My House of Horrors
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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930 Actors Everywhere

The middle-aged man looked honest and kind, and his wife did not look like a deceitful person either. The few stood in the corridor for a while. Bai Buhui did not notice that the middle-aged man and the woman had been standing outside the camera's shot.

"Small Ghost, go and take the camera." Bai Buhui felt like there was a problem there, and he needed to get to the bottom of it.

"Why should I?" Small Ghost did not know about Bai Buhui's identity and was not going to let him order him around.

"Stop arguing. Peace is to be valued." The bad guard Liu Guangming picked up the camera. "It's not broken. This thing has been functioning fine. See, the light is still on."

"It has been filming?" Bai Buhui took out his phone to enter Liu Gang's livestream. The chat was endless, to the point that the page was lagging. He needed to refresh several times before he could read the comments. The zeitgeist had changed, and Bai Buhui was anxious. He signaled for the guard to move the camera to the side and then called Liu Gang. "Do you still remember the contract? You promised us that there will be no problems, and because of that, we only agreed for you to livestream the whole visitation!"

There was no answer from the other side except the sound of running and breathing.

"Liu Gang, answer me!" Bai Buhui was agitated. He wanted to use Liu Gang's livestream to expose the Haunted House's interior design and lower its playability as much as he could. He knew how much effort went into the design of a good scenario. After it was exposed online, the number of people curious enough to visit would drastically drop. This way, even if Liu Gang was scared, it would indirectly decrease the number of potential visitors. The plan was not bad, but he did not expect Liu Gang to drop the camera and run away on his own. He also did not expect the scenario to be so big. They could not finish exploring it in one hour! This kind of livestream, which only captured parts of the scenario, might elicit some curiosity in the viewers, and that was the opposite of his intention.

After a long time, Liu Gang's stuttering voice came from the phone. "You're afraid I'll lose the bet? I won't. The mouth is mine. No matter how scary it is, I can say that it isn't scary."

"If it's not scary, why the hell did you drop the camera?"

"We can push the blame onto the cameraman. He was a coward. What does that have to do with me, Liu Gang?"

"As long as you know how to wrap this up." At this point, Bai Buhui did not know what to say. "We've found the camera. Where are you guys? Didn't you say we are to meet up at the staff dormitory?"

"There's a female ghost chasing us. We can't get to the staff dormitory. Keep the camera, and we'll meet up at the library." Liu Gang's voice slowly returned to normal. It sounded like they had lost the ghost.

"Why are we going to the library?" Bai Buhui felt like he had become Liu Gang's babysitter, wasting effort to look after this useless piece of junk.

"My assistant found a hidden path in the library. It appears to be a hidden exit."

"How come it sounds like you're not with your assistant? You're separated again?"

"He ran into an actor and got separated from us. He told us these things through phone messages. Stop wasting time! Get the camera over here. I've disappeared too long from the stream. The viewers will have comments." Liu Gang was impatient.

"Did your assistant tell you anything else other than the hidden path?" Bai Buhui was naturally suspicious. A separated person stumbled upon a hidden exit? The chance of that was so low that he felt that the male assistant had been replaced and the person messaging Liu Gang was not the actual male assistant but an actor!

Ever since he went to the hospital to visit his colleagues, Bai Buhui knew how dangerous this haunted house was. The owner was crazy and would do anything.

"Now that you mention it, my male assistant also realized one thing. Of the visitors that followed behind us, only the student couple are normal! The other visitors are probably Haunted House workers!" Liu Gang kept his voice low, but since the corridor was so quiet, everyone nearby heard it. They all turned around to look at the two visitors standing some distance away.

The ghosts are right before us?

The guard and Sister Ghost silently moved backward. Only Bai Buhui stood where he was. He held the phone with a confused look on his face. "Your assistant told you that as well?"

"Of course. It was the couple who lent my assistant their phone. The three of them are together now being chased by the fake visitors." Liu Gang sounded confident, like he had seen this with his own eyes.

"Being chased by the fake visitors?"

"Yes, the middle-aged man and his wife, they are both actors!" Liu Gang sounded so confident, and they all heard it. They turned to look at the middle-aged man and the woman like they were the enemy. The middle-aged man looked confused; his legs were shaking. Even though he was afraid, he guarded his wife behind him. Hiding behind Ol' Zhou, Bai Buhui's group could not see that Duan Yue had been holding a phone and sending messages that she had typed earlier out to a phone number.

"Okay, I understand." Bai Buhui was about to hang up when Liu Gang's voice came again.

"Wait! I got another message!" Liu Gang paused before continuing. "Damn! You have to hurry to the library! My assistant and the two students are cornered by the two fake visitors!"

The phone call ended. Bai Buhui's group had been cautious of the middle-aged man and the woman, but after hearing the last sentence by Liu Gang, they suddenly realized that something was off.

"If Liu Gang's assistant and the students are cornered by the fake visitors, who are these two in front of us?" Big Ghost pointed out the flaw directly. "They have been standing there all this time, so how could they be cornering the assistant?"

"That's right!" Liu Guangming was stunned. "What's going on?"

"Obviously, someone is lying!" Bai Buhui narrowed his eyes and scanned the middle-aged man. "What are your names?"

"What do you plan to do?"

The middle-aged man was more cautious than Bai Buhui. Considering that they were livestreaming, he refused to give even his name. Seeing how scared the man was, Bai Buhui smiled. "It's fine, I believe I already know who is lying."

He pushed on his glasses. "This is a very simple plot. The male assistant told Liu Gang that he and the two students were being chased, but in reality, the two visitors are standing before us."

"So, the liar is the male assistant?" Small Ghost scratched his head.

"The male assistant wouldn't lie to Liu Gang; he was probably scared out of his mind. The liars are the two students he's with! They should be the ones who are messaging Liu Gang. They pushed the blame onto the husband and wife to wash away their blame, but they didn't expect the couple to be standing before us at this moment!"

Bai Buhui's mind was sharp. His words caused everyone to nod. "The real actors are the two students!"

Hearing that, even Sister Ghost felt a chill. "That is so cunning! They are still so young; no one would expect that!"

"Actually, I should have noticed that sooner. This Haunted House has a close relationship with Jiujiang Medical University, and the boss is familiar with the students! The opening of a new scenario but stuffing in two students for no reason, there has to be some problem there!" Bai Buhui said confidently.

"We should call Brother Gang and tell him that!" Liu Guangming took out his phone.

"There's no need to hurry. If they want to act like visitors to scare us, we will play with them. Since the livestream is still going, we'll help Liu Gang reclaim the face he's lost." Bai Buhui then turned to the middle-aged man. "I'm so sorry. There was a misunderstanding. How about you join us? There's strength in numbers."

The middle-aged man hesitated. "Let me think about it."

At the same time, the woman who hid behind him was quietly deleting the messages.


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