My House of Horrors
875 Zhang Ya“s Presen
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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875 Zhang Ya“s Presen

Chen Ge firmly believed that there was something important to Zhang Ya hidden in this school. The boy with the stench was a good example. After he found his heart in the male dormitory, he had drastically changed. If Chen Ge could find the thing Zhang Ya had lost, perhaps she would wake up, and then he would have the support to do the things he really wanted to.

"Chen Ge, why did the girl leave just like that?" The old headmaster was confused. The atmosphere in the corridor was strange, but the suffocating presence had lessened a lot.

"Because she was afraid," Chen Ge said. He was calm like everything was within his control. Seeing that, the students around him felt that they had made the right choice.

"I will lead the way." Yin Hong was more curious about Chen Ge. Just now, she had been very close to Chen Ge, so she had clearly seen the girl on the chair suddenly retreat after seeing Chen Ge. In other words, the girl was not afraid of Xu Yin who guarded Chen Ge but Chen Ge himself.

"Just stand beside me. From the monsters' reaction, they don't seem to be afraid of Red Specters." Chen Ge volunteered to stay in front. Yin Hong was trying to analyze the meaning behind Chen Ge's words.

They are not afraid of Red Specters, so this man had me stand beside him. Does that mean that he is more powerful than a Red Specter?

Yin Hong looked Chen Ge, who appeared calm, and a beautiful misunderstanding was formed.

In my eyes, he is just a normal person. Could I be wrong? Is he not weak, but I simply can't see through him?

Chen Ge had been to this place before. He knew where Zhang Ya's room was, so he did not need Yin Hong to lead the way. The chair in the corridor had disappeared and gone into hiding. Chen Ge ignored it and walked to the deepest part of the fourth floor.

"Is your secret hidden behind this door?" Standing at the door, Chen Ge mumbled to himself before pushing the door open.

The wooden door cracked into splinters when it was pushed. When Chen Ge pushed it fully open, the old door shattered like it had been under a great deal of pressure, and the light push from Chen Ge was the straw that broke its back. Wooden splinters and blood vessels rained down, and endless malice rushed out from inside the room!

This was the first time that Chen Ge had seen the evil in someone's heart so clearly. Negative emotions materialized, and in the world behind the door, they coagulated to form black tentacles. Instantly, the walls around the room were dyed black.

"Stand behind me!" When the malice rushed out, Chen Ge was standing in their way, but the black tendrils purposely avoided him like they had no interest in him.

"What have you released‽" The black malice spread down the corridor. When Mr. Lei saw this, he had the students retreat. "Do not touch those things! Move back! Get everyone here! Quick! Seal up this place!"

It was chaos on the fourth floor, but Chen Ge stood at the doorway, unaffected.

"Zhang Ya once suffered this malice before?" Chen Ge seemed to have opened Pandora's box. Commotion came from outside the school like the consciousness had gone insane.

"You seem to have gotten into real trouble." Yin Hong was shocked by the wave of malice. The girl who was not afraid of anything realized how obedient she had been before meeting Chen Ge.

"It's fine."

"This is still fine? Can't you hear what's outside? The school's consciousness…"

"Shush. I told you it's fine. Everything is under control." Chen Ge put down the backpack and removed all the items that he had on him.

"What are you doing?"

"I want to go in to take a look. This malice has purposely avoided me, but I fear it might harm my friends inside the bag." Chen Ge knew that everything in the room was afraid of Zhang Ya in his shadow. He did not know if Zhang Ya could protect the others in his backpack. For safety's sake, he decided to enter the lair alone.

"Xu Yin, don't stay too far away from me. If there's a problem, yank me out and run." After that, Chen Ge looked inside the room. The malice had dispersed a lot, and using his Yin Yang Vision, he could see clearly inside it. Broken chairs were piled inside the room, and each chair was imprinted with a face and a name. Before Chen Ge appeared, they had pleaded for mercy, but after Chen Ge entered the room, all the voices disappeared. The human faces on the chairs turned to look behind Chen Ge, and their faces showed fear.

"What have you done to them?" The room was not big. Other than the chairs, there were pairs of female shoes. There were different styles, but it was missing a pair of red ballet shoes. "She is missing a pair of shoes, so she has been searching for them?"

If Chen Ge looked at this objectively and combined it with the legend, then Zhang Ya was the scariest Specter that he had ever met!

His body was shaking. Chen Ge had known that Zhang Ya was scary, but in reality, Zhang Ya was scarier than he had thought.

The 'person' who accompanied him always had such a past. Anyone else would have panicked, but Chen Ge only took a deep breath and then appeared to say instinctually, "In the future, I will face these malicious things on your behalf."

Chen Ge did not move the wooden chairs. He called Zhang Ya's name patiently. He wanted to use this familiar room to rouse her, but there was no response.

"Looks like I have to move in deeper." The thick malice was unable to get close to Chen Ge, but the students nearest to him started to have black spots show on their bodies. It seemed their minds were affected.

"Leave this place. Only the Red Specters and Half Red Specters should stay." When Chen Ge first got the black phone, he did not expect that he would someday say something like that. He looked at the chairs. Chen Ge saw that all the girls' beds had a doll placed on them. The dolls were sewn with black hair, and some of them wore bloody clothes, like they had been Half Red Specters before they were turned into dolls.

Scanning over these dolls, Chen Ge turned to the last bed in the room. It was also the only clean bed. The sheet did not even have a crease, and there was a bag of delicate sweets placed next to the pillow. Each candy was a terrified soul. The different wrappers seemed to signify different flavors.

"She likes to handmade dolls and prefers sweets. This girl… is quite cute if you think about it." Chen Ge walked to the inner part of the room. He placed the bag of sweets in his hands and was about to turn when he saw a blood red present box sitting on the bed.

The box was crumpled, incongruous with the well-kept bed.


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