My House of Horrors
882 Meaning of the Mirror, Inverted World
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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882 Meaning of the Mirror, Inverted World

The red eyeball that loomed over the school was like the mirror that Chen Ge had just seen. The surface was running with blood, and there was a black gap in the middle of the pupil.

"This has never happened to the school's consciousness before…" Yin Hong held Yin Bai's hand as they stood at the door. Her mad expression had already disappeared; what was left was anxiety and shock. The windows at the school were seriously damaged, and it would be hard to repair all of them. Without the windows guarding them, the students at the school realized how close the red city was.

"Sir, gather all the students immediately. Do not let them near the window. It's too dangerous outside." The closer the red city was, the easier Chen Ge could make out the buildings in the city with his Yin Yang Vision. "Very scary existences are hiding inside the blood fog, things that even Red Specters are afraid of."

Doctor Gao had been made mad by the red city—Chen Ge was trying to protect the children. The mirror in the hidden room snapped in half, and the eyeball in the sky had the same change. Chen Ge refused to believe there was no connection between the two.

"Quick, look! There is someone in the fog!" someone in the corridor shouted, and everyone looked out the window. There were glimpses of shadows on the field outside of the school; they all ran from inside the school!

"What are they doing?" Before Chen Ge could get the answer, the school's consciousness had already reacted. Many screaming shadows crawled out from the eyeball and tore the people who ran out of the school into pieces. The first batch was soon taken care of, but more people ran out from the building, and most of them were students. It was unclear whether they had been tricked or this was planned, but everyone rushed toward the front gate. When the school's consciousness tore into the adults, it did not hesitate, but when facing the students, it did. Even though it had power stronger than a Red Specter, it was made up from numerous consciousnesses and was different to an actual Red Specter.

In this moment of hesitance, there was a small number of students who got to the front gate. It looked like a normal large gate, but there appeared to be a curse on it. Once the student touched it, they would explode in a shower of blood, and their blood would turn into the school's nutrients.

"Entering the school is easy, but it'll be hard to leave the school. The desperate consciousness will stop anyone who tries to do so. It will not allow others to have salvation while it is trapped in hell." Yin Hong looked at those students with pity. "They won't be able to escape. No one can leave this school."

"That is not true. I know someone who has escaped from this school." Chen Ge kept his eyes on the front gate, searching for something. Not long after that, when most students turned into blood flowers and returned to the school's consciousness, there was a barely discernible figure that neared the gate. The man appeared to have practiced this many times. He held something in his hand and whacked it heavily on the gate. The gate budged, and a man's voice came out from the large eyeball in the sky. Many shadows rushed at the strange man near the gate. The school uniform was torn apart by blood vessels, and the white coat underneath was revealed. It was the school's 'doctor' who was banging against the front door. His real identity was an escaped patient from the cursed hospital.

"Why is this guy there? Hasn't he come here to escape from the cursed hospital? Why is he purposely taunting the school's consciousness?" Chen Ge had a feeling that things were not that simple. The school's consciousness was held back by something and could not unleash its real power, but it should be powerful enough to stop a Red Specter. The 'doctor' attracted the school's attention. He suffered all the pressure. The white coat became tattered, and the blood red patient's outfit underneath was slowly revealed.

"Something's wrong." In Chen Ge's mind, most Red Specters were cunning and selfish. This patient would cooperate with a non-smiler to escape from the hospital, so he was not a gullible person. Why would he show up at a time like this?

"Someone is targeting the school's consciousness. This is a plan targeting the Greater Red Specter!" Chen Ge had an answer that floated up in his mind. When the school doctor took all the attacks, from the back of the crowd, a small man with a hunchback walked toward the gate. He kept his head lowered. When his body touched the gate, he raised his face. It was a normal, weathered face. His right eye was murky, and his left eye was just a dark hollow!

"Chang Gu‽"

Without any hesitation, when he raised his head, he pressed something in his palm on the lock of the gate.


A boom resounded through the school like something was smashed. It was hard to tell where the source came from. It appeared to come from the large eyeball and the left eye of every student at the school. The black gate was pushed open a fraction, and then blood fog blasted through the gate from outside like a wave, swallowing up everything in its way!

At the same time, all the students at the school felt a pain that came from the darkest part of their heart like a piece of their soul had been forcibly yanked out. Many strange yet familiar memories rushed into their minds. The students around Chen Ge collapsed to the ground, wailing in pain.

Lightning flashed across the sky. The eyeball made up from the student's consciousness split apart from the middle. The large eyeball was like a melting iceberg, and various rolling blood vessels weaved out a large 'mirror' in the sky.

There was another 'school' inside the mirror. Many students raised their heads to look at this inverted blood red world!

"That is the campus constructed by the painter!" Chen Ge's eyes widened. Everything looked so familiar. He looked at the sky above his head, and he was shocked beyond words. As the eyeball cracked, the blood vessels crumbled, and the large mirror that loomed over the school slowly collapsed.

The seemingly normal students in the mirror were slowly changing into blood vessels that carried memories, and at the center of the school on the side of the mirror, a boy and a girl stood at the roof of the lab building. They were closest to the blood red world. A broken canvas was left next to the boy, and one could not see the expression on his face.

The girl sat at the edge of the building as she looked at the blood red sky above them with admiration.

"Painter, you lost."


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