My House of Horrors
913 I Like Stubborn Visitors
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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913 I Like Stubborn Visitors

"Don't you worry, I am not the type of person who would cause trouble," Chen Ge promised Director Luo again.

"The media might come today, and some have been invited by me, but based on how things are going, there will be other reporters, so you'd better keep a low profile." Director Luo's initial plan was to borrow this incident to increase New Century Park's popularity. After all, all the awakened students had mentioned New Century Park, but he did not expect even the name Chen Ge to make the headlines. "Have Ol' Xu do anything that you need. You stay at the Haunted House and prepare for the opening of the new scenario tomorrow."

"Okay." Chen Ge gave his promise. He returned to his Haunted House and crawled into the staff breakroom. "It's not fun that the whole scenario only has the hardest mission. I should design some easier missions to go with it. The scenario for the School of the Afterlife is so big that I can be more creative."

With the inspiration brought by the black phone, Chen Ge learned from the way it dispensed mission and designed many hidden and side missions. These missions looked unrelated, but if one completed all the side missions, they would discover the whole truth about the School of the Afterlife.

New Century Park was a lot busier than normal that day. Chen Ge looked out the window and saw many reporters squatting outside the Haunted house. Director Luo did not stop them. As long as they purchased the ticket, no one would stop them. Director Luo and Chen Ge did not show up, and this placed Uncle Xu in a tough position. The reporters and the visitors who had seen the news hounded him with questions, and he was directly swallowed up by the crowd.

Chen Ge stayed at the breakroom until noon. He opened the phone after he dealt with some stuff. There were already four headlines related to New Century Park among the top ten latest news stories, and one of them was the Haunted House's newest promo. Probably due to the fact that the video had obvious advertising purposes, there were many internet users that questioned its authenticity. Many people suspected that this whole thing was just a promotional method, and a few users who thought they had seen the truth jumped out to slander this uncouth advertising method.

That was fairly common; being scolded meant that one was famous. Chen Ge did not mind it, but when he clicked open his own headline, he realized that something was wrong. There were many unknown accounts who were directly inflaming the topic. Some masqueraded as Chen Ge to purposely slander New Century Park, and some of them even casually dropped the discussion about the futuristic theme park.

"The futuristic theme park is on the move?" Chen Ge looked at the account that had used his name post these strange posts, and he was rather mad. Since he was young, he followed the philosophy of arguing with his mouth and not his fists, so he rarely got into fight. Logging into his own account, Chen Ge wanted to expose the fake account, but he realized that the whole discussion forum had been controlled by the other party. Obviously, a whole team was behind this.

From the previous night to that morning, everyone had been concerned about the relationship between the comatose patients and new Century Park. They were curious about the authenticity of the world after death. This topic climbed up to the boiling point, and as the popularity grew, many strange people popped up. Some were analyzing it rationally while others were clearly there to stir the pot. From morning until noon, the wind changed, and many common users who did not know the truth were led astray and believed that this was media hype set up by New Century park. There was no world after death, and the awakening of the students came from heartless reporters to grab attention.

More and more people pointed their fingers at New Century Park, saying how low they had gone to promote themselves. There were quite a number of big online streamers who gave their views. One of them was called Liu Gang. He directly dug out New Century Park's past, saying that this was a theme park that was facing bankruptcy, and at the same time, there was a new futuristic theme park opening in the same city. Before this strong competition, New Century Park was about to be crushed, so they came up with this crude and vulgar plan and planned to use the world after death as some kind of hook to draw in some visitors.

This man acted like he was the only one who had seen through the ploy of New Century Park and appealed to his fans to boycott this kind of heartless businessman. Then, as casually as he could, he slipped in the uniqueness of Jiujiang's futuristic theme park and how it was a rare sixth generation theme park even on an international scale.

"Just how much money has this Liu Gang taken from the people of futuristic theme park?" Chen Ge held the phone, and his heart was feeling uneasy. Futuristic theme park had plenty of money. The weeks before it was open, it would not allow New Century Park to come and disturb them. They would not stop at anything. From the current situation, it was clear that there were advertising experts working for futuristic theme park. Since the popularity could not be suppressed anymore, they rode on this tide and planned to turn it around on New Century Park and use it to promote themselves.

"We have less than twenty-four hours until the opening of futuristic theme park. This period is too sensitive." Chen Ge was thinking about how to react when he got Director Luo's call.

"Chen Ge, the futuristic theme park also pushed forth a new horror themed scenario called Reincarnation. They modified their slogan and started to promote a world after death and started to push it on various platforms."

"They are so shameless, but that is fine. Our scenario is real, and no matter how hard they try, they will not achieve the same authenticity that I have."

"Authenticity?" Director Luo caught the keyword immediately.

"Don't mind that, Director Luo. In terms of the content and the scare factor of the Haunted House, we will steamroll over them."

"I feel much better hearing you say that." Director Luo was about to hang up.

"Wait a minute, Director Luo. I can guarantee you that the quality of our Haunted House will be better than theirs, but the visitors don't know that. Can we do a livestream when we open for business tomorrow?" Chen Ge gave his suggestion.

"What is your plan?"

"This morning, we will have a livestream at our Haunted House, and then this afternoon, I will go and challenge their Haunted House. Through the comparison, the public will see the truth." Chen Ge was quite angered by the lowly tactics of the other theme park.

"Are you that confident? I heard that their scenario has combined the scenes from several horror movies and is replicated using the latest technology. Can you handle it?" Director Luo was worried about Chen Ge.

"No problem. I can guarantee you, if they come to our Haunted House to play, they will be carried out and, if I go to their Haunted House, it will also be them who end up being carried out."

"Well, you don't need to go that far…" Director Luo gave it some thought before saying, "When they come to visit, do not harm them no matter what, but if you want to go to their place, do anything you want. After all, that's their business."

"You have a point." Chen Ge felt like he had learned a lot from Director Luo.

"And Liu Gang and the others who were directing the flow on the internet. If necessary, you should go and challenge them," Director Luo added. "It'll be perfect if they can be persuaded to come and visit our Haunted House."


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