My House of Horrors
939 AHHH
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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939 AHHH

"You might have a point." Liu Gang also picked up himself up from the ground. His body was shaking. Everything around him was too intense for his senses. This was a blood red world; every surface was painted with blood, the walls were climbing with blood vessels, and thick bloody liquid was flowing on the ceiling above them.

"This is madness, pure madness." Liu Gang stuttered when he spoke. He had thought that there was hope behind the door, but when he saw that the scene before him had nothing to do with hope, the disappointment was enough to break him. The three visitors were busy consoling themselves, but the excuses that they could come up with sounded so weak when compared to the bloody reality that they had been thrown into.

"We…" Before Liu Gang finished, footsteps came from the corridor. The sound was crisp, like stilettos on tiles.

"It's not easy to move around with heels. Could it be the worker coming to direct us to the exit?"

"No matter what, let's hide for now." Ah Li pushed open a random classroom door, but before he got in, he sucked in a cold breath. The classroom was filled with students, and everyone was wearing a strange school uniform. The uniform unsettled Ah Li, but at the same time, it felt familiar to him. "The boy that I've been seeing appears to be wearing this uniform. His name is Lin Sisi?"

He had been hugging the wooden box, but due to his nervousness, Ah Li had forgotten to place the box with the oil painting on the ground. The footsteps were approaching. The only places to hide were the two classrooms on the side. However, both classrooms were filled with students.

"Let's go in first. The students are just mannequins." As if to prove him wrong, when Liu Gang saw that, all the heads of the students in the classroom turned, and the pairs of eyes looked at him.


About one second later, the students stood up one by one. They appeared to have not gotten used to their new bodies. They left their seats awkwardly before charging at Liu Gang!

"Out! Out! Run!" Their bodies reacted instinctively. Liu Gang's group pushed each other as they tried to escape from the classrooms, and at that moment, the strange footsteps stopped before them. A pair of blood red heels were placed in the middle of the corridor. The color camouflaged them against the corridor.

"Why is there a pair of heels standing here?" Blood dripped from above. Liu Gang lifted his head to look, and a woman covered in bandages had her upper body stuck to the ceiling. She seemed to be made from blood. Screams escaped from Liu Gang's mouth. The man himself did not know that he could reach such a high octave. His body was dragged by Ah Li and Muscle. The three ran down the corridor. Right then, a familiar scream came from the other end of the corridor.

"Bai Buhui?" The last shred of rationality pushed this name into Ah Li's brain. He looked down the corridor, and at a fork in the road, he saw two harried figures. One of them was the unapproachable and detached Bai Buhui, but at that moment, he had lost a shoe, his shirt was torn, and his glasses were missing.

"Buhui!" Liu Gang shouted his name from afar. Even though he had complained about Bai Buhui earlier, at that moment, he felt such closeness to the man when he saw him.

"Don't come over here!" Bai Buhui warned. Even though he was missing a shoe, he could run very fast. Moments later, Liu Gang saw the other person who was following Bai Buhui. The man was also a visitor. They had met each other when they entered the Haunted House. He wore many layers, and he seemed to be sick. His face was very pale, and he kept gasping for air.

"Don't come over here! Run!" Bai Buhui gestured madly. When they met at the split, both parties saw what they had been running away from. Behind Liu Gang was a pair of red heels that could move on their own, a strange woman that stuck to the ceiling, and a group of students who all had the same expression. Bai Buhui and the other visitor were being followed by a strange boy with a normal-sized head but a stomach that was about ten times larger than an adult's. The boy was holding the broken leg of a mannequin. His body was splattered with blood and covered in this horrible stench!

There was nowhere to run!

One side was terror, and the other side was greater terror!

"Into the room!" Liu Gang screamed.

"No! We'll be trapped that way!" Bai Buhui stopped. He looked around before hissing through his teeth. "This way!"

Liu Gang was followed by a bunch of things, but there was only one thing behind him. After gauging the pros and cons, Bai Buhui made the correct choice. "We'll charge our way through!"

The negative emotions in his heart were unleashed. When the strange boy was approaching, Bai Buhui suddenly rammed into the visitor wearing many layers! He personally pushed the visitor toward the monster!

"How could you!" Just as the visitor was about to fall, his arm was caught by the boy with the stench.

"This is our opportunity! Run!" The boy was holding the mannequin's leg with one hand and the strange visitor with another, so he did not have any free hands to stop them. Being reminded by Bai Buhui, the group ran past the boy, but at that moment, they suddenly heard a blood-curdling scream!

Turning back to look, they saw an arm being torn brusquely off its shoulder by the boy. The arm flew through the air and landed before the group of visitors. The blood was still bleeding, and the fingers were flinching!

"AH!" Ah Li and Muscle's knees buckled; they did not expect this to happen. The screaming continued, and the boy's large body blocked Liu Gang and Bai Buhui's sight. What they saw was squirting blood exploding out from what they assumed to be the strange visitor's body.

That was a living human. The visitor was with them moments ago. But this was real! Every terror turned into reality at that moment! It was like they had seen the murderer with the knife standing by their bedside after waking up from a nightmare!

Ah Li and Muscle broke down, and they could not stop screaming.

Bai Buhui also lost the ability to run. He saw the blood drain from the visitor's body, and his energy left him. The world around him started to spin. Everything turned black like night was falling. His eyes closed, and he fell backward. Even at his last conscious moment, his mouth was repeating the same word.


Of the group, only Liu Gang continued to crawl on the ground. He crawled into the nearby classroom, but as he was about to close the door, a broken arm struck the door. Then, more and more arms reached out to grab the door.

"Don't come in here! Go away!" Liu Gang looked up, and more and more human faces appeared at the window outside the classroom. They were all curiously looking in.


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