My House of Horrors
874 What Did the Girl See?
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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874 What Did the Girl See?

Thick blood fog rolled into the corridor following Chen Ge. The red chair in the distance flickered in and out of existence, and they could hear pleading and cries in their ears.

"How many people have died in this corridor? Just walking down it feel so creepy," the headmaster said softly. Once he opened his mouth, cold air rushed into his throat.

"I have no idea." Chen Ge shook his head. He was slowly getting close to Zhang Ya's secret. "Just how did an innocent girl turn into a Greater Red Specter? The answer to that should be found here."

The pleading in their ears grew. Blood dripped, and small blood vessels surfaced on the walls. This corridor felt like the intestine of a beast.

"Chen Ge, something feels off." The old headmaster guarded Yin Hong and Yin Bai. He wanted to say something more, but Yin Hong got to it first.

"This place makes me feel uncomfortable. There's a jolt in my heart. We'd better stop here."

A Red Specter's heart was different from that of a normal person. Their heart was their deepest resentment. If there was shaking to their heart, it meant that their existence was threatened, and they were inside a very dangerous situation.

"Boss, I also feel a numbness coming over me." Bai Qiulin's hand that placed in his pocket was shaking. The last time that he had experienced this was when he was with the shadow in Li Wan City.

"Don't panic." Of everyone there, only Chen Ge managed to keep his calm. His eyes stared at the chair down the hall. Every time he blinked, the distance between him and the chair seemed to close. This felt so familiar, just like the first time he went to Western Jiujiang Private Academy.

"Be careful of that chair!" Yin Hong warned again. The chair was not that scary, but it seemed to represent something that could elicit the fear in people's heart.

"The pleading sounds like it comes from the chair. Is the rumor at this school real?" The seniors and staff waited at the entrance to the female dormitory, and they saw this. Blood fog drifted, and the red chair was slowly approaching. No one had been inside there before, and all their hearts were jumping. The scariest legend at the school was before them. No one knew what would happen next—everyone held their breath.

"Save me… Save me…" A girl's voice became clearer. As the chair grew close, the people saw the faded image of a girl sitting on the chair with venom in her eyes.

"She seems to be looking for a scapegoat." Even Red Specters did not scare the girl on the chair. Her expression kept twisting as she came at the group.

"What is it? We can see it but can't sense it. She doesn't look like a Specter or a lingering spirit. This is strange." Not only did Chen Ge feel that, all the Red Specters around him felt it. The girl on the chair seemed to melt into the corridor. As the girl got closer, the corridor felt as if it was shortening like a mouth that was trying to consume everyone.

"Be careful!" Cries for help mixed in the thick blood. Everyone had a bad feeling.

"Mr. Lei, are we going to just stand here?" a female teacher asked. "What if something happens to them? Many students follow him."

"Then you go in and get them to come out. I won't stop you." Mr. Lei glared at her. "Before I joined this school, the forbidden zones were here. These are where the most dangerous secrets at this school are hidden. Do you know why they are secrets?"

The female teacher did not look that relaxed. She shook her head.

"They are secrets because once you know what they are, you have to pay something back in return, something like death or becoming part of the secret yourself." Mr. Lei was a clever person, or else he would not have survived for so long at the school. "Go and call for help. Get some bricks and be prepared to seal up this place."

"Sir, something is banging against the school from outside. There are openings everywhere. We don't have enough manpower to order around anymore."

"There is no other option. Just follow my order."

"There is no need to disperse the students here?"

"No, I want them to see for themselves the death of that Chen Ge inside the forbidden zone. That way, no one will go against the school anymore, and no one will believe him." Mr. Lei retreated to the crowd. "There are too many difficult students at this school. It is time for a wake-up call."

"But is this really the correct thing to do?" The female teacher wanted to change his mind.

"It's too late to anything else. When they saw the chair, the ending was decided. Be it Specters or Red Specters, once they are targeted by the monsters locked in the chair, unless they can escape from this school, the only ending is death." Mr. Lei obviously knew something, but he did not elaborate. However, there was a pain in his eyes like he had once lost someone important to this. "This female dormitory is a man-eating monster. No one who has entered it has left."

Through the crowd, Mr. Lei looked down the corridor. The red chair was rapidly moving toward Chen Ge.

"Resistance will lead to more change, and there are monsters inside the rooms along the corridor. Once he makes his move, everyone will be eaten until there is nothing left." Mr. Lei's eyes had seen the result. He yelled to the students behind him, "Get back! This place will soon…"

He had not finished when Mr. Lei saw the strange expression on the female teacher beside him. He turned and saw the chair finally appear before Chen Ge. But then, the girl on the chair suddenly screamed and ran down the corridor faster than the speed she came.

"That's impossible!" Mr. Lei's hand froze in midair. He walked to the female dormitory entrance and moved the trash away to see. The scream of the girl alerted all the monsters in the corridor, but unlike what Mr. Lei expected, the scene where Chen Ge's group was torn into pieces did not happen. Instead, the doors along the corridor slammed shut, and he even heard some being locked.

"What did the girl on the chair see‽" Mr. Lei did not get it, nor did the others following Chen Ge. However, Chen Ge himself knew what had happened after several seconds.

"The girl on the chair probably sensed Zhang Ya's presence. That is the only explanation." Chen Ge turned to look at his shadow. "Only the lingering scent on me can scare her away like that. Will Zhang Ya awaken soon?"


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