My House of Horrors
901 Those Who Remain
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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901 Those Who Remain

Chen Ge knew everything that happened around him. His eye slightly twitched, and that was all the response that he had. The ease of the man formed a direct contrast to the madness of the other Specters at the school. Chang Wenyu's single eye widened like it was going to pop out of the socket. The fourth Top Red Specter did not appear according to plan. She hurried the three headed demon picture behind her and did not put any hope in Chen Ge anymore. She gave it her all to destroy the door.

The man who controlled the fog was still confused, but once Chang Wenyu restarted her action, he also snapped out of it. He turned away from Chen Ge and focused his energy on Chang Wenyu. Of the three, the painter was the last to recover. He looked at the scapegoat on his canvas, and black capillaries pulsed on the back of his hands. His eyes seemed to have black fire burning in them. Every time he used his special power, he would have to sacrifice greatly. Every painting was his trump card.

Such an important power was wasted on a scapegoat due to skillful misdirection. The painter felt an urge to tear Chen Ge apart. This b*stard dared use a mere scapegoat to trick everyone!

His heart was bleeding. The painter looked at the Red Specters around Chen Ge and forced himself to look away. The most urgent task was to stop Chang Wenyu and not waste his energy on unimportant matters.

Once again, Chen Ge became unimportant. Other than the three Top Red Specters, the Red Specters that tackled Chen Ge and those who protected him all felt a certain way. A normal person had managed to trick a whole slew of Red Specters into doing his bidding with the aid of a mere scapegoat—that was unbelievable.

The blindfolded man's expression froze, and the other Red Specters from the campuses had the same expression. Even the students who followed Chen Ge were baffled. Mr. Lei, who had run over to deliver the news, was stunned.

"So, everything is a lie…" Mr. Lei stared at Chen Ge. "You've used me! Since you entered the forbidden zones like the female dormitory, you have been tricking us!"

Mr. Lei did not know what to say. He really had sensed a very scary presence from Chen Ge before, but since the painter had already made his move and revealed the truth, he was stumped.

"I'm sorry. I really have lied to you and everyone else. There is no Top Red Specter in my shadow. I did that merely to pull your forces together. No one is willing to be a scapegoat, and one person is too weak. Only by gathering everyone's strength do we have a chance," Chen Ge said sincerely. "I do not mean any malice. This could only be counted as a white lie."

"It does not feel good being lied to," the weak Wang Yicheng and Zhou Tu who hid in the crowd said. They walked away from Chen Ge and moved to Lin Sisi's gray fog.

"The two of you are leaving?" Chen Ge narrowed his eyes. "But the supernatural phenomenon observation club has just been formed."

"We are actually the painter's friends. We're just returning to his side." The wounds on Zhou Tu slowly recovered. "It wasn't easy to lie to you, but luckily, the result's not bad."

"Actually, I noticed the problem with the two of you earlier, but I did not point it out. You acted too exaggeratedly in the drawing room on the eastern campus. Zhu Long and Zhang Ju were intercepted by Red Specters when they crossed the mirror, and combined with the silent hints that you've been providing the painter earlier, I knew that the painter had planted his people beside me." Chen Ge sighed. "I just didn't point it out because I hoped that you would realize who is in the right and who is really thinking on your behalf."

Chen Ge said that to Zhou Tu and Wang Yicheng, but it was also meant for all the Red Specters beside him. In the gray fog, Xu Yin had gone mad and roared endlessly. The headless woman had both her arms peeled off, but she stood guardedly behind Chen Ge. The boy who had just found his heart and the stench guarded in front of Chen Ge.

Chen Ge's 'scam' had been exposed, but there were still many 'people' who were willing to stay by his side, like the old headmaster and Bai Qiulin.

"You are so unreliable! And have I told you how much I hate crazy people!" Yin Hong wanted to beat him, but she did not leave. Nor did the large Han Song from the Taekwondo club. They stood by the old headmaster's side. To attack Chen Ge, one had to pass through them.

"Mr. Bai…" Zhang Ju and Zhu Long watched Zhou Tu and Wang Yicheng leave. They were all members of the same club, and they were faced with a conundrum.

"You have already lost your chance." The blindfolded man giggled wickedly. Zhu Long and Zhang Ju were being attacked by the blindfolded man. One careless move, and they would die. They were at the forefront of the fray. Even if they gave up, no one would say anything. They shared a look, and in the end, they chose the opposite of Zhou Tu; they approved of Chen Ge. Even though Chen Ge was just a normal person, even if he did not have a Top Red Specter, the many memories that they had at the school were fresh in their mind. It was Chen Ge who had helped them find their memories and themselves. They hated what the painter had done, so they sided with Chen Ge. Chen Ge's biggest 'secret' had been exposed, but not many people left him. Still, many students followed behind him and placed their hope on him.

"The worms in the team have been pulled out and so were the pins. Now, those who remain treat me sincerely. I have no problem leaving the School of the Afterlife in their care." Chen Ge's face was startlingly white. His heart had been calling a name, and it was not until the hair around the headless woman's wrist fell on his shadow did he get a response. "It is not over yet."

Chen Ge mumbled the same thing like a broken record as if the mental pressure was too high, and it snapped his mind. He reached out and dropped the remaining candies behind him.

"You have lost your shadow. Who are you feeding those candies to?" Mr. Lei had been listening to Chen Ge mumble. This time, he would not be tricked. He summoned the other staff and students. They had decided to help the painter. But as Mr. Lei called for the other teachers, he suddenly saw the candies behind Chen Ge disappear.

"They're gone?" The candies disappeared. They did not melt; they just vanished. Only a Red Specter could digest these candies made from souls so quickly. Mr. Lei rubbed his eyes to ensure that he did not see incorrectly. He quickly stopped those who were going after Chen Ge. Just as Mr. Lei was panicking, Chen Ge lifted his head, and the pale face smiled at him.

A chill ran up Mr. Lei's spine, and indescribable terror swamped his mind as he pointed at Chen Ge and screamed, "Something is not right! Don't go! There's something hidden on him! He's still lying!"

"This time, I am really not lying." The blood drained from Chen Ge's face, and he had difficulty speaking. "I really do not have a Top Red Specter on me, but a Greater Red Specter has never left me."

Chen Ge's broken shadow joined together and formed a black-red shadow that was larger than the whole field. The scary thing was, no one in the school seemed to realize that the shadow was still expanding.


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