My House of Horrors
890 I Can See You
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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890 I Can See You

The broken mirrors fell like heavy rain, and above them, the sky was missing. The blood fog pooled around them, and underneath them was black briar. Behind them was the School of the Afterlife, and before them was the red city. All the scenarios that were only visible in nightmares turned into reality behind the door. The end of the world was not enough to describe the tragedy at the school; perhaps this was what hell looked like. Evil's body grew until it burst, and many evil spirits ran out from its stomach before circling around the school. They cursed the remaining Specters and everything that they saw.

The heaven that was constructed by the painter had completely crumbled. The sins that were buried in the trash collection center regained their freedom, and the thing buried in the deepest part of each people's heart gained release. Their cursing and joy told others with their actions how far could the sins in people's hearts went. They were once things that the painter tried to deny, but now they were personally let out by the painter. They took revenge on any Specters and people that they met, be it the students or outsiders.

The monsters that came from the city were dangerous, but the most dangerous party had been neutralized by the painter. He had used his special power to destroy Kindness and the negative emotions that had been collected over the years to incapacitate Evil. Only one enemy remained.

The arms were connected to the blood mirror. The painter possessed the approval of half of the students and it was the reason why he was able to hold on until now. As long as the painter did not step out from the school, he would possess incredibly powerful abilities. This was possible for Chang Wenyu as well. Because the painter knew that, he had been trying to kill her.

Dangers were everywhere behind the door, and the smallest mistake could cause one's soul to disappear. The man in the fog had underestimated the painter, and that was why he had lost his advantage. Kindness and Evil had lost, but the man in the fog did not surrender; this was a chance that he could not miss. He had been able to reach the school in such a short amount of time, which meant that he was living in the area that was close to the school. There were monsters that were several times scarier than he was. If he was unable to take down the school, once it attracted the attention of the other monster in the city, the door might be taken away by some other 'people'.

The storm formed by the blood fog was slowly approaching. The wounded painter looked at the center of the storm silently. His eyes were slowly changing. Blood vessels pulled on his pupils, and his dark pupils were slowly dissolving, leaving behind only black eyes.

"Do you think I won't be able to see you if you're hiding?" Every mirror that fell from the sky had the painter's reflection on it, and his black eyes were staring in a certain direction. The storm was approaching, but the painter did not go into hiding. He had no idea what the enemy's power was, and he did not know how the enemy would attack. In such circumstances, the best defense was to keep attacking, to pressure the enemy so that they would not have the time to use their power. The painter did not defend; he was trying to look for a chance, but the man in the fog did not give him any opportunity. The mirrors that fell from the sky were unable to reach him. If he could not see the target, he could not paint them, which should be one of the painter's weaknesses.

"Your power comes from the school's consciousness. When you fought Evil, you were borrowing power from the mirror in the sky. Your power comes from that place—looks like the thing that I'm looking for is also there."

The man in the fog was extremely cunning. He had not shown himself while gathering more and more information in the darkness. He would only make his move when he had full confidence. The storm touched the mirror in the sky. The man did not fight the painter head on—instead, he hid behind the storm to look for the door.

"You are very clever yet also very stupid; your greed is far beyond your ability." The painter moved the arms on his back, and the broken arm that had been bitten by Evil earlier reached toward the mirror. This time, his arm reached toward the manmade lake on the western campus. The dead body floating on the surface was facing down, but when the painter's arm phased through the mirror and reached into the water, the body turned around to show its face. The face shocked everyone because it was completely identical to Fan Yu!

"Everyone's mirror is floating in the sea of mind. That lake is the sea of memories at the school. It is filled with all the students' memories, including the thing that I have forgotten." The painter had a similar face to Fan Yu, but due to their different presence, no one would put them together. The arm that had been bitten by Evil earlier grabbed at the body in the lake. The painter paused before slowly tightening his fingers. The body dissolved into blood in the painter's palm, and the blood dripped into the lake. The memory was unlocked, and the normal lake turned into something else. First, there were ripples, and then it turned murky. Red bubbles appeared on the surface, and the lake was slowly turning red.

"Since this is my painting, I shall destroy it myself." The painter's arm yanked back, and the mirror burst. The bloody lake water leaked out. Many voices rang in the school. The memories seemed to come alive, and the distance between the sky and the ground was their whole life. In this short amount of time, the past turned into heavy rain, passing through the storm, covering the entire school. The painter had stolen everyone's memories, and now he was personally returning the memories to them.

The students at the school remembered many things that they had lost. Those boring moments from they were alive turned into memories that could not be cut off after death. After all, it was those normal moments that formed the different version of oneself.

The blood on the surface of the mirror started to peel off again. The students' conviction was shaken. The mirror shook, and there were three relatively stable places left on the campuses. One was the lab building where the painter was, the other was the library where the blind person was, and the last place was the broken education block on the eastern campus. Lin Sisi and the four-legged monster had both run to the library. There was no one at the education block on the eastern campus, but that place was not affected. That was not normal.

"The door is hidden in the education block?" The man in the fog headed toward it immediately. This time, the painter did not stop him.

The rain of memories dropped in the blood storm. No one noticed this but the painter—every drop of rain was reflecting pain. His dark eyes looked right at the middle of the storm, and the wounded lips slowly opened to say, "I can see you."


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