My House of Horrors
888 Black
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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888 Black

The man in the fog did not expect that the underling he valued the most would be killed with one glance. He thought back to what Chang Wenyu had said. The painter had a very scary power—by giving up a certain sacrifice, he could draw the people or ghosts that he saw into his painting and take everything away from them. There was huge limitation to this power, but Chang Wenyu did not tell him what the limitation was. She did, however, tell him that the painter could only use this power three times in a short amount of time. In other words, he could only paint three people.

"Kindness' soul didn't disappear. She only had something taken away from her." The man checked the condition of the woman with the goat's mask. He knew very well that after a Red Specter's soul was destroyed, there would be nothing left, but Kindness' body had remained.

"If Chang Wenyu wasn't lying, then there is nothing to be afraid of since the painter can only use this power thrice." The man put down Kindness' body. "To stop the painter, Chang Wenyu has wasted one time of the painter's power, so now he only has one chance left."

The fog blocked the visibility. The leading man hid in the fog and did not show his face. "This is a scary power, but it is useless since we have the advantage in numbers. When he completes the third painting, it is the time for him to die."

The fog that surrounded Evil slowly dispersed. The leading man practically gifted Evil to the painter. For him, using Evil's life to trade for a painting was valuable. "When I open the ownerless door and become something greater than a Red Specter, I will find the thing that you have lost and help you recover."

The man said these things to Evil. After hearing that, the boar-man creature charged at the painter like crazy. Blood fog tremored. Black liquid came out of Evil's mouth. Unlike Kindness, there was nothing that was likeable about this monster.

"The painter's special power is very strong, but the man himself isn't that strong. Evil is his natural enemy. If only Kindness was here. With Kindness' help, they would hold even a Red Specter back for a while."

The man appeared like he could control the fog behind the door. Just this power made him quite mysterious.

"Unfortunately, he probably saw this problem, so he chose to waste one painting to deliver a heavy blow to Kindness."

Blood fog gathered around him. The man was like the eye of the storm. He gathered all the fog before entering the school. Black plants grew underneath him, and the man and Evil headed toward the education block from two different directions. The man purposely avoided the painter, but to his surprise, the painter whose body was changing moved to stand between him and Evil.

"You think you can take on the two of us at once?" The man in the fog was very strong. Until now, he had not shown his face. His identity and power were a mystery. If he had not been worried about the painter's power, this battle might have ended already. The painter used his actions to prove everything. The arms behind him bulged with black capillaries under the influence of negative emotions; the painter's presence was getting stronger. He wanted to collect the entire school's consciousness, to turn the negative emotions of all the students into his weapon. There was a magical power in people's emotions. Specters were born because of this, and doors were formed because of this.

"A Red Specter can only support a limited amount of negative emotions. Without getting the door's approval, you won't be able to support the entire school's negative emotions. You will lose your mind and explode." The man in the fog waved his hand again, and more shadows appeared outside the school. "There are plenty of monsters in the city. They are mad and twisted. They have their eyes on this school. So what if you can stop me and Evil? As long as you are held back, the school's consciousness will be consumed by them, and the more consciousness that disappears, the weaker you will be."

The man in the fog did not want to fight, but the painter did not give him the chance.


A large mirror fragment above them broke, and an arm behind the painter grabbed the broken mirror and stabbed at Evil. When the mirror peeled off, it instantly turned into screaming consciousness. It became the blade in the painter's hand and cut open a blood glow in the air. The mirror cut through Evil and tore open the boar mask and Evil's large mouth. However, just as the mirror was about to cut through the body, a sound came out from Evil's mouth. Many small teeth bit on the mirror. Black liquid dropped on the mirror. The mirror formed by the students' memories shattered, and the lingering spirits of the students were swallowed by the giant mouth.

"Greed is one of the forms of Evil. It can consume many things, and the more it consumes, the stronger it becomes." The giant mouth was rapidly recovering. It consumed the mirror and then bit at the painter's arm.

"He wants to consume me as well?" The mirror in the sky was already in pieces. The buildings turned blurry. Only four places were not affected. The painter's hands reached toward one of these places—the trash collection center.

"True Evil is not ugliness or lack in human nature but an innocence without purpose. Pure evil is the darkness on my canvas. It has no thought. It is cold and dark simply because it is black."

The arm grabbed the trash collection center in the mirror. The monster with four limbs on the ground destroyed the door of the last room and then ran away in a hurry. The mirror broke. One of the support points had been destroyed. The sin collected by the campuses rushed into the painter's body. Using his body as medium, he transferred the sin and curse into Evil's mouth. The sinning souls were cursing. They did not expect their final destination to be an ugly mouth. The screaming, pleading, cursing, and begging did not change the painter's mind.

"I am the painter; I need white, and I need black. To complete the final painting, either color will suffice."

Evil's body became bloated, and the painter's expression was getting uglier. The calm on his face slowly disappeared. He had personally trapped the sin in the last room of the trash collection center. It was trash that could not be reused, the darkest part of the human heart.

"If you want to eat, then I will prepare a feast for you!"


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