My House of Horrors
877 Zhang Ya“s Secre
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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877 Zhang Ya“s Secre

"I'm not lying to you! Everything I wrote is true!" The doll's finger was almost broken, but there was no reaction from the people around it. This made him feel mad and awkward.

Naturally, Chen Ge knew that the doll was not lying, but the problem was that he was not being used by Zhang Ya. If he really analyzed it, it was Zhang Ya who had saved him many times. Without this Specter who stuck to him like a nightmare, he would have died under a chop from an axe during his first Trial Mission. The doll lay on the ground, his feet being pulled by Chen Ge. It was hard to believe that this was the most mysterious headmaster in the School of the Afterlife.

"Ever since she left, no one has entered this forbidden zone. I know she will return. If she realizes that I still have my consciousness, I will die, so you are my only hope!" The doll could not speak. His finger wrote madly as his eyes stared at Chen Ge. There were complicated emotions in them. No one in the corridor spoke. Chen Ge did not know what to say as this was his first time encountering such a situation.

"You will die. The Specters trapped in here are your ending. Do not fall for her lies!"

After a long time, Chen Ge asked, "What has she done to you?"

"Can't you see? I've been changed into this form; do you need me to fill you in on the details?" The doll was shamed, and his eyes were red.

"The person that you mentioned is different from the person that I know, Zhang Ya…"

"No, do not say that name! Do not mention it!" Chen Ge was only halfway through when the doll started to madly write.

"Alright, from how I see it, the girl…"

"Girl? Wake up please! Look at these pleading people behind the door. Do you think she deserves to be called a girl‽" The doll snapped. He had turned into a specter due to a lingering obsession after his death, and now it appeared like Zhang Ya was that obsession.

"I can't do this. I can't say that. You are quite interesting." Chen Ge looked into the doll's red eyes, and his tone changed. "You must have done something to make her unhappy to deserve an ending like this."

The doll's finger suddenly stopped like he was considering Chen Ge's question.

"I will only help you if you tell me the truth." Chen Ge had a warm smile on his face. "After all, I have to take a big risk to help you."

"Fine." The doll was convinced by Chen Ge. There was sound coming from his throat and stomach. Small blood vessels tore open the patch, and they formed a bloody sentence on his tattered outfit. "The school appeared due to the fact that a child pushed open the door. The child was once the student here, and due to a misunderstanding, after he pushed open the door, I accidentally entered it as well."

"Only when one is at the deepest point of despair can one push open the door. It has to be more than a misunderstanding that the door-pusher yanked you into the door." Chen Ge saw through the lie immediately. "If you're going to lie to me, there is no need to continue this conversation."

"I am not lying to you! The door pusher studied at Western Jiujiang Private Academy, and I was the headmaster there. The student was bullied and died in the crematorium due to many reasons. I admit that I had problems managing the school, but I was really unrelated to his death!"

"You are the headmaster of Western Jiujiang Private Academy?" Not many people knew about the place, so the fact that the doll could say that meant that he really did know something.

"Yes, I was led behind the door by the door pusher. I know that the child was pitiable, so no matter what he's done to me, I do not resent him. If anything, I feel guilty. At the time, we were the only two behind the door. Perhaps my accompaniment touched him because I gradually gained his understanding and forgiveness."

"Don't place yourself on such a moral high ground." Chen Ge had a feeling that he was lying, but there were some truths in it.

"As the door grew stronger, more people and Specters entered, and she was one of them." The doll finally reached the place where Chen Ge was interested in. "The door pusher and I never harmed her, and she initially appeared to be quite harmless. But later we found out that was just a disguise. After she entered the school, the outsiders and Specters from the school started to mysteriously disappear. The door pusher and I suspected that they had been consumed.

"The school behind the door became different after that. After some investigation, we realized that the killer was that woman."

Chen Ge did not fully trust what the doll said. He was not one to believe others so easily. "The door pusher found out that Zhang Ya was the killer, but in the end, the door pusher was killed by Zhang Ya. Don't you find that ironic?

"The woman has consumed many Specters, including Red Specters. The door pusher was not a match for her…"

"You are lying." Chen Ge held the doll's legs and looked into its eyes. "After pushing open the door, the door pusher's power will at least double. As long as he did not leave this scenario, he wouldn't lose to Zhang Ya."

Chen Ge had experience with this and knew the difference in power between Red Specters. When he first met Zhang Ya, she had already consumed a door pusher, a feat that was nigh on impossible.

"But it was she who killed the door pusher. Perhaps I have missed some details since it has been so long…"

"If you can't remember clearly, don't start spinning tales. You have to pay for your lies." Chen Ge gripped the legs and pulled, but he could not hurt the man. "Xu Yin, help me break one of his legs."

Xu Yin reached out his pale hand. Before the doll could write anything, he grabbed the doll's body and yanked one leg off. It was just a doll, but blood leaked out from the wounds. The doll's eyes bulged with redness. Xu Yin tossed the broken leg aside and retreated silently.

Actually, Chen Ge did not expect Xu Yin to be so ruthless. He only wanted to break the leg, not tear it completely away from the body. Of course, he would not say that to anyone. With the smile on his face, he neared the doll. "Now, can you think clearer? If not, I can help you."

The doll struggled on the ground, but other than his eyes and fingers, he could not move the rest of his body. So, he crumbled. "I am telling you the truth! It was the door pusher who consumed the Specters and outsiders that came to the school; there was an accident when he was hunting the woman. They entered a blood red city. In the end, the door pusher died in that city, but the woman returned."

"In other words, the reason Zhang Ya could kill the door pusher is because of that red city, meaning her secret is hidden inside the city?" Chen Ge looked at the doll who had learned his lesson.

"Yes, she found something in the city. She knows a path that leads to the center of the city."


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