few sighs, Chen Ge took the elevator and left Jiang Yuan Apartments. At the same time, he received the notification of the mission's completion on the black phone.

\"Congratulations, Specter's Favored, for completing the Daily Nightmare Mission. You have gained a new talent—Spirit Sniff!

\"Yin Yang Vision allows you to see the color of dreams, Ghost Ears allow you to hear the voices of memories, and Spirit Sniff allows you to smell the scent of emotions. Mortician's Make Up allows you to disguise yourself or others as withering ghosts, and Living Dolls allows you to create the shell for homeless spirit. Currently, you are lacking one last ability. Be quick and unlock the last mission. Hopefully, you will know the answer before death catches up to you.\"

After completing the Nightmare Mission, the black phone awarded Chen Ge with another power, and from the name, it was related to his sense of smell. Chen Ge touched his nose and did not sense any difference from before. Perhaps his ability to discern between different smells had gotten stronger.

\"Different emotions will have different scents?\" Chen Ge sniffed at the white cat but was pushed away by the annoyed creature. He did not mind it; he put away the black phone and took out his own phone.

\"Hello? Is it the Eastern Jiujiang Police Station? I wish to make a report. There's been a murder at Jiang Yuan Apartments.\"

\"Yes, and it should be a female victim. The hiding spot should be inside a fridge. I suggest you investigate rooms that are supposed to be empty but have to pay exorbitant electrical fees.\"

\"How do I know all this? Even if I tell you the truth and say that it was the victim herself who told me, I don't think you'd believe me.\"

He hailed a taxi to get back to New Century Park. Chen Ge had not gotten a wink for the night, but he did not feel sleepy at all. He looked at the time and started to prepare for work.

My Haunted House needs to operate like normal, so I can't take too many employees with me. I need to leave behind Ol' Bai and the rest to maintain order.

Pushing open the door that headed underground, Chen Ge entered it with the backpack.

Other than Ol' Bai, I will have to bring all the other Red Specters with me, or else if they go on a rampage, the remaining Specters won't be able to stop them.

With the help of Tong Tong, Chen Ge placed the pair of red high heels and the recorder into the backpack, and then he had the boy with the stench and the headless woman enter Yan Danian's comic.

The headless woman has improved a lot, but she is a bit too by the books. She was probably scarred by her experience with Zhang Ya. This can't continue. I will have to teach her how to be more rounded around the visitors. Red Specters have personality issues, but I can borrow this perfect chance for them to learn how to relax. We will all go for a stroll. Hopefully, through this kind of activity, it will help build a correct team vision. If that's the case, I won't worry leaving them behind at the Haunted House anymore.

When he flipped through the comic, Chen Ge's eyes shone. He saw a person whom he had almost forgotten—Qiu Mei.

Before entering the School of the Afterlife, Chen Ge once received a mission related to a Dead Man's Theatre. It was at that scenario that he had been introduced to Chang Gu, and during the showing of the movies, he was privy to the presence of Qiu Mei. This Half Red Specter could be considered a sacrifice in Chang Wenyu's plan. Tragedy had befallen her, and her left eye had been dug out. Worst of all, she still did not know the truth.

When Chang Gu wakes up, I'll have to take Qiu Mei to have a good conversation with him.

Qiu Mei was just a Half Red Specter, but her ability was very unique. That time, she had been in possession of Chang Gu's movies, and she had shown off skills that could rival a Red Specter.

Oh well, I will bring her with me. Her power should be able to come into good use at the futuristic theme park.

Chen Ge handed the management responsibility over to Doctor Wei and had Ol' Bai remain to quiet down the restless spirits. After ensuring that there would be no more problems, Chen Ge walked out from the underground scenario. He carried the backpack into the staff breakroom. Chen Ge lay on the bed to rest for a while. When all the employees arrived, he briefed them on his plan.

\"Today, I will be going to the futuristic theme park for an educational exchange, so the rest of you will stay back to help me watch over the Haunted House. If there are no accidents, I should be back by noon.\"

After putting make-up on all the employees, Chen Ge was about to leave the Haunted House when he was stopped by Director Luo. \"Chen Ge! Wait a moment!\"

\"Director Luo, what's wrong?\"

\"I just got the news that the futuristic theme park plans to use some underhanded tricks for your visit. Moreover, their Haunted House does not employ conventional methods. They combine it with new technology, so you must be careful.\" Director Luo was still very worried. \"How about I ask several people to go with you? I really don't feel good letting you do this alone.\"

\"Don't worry, I have done plenty of preparation. Furthermore, the theme park is lacking manpower now. There is no need to ruin the arrangement because of me.\" Chen Ge swung the backpack on his back. \"I'll be going.\"

After dealing with everything, Chen Ge called a taxi to head to Eastern Jiujiang's futuristic theme park. He had just crossed the path that connected Eastern and Western Jiujiang the previous night, so he had a familiar feeling as he travelled down the same path. The futuristic theme park was built at the busiest part of Eastern Jiujiang. It was adjacent to two large rivers. Across the river was Xin Hai City, and once the bridge crossing the river was built, the location of the futuristic theme park would be the prime location that sat right in the middle of all the cities.

I'll give this to them—they do know how to pick their location.

The futuristic theme park's current location might not be as good as New Century Park's now, but that would quickly change in the future. Narrowing his eyes, the outline of the futuristic theme park appeared in Chen Ge's sight, it looked like a city from the future that was incredibly artistic. Even from the distance, he could hear the sounds coming from theme park. That showed how popular the theme park was.

The theme park is quite impressive. It will be incredibly hard to resist the pressure that they bring.

Only when he arrived at the futuristic theme park did Chen Ge realize how powerful their adversary was.

No wonder they haven't been treating New Century Park seriously.

The parking lot was full, and there were people everywhere. There were many tourist buses that herded visiting groups to this place. The futuristic theme park had their own system. Their customer pool was not limited to Jiujiang and the neighboring cities.


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