My House of Horrors
892 Black Blood
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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892 Black Blood

At the School of the Afterlife, everyone had their own aims and would make different choices for their own target and benefit. When tragedy struck, Chang Wenyu disappeared, the painter fought the monsters from the red city, the Top Red Specters did not have time to care about others, and that gave Chen Ge the perfect chance. However, danger came along with this chance.

Yin Hong and Xu Yin felt something awakening in the red city. If they did not leave in a short amount of time, when more monsters came from the red city and the school was sealed, the well might be discovered.

"Quick!" To reach the northern side of the school, they had to pass through the center of the school. That was where all the staff and teachers of the school were gathered, and that included Mr. Lei, whom Chen Ge had met before.

"Everyone, do not panic! Stay in your room!" Mr. Lei and the other teachers tried their best to maintain the order. Actually, they were happy when they saw Chen Ge. In this kind of chaotic situation, they would welcome powerful people to join them. "You have arrived! I'll leave the few classrooms on the western side to you. If all of us work together, we will be able to survive…"

Before the teacher could finish, he saw Chen Ge and the other Red Specters walk past him, heading toward the northern side of the school.

"Hey, where are you going? Do not waste your energy blindly! Relying on the school's original defense is the best solution!" Mr. Lei's voice was harsh. Even though he looked down on Chen Ge, he was saying this for Chen Ge's own good.

"I have to go and save the others!" Chen Ge's eyes scanned the students in the classroom. "My friends are on the northern side of the school. I cannot watch and allow them to be consumed by the fog!"

"Have you lost your mind? There are who knows how many monsters in the school now. Even if there are Red Specters among you, you will be surrounded. They are not afraid of Red Specters!" The teacher next to Mr. Lei tried his best to stop them. They did not want Chen Ge to leave. From their perspective, that was too risky and unnecessary.

"I know it is dangerous." Chen Ge's eyes swept the classroom and the students inside looked back at him. They were curious what kind of person would choose to go and save others in this situation. "But that is the difference between you and me."

Then, Chen Ge did not stay any longer. "If you want to, you can follow behind me. If you don't want to, I won't force you. Wait here, and we will meet up at the center of the school."

After leaving behind the group of weaker students, Chen Ge's group moved faster. Seeing them walk away, the few teachers showed complicated emotions.

"What are you guys standing there for? Is now the time for you to be spacing out?" Mr. Lei roared at the teachers and then continued to repair the windows. With the rush of the blood fog, no one was safe. Everyone was a boat that might tip over any time soon, and saving oneself was nothing to be ashamed of. Cutting through the school was much more difficult than Chen Ge had anticipated. The blood fog caused low visibility, and due to various reasons, the corridors inside the school seemed to have changed.

Seen from the field, Mu Yang High School appeared close to the northern side of school, but one actually had to travel a long distance to get there. All the Red Specter were wounded, but it was still within an acceptable range. Through this experience, the employees of the haunted house grew stronger, especially Bai Qiulin and the boy with the stench. After Bai Qiulin consumed Xiong Qing's heart, even though he had turned into a Red Specter, he was slightly weaker than Xu Yin who had found his heart. However, through this endless slaughter, things changed. From Li Wan City to the School of the Afterlife, Chen Ge had given him plenty of chances to train, and Ol' Bai was no longer the same old gambler.

The other employee who gave Chen Ge a surprise was the boy with the bad smell. After he found his Red Specter's body, he showed his extremely dangerous side. His power was related to the stench. Without a reminder from Chen Ge, he stayed at the back of the group and blocked down all the monsters that tried to ambush them from behind, and it looked like this posed no trouble for him. The boy seemed to have retained his memory at the haunted house. He was friendly with Chen Ge and the other employees but showed annoyance at the residents of the school, like he had experienced something very harrowing there.

With the Red Specters leading the way, Chen Ge's group moved extremely fast. After some turns, they arrived at the northern side of school. There, they saw another monster from the fog. It was about five meters tall and crawled all over the corridor. Its body was covered with tongues, and the disgusting thing was that each mouth was filled with human teeth. They looked scary.

"What are these?" No one had seen them before. The monster was like something that came out from a child's nightmare. Its body was heavily twisted. It had the appearance of a human, but it could not be called a human.

"If it dares stand in our way, kill it." Chen Ge had nothing to worry about—he did not care as long as it was not a Top Red Specter. Xu Yin, the headless woman, and Yin Hong walked at the front. They worked together to kill the monster. It ended with a horrible death. The Red Specters had not seen this monster before, so they were cautious. They tore it into pieces and then used blood vessels to pierce through every inch of its flesh. After the monster died, its body turned into dry blood capillaries. It was worth noting that even so, its heart was still beating. The heart was much smaller than a normal human heart, and it had strange patterns on it.

Xu Yin removed the heart and passed it to Chen Ge like it was very useful to Specters. Seeing the hunger in the Red Specter's eyes, Chen Ge thought about it and handed it back to Xu Yin. "This is yours. If we encounter another one, you should discuss among yourselves how to share it."

Xu Yin grabbed the strange heart, and excitement crossed his eyes. His pale fingers peeled open the heart, and inside was a drop of black blood that had not congealed. After sucking the blood, Xu Yin's wounds started to heal, and his body turned more real and scary.

When he saw that black blood, Chen Ge thought it look familiar. He believed that he had seen it once in the base of the Ghost Stories Society. It had been kept inside a wooden box, and the box had been taken away by Zhang Ya. After consuming the black blood, Zhang Ya had fallen into hibernation for a while.

"The Ghost Stories Society once hunted this kind of monster? They have entered the red city before?"

As the only member of the society, Chen Ge had many things that he did not understand. These secrets should be in Doctor Gao's mind, but the man had gone insane, and there was no telling if he would ever snap out of it.

"If there's a chance, I should return to the society's old lair. Perhaps I might find some good things that I missed before."


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