My House of Horrors
903 Brightest Red
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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903 Brightest Red

The presence that she had was completely different from other Top Red Specters. It was an extreme evil. When one's eyes fell on her, they would naturally be sucked into her and then slowly descended and lost. She was dangerous; everyone who saw her knew that. But no one chose to run because they had lost control of their bodies the moment they saw her.

"Zhang Ya…" Sitting on the icy ground of the school, with sticky blood on his fingers, Chen Ge had a weird feeling in his heart, like it was not a Red Specter reflected in his eyes but the amalgamation of certain human emotion. In his eyes, she was so real and unapproachable. Not only Chen Ge, the three other Top Red Specters reacted strangely. They reacted subconsciously, not like they had encountered a kindred spirit but like the fish living in the shallows running into the deep-water beasts.

"I am reminded of a legend at the school."

"Here, there is a name that shan't be named, and everything related to her is a secret."

"Some say that she is the door pusher, and some say that she killed the door pusher."

The painter looked at his last painting. The lost small shadow on it was looking about.

"That was my misstep. This painting should have been kept for her." The black arms fell from the painter's back. He voluntarily surrendered the school's consciousness.

"You are giving up?" The man in the fog wanted to cry. Half of his body had morphed into the fog. He had paid a lot but for nothing.

"The school's consciousness is scared. If I didn't remove myself from it, I too would be affected." The painter's voice was still even. No one could guess his thoughts.

"Influenced? Even Top Red Specters can feel fear?"

"I don't know, and I don't wish to know." The wounded painter looked at the door of the school. "The red world behind the door is an endless abyss. We live behind the door. I've always thought I am part of the abyss, but now I realize, we're just observers of the abyss."

Black blood leaked out from his body. To kill Evil and Kindness, the painter had used his special power, and he had suffered the sin that had gathered behind the door for years. He looked at the woman behind the door as his nails dug into his skin. "Why did you have to return?"

The door that had almost broken was pressed on by the woman. The three-headed demon seemed to come alive. The remaining eye was red, and shackles came out from the demon's body to curl around the woman's arm.

"This is our chance!" The patient in the fog exploded his body, and only a head remained. He knew that he only had one chance, so he did no hold back anymore. The fog around the school was boiling, and even the fog outside of the school was summoned by him. At the same time, fleeting cries came from inside the red city. The patient had a harsh expression. He gritted his teeth and forced himself not to listen.

Of the three Top Red Specters, two cooperated to attack the woman. Yet, the painter stood alone in the middle of the school. His raised his finger that was covered in blood. He wanted to paint, but he could not move his arm. "Why have you returned‽"

The black hair fell to reveal half of the woman's face. The black-reddish eyes seemed to reflect the stars in the bloody sea. Chang Wenyu and the patient's attacks arrived, but she kept her eyes on the painter. She did not say a word nor make a move. She just stared at the painter. It was as if the raised arm was petrified; the painter's blood dripped onto the ground little by little. Even as his precious blood went to waste, the painter did not react, and he did not paint.

When the last blood dropped away, the painter's face was pale. His dark eyes were filled with cracks like shattered crystal balls. The bloody wind dried the painter's blood. The woman's red lips curled into a startling smile. Her hand that pressed on the door slowly moved, and the school's consciousness and Chang Wenyu screamed at the same time. The woman did not seem to hear them and stepped on the door that represented the School of the Afterlife, pressing it on the ground.

"The door is the channel that connects the blood world and the real world. No one dares insult it like this. You…" The head that was hiding in the fog wanted to say something, but he could not make a sound; something was stuffed in his throat. He lowered his head to look. A strand of black hair flew past his gaze. He turned around and saw endless black hair coming out from his neck. It was as if his own hair was coursing through his body.

"Ignoring the blood fog? How did she find me? This is not something possible for a Red Specter!" The black hair was like an unshakeable curse. It wrapped around the patient and slowly turned him into a doll. He had no idea when he had fallen from the trap.

In just a moment, the patient's head was split open. His eyes were burning red. Before he was completely covered by the black hair, he turned his head into fog, and only something like a drop of tear remained. The patient was covered in sin, but the tear was clear and crystalline like his most precious memory. Without a body, the patient melted fully into the fog. It started to rain blood, and each drop of rain was carrying the worst curse.

"You can't stop me!" The tear was hidden in the rain, and it dropped near the door. The black-red dress was soaked by the rain. The woman slowly lifted her other hand. The endless black hair was like a reverse ocean as it covered the whole sky. She moved her eyes away from the painter. Her perfect eyes glanced at a corner of the school. Her five slender fingers slowly tightened, and the black hair pierced through the fog and enveloped the whole school. She never intended to find the tear but instead tear away all the rain!

The black hair fluttered, and the red dress was like blood. Stepping on the door, the woman blasted everything away.

"Painter!" Lin Sisi let go of Xu Yin and risked his life to go to the painter's side. "Why didn't you make a move earlier? You should have one more chance…"

"It's useless." The painter dropped his arms weakly. He looked at the woman with a complicated expression. "I can only paint Specters, but that woman has already become a Demon God."

"A Demon God?" Lin Sisi heard this for the first time.

Envy and fear crossed the painter's eyes. "Beyond Red Specters are Demon Gods."

Black hair covered the sky and swallowed the ground. In the heaven and earth, there was only one figure. She was dressed in red, the only red in the world.


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