My House of Horrors
898 No One Can Leave
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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898 No One Can Leave

What have I lost?

When Chen Ge saw this message, he was instantly reminded of the black phone. He had no idea who had sent this message, but it had to do with one of the Top Red Specter, or else the timing was too perfect.

So, a threat?

The message was not named, and the sender was unknown, but based on Chen Ge's prediction, the black phone was most likely with Chang Wenyu. It was Chang Gu who had handed him the backpack, and the phone had been the only thing missing.

She wants me to help her? But why would the message be sent to Lin Sisi's phone? Lin Sisi is the painter's partner; he has been helping the painter by protecting the dormitories.

Chen Ge did not get it.

Perhaps Chang Wenyu has approached Lin Sisi before.

The imminent problem was not to see who had sent the message but to get out from his latest conundrum. Being scrutinized by three Top Red Specters, Chen Ge had a déjà vu feeling. It seemed to have happened at Li Wan City before, so he did not panic that much, and that shocked the surrounding students.

Calm down, I have to calm down! The black phone is important to me, but that is a secret known only to me. Neither Chang Wenyu nor the painter know that. If I act strangely, it will expose the importance of the phone. Thus, the best solution is to act normal.

That was what Chen Ge thought and what he did. When he saw the message on Lin Sisi's phone, his expression did not change. Very casually, he placed the phone back in his pocket and turned around to look at the students.

"The well is in the western field. The boards at the end of the corridor can be removed, so we'd better move!"

The reason he had stayed was to grab some benefits, but since the three Red Specters were onto him, the most rational solution was to leave. When Chen Ge saw the message on Lin Sisi's phone, he did not stay but chose to leave.

When Chang Wenyu saw this, her smile lessened, but the madness in her eyes grew. Her body was consumed by strange runes, and the three headed demon appeared to be branded on the door. The door kept groaning, and every student at the school could feel the pain coming from their heart.

"The movable door has broken the rules. Only the people in despair can push open the door, but the door has no right to trick despairing people. Whether or not to enter the door is the choice only given to the door pusher. That is the last and most saddening choice they have made in their lives!"

Chang Wenyu's eyes were red. She smiled as she looked down at all the students at the school.

"No one can take away this right."

After she said that, she gave up defense and allowed the attacks to fall on her. The whole school was echoing with her crazy laugh. The three headed demon fully surfaced. Its eyes rolled about, and it started to consume the already shattered door.

The door was about to collapse. The man in the storm cursed and extended his other arm out of the storm. His attack looked like self-mutilation. Every power used his own flesh as the base; the longer the battle dragged on, the worse state he would be in. The painter looked at the crazed Chang Wenyu and took out the skin hidden in the blood again. His bloody finger was about to land on the canvas when he caught sight of Chen Ge from the corner of his eyes. He had been cautious about something. After some hesitation, he put the canvas away and adjusted the remaining school's consciousness to stop Chang Wenyu.

Chang Wenyu used everything to summon the three headed demon to destroy the door. The painter and the man in the fog tried everything to stop Chang Wenyu, and the worse thing was, more strange noises were coming from the red city. More monsters were waking up. The battle of the three Top Red Specters had reached its climax. Even Chen Ge, who was far from the battle, faced some trouble.

On the western field, a thin boy and a blindfolded man stood next to the well. There was a four-legged humanoid monster crawling on the mouth of the well. Other than them, endless black briar was coming toward the western side. The monsters in the red city appeared to have received some order and were all gathering this way.

The painter and the patient in the storm did not plan on letting Chen Ge go. The reason was simple. At the last moment, Chang Wenyu had laid her eyes on Chen Ge. They seemed to believe that Chen Ge possessed something of hers, or Chen Ge was one of her trump cards. Initially, Chen Ge had been hiding in the dark. No one had paid him any attention, but due to Chang Wenyu, the spotlight had landed on him. But luckily, the focus of the Top Red Specters was still on Chang Wenyu, and Chen Ge could handle this situation.

"Don't block our way. I don't wish to have conflict with you." Even though Chen Ge said that, he wished for a fight. He had more Red Specters, and if he could consume one Red Specter from the enemy, it was a gain.

"This well is connected to the painter's heart—it is not the exit on the other side," the thin boy told Chen Ge. He was kind toward Chen Ge, which was strange. "Please go back. I do not want to fight you."

"You seem to know me well?" Chen Ge looked at the boy and signaled for everyone to be prepared.

"I am Lin Sisi. You have been using my identity on the eastern campus." The boy coughed. "The same thing happened to us. Actually, I wish to live like you, but unfortunately, there is no return."

"It is never too late to make a choice unless there are no more choices." Chen Ge pointed at the students behind him. "I can stay, but do you wish to these innocent children to get involved? Please, let me take them to a safe place first."

He would rather stay in danger and not have danger come to any students—his impression of Chen Ge improved a lot.

"We cannot let even one of the students go. They are part of the school's consciousness. The loss of each student will weaken the school's consciousness. Now, the painter requires power, so all of you had better stay here." The blindfolded guy had a chilling tone. "Chang Wenyu wants to ruin the door. She has lost the qualification to become the door pusher. After chasing away the monster that came from the city, the painter will undeniably become the new door pusher of this school, and then he will obtain the power of a Greater Red Specter."


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