My House of Horrors
873 Entering the Female Dormitory
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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873 Entering the Female Dormitory

Chen Ge's eyes swept over every student's face before he raised his student ID above his head. "I am also a member of this school, but I have limited power alone. I can't change all of you, but I will try my best to gain the approval from even one more person."

What he said had never been heard from the staff of the school before. At this school, students were slowly getting numb—they had no idea what they wanted. The school's consciousness was made up from every one of them, but for the consciousness, each one of them was so insignificant. Unable to change, powerless to struggle, they could only assimilate to survive under the school's consciousness. Chen Ge said a lot, but it was impossible to change everyone's mind with a few words. Still, it was not all for naught. Some of the students were thinking; some of their expressions changed like they were reminded of something painful.

"People often warn us against becoming complacent. Warmth comes from hiding in one's shell. No one cares what the shell is because, no matter what, with the protection of the shell, the person inside will not be harmed, but is that true?" Chen Ge pointed at the blood fog that travelled down the corridor. "While you've been hiding inside the shell in silence, the poison outside has already leaked into the shell and permeated into your body. When you realized it, it was already too late. It is too late for salvation, and hope has become despair. You can only watch your body being consumed little by little, and the shell that you are unwilling to walk out of will become your tomb."

Taking a step forward, Chen Ge walked toward the female dormitory. The long team behind him comprised the people that supported him. Even Mr. Lei did not dare take them too lightly. If they fought head on, their chance of victory was small. After all, the real owner of this school was the despairing students.

There are still many secrets hidden at this school, but I don't have time to explore them anymore. Before the fight between Chang Wenyu and the painter reaches the end, I have to gather more power.

Chen Ge did not care about the forbidden zones; he knew that the place was hiding Zhang Ya's past. Perhaps when the door at Western Jiujiang Private Academy was pushed open, Zhang Ya had already been there, and she had stayed in the female dormitory.

Turning souls into candy, spirits into dolls, and trapping Specters inside chair, that does sound like Zhang Ya, but I believe she had her reasons.

Chen Ge led Xu Yin and the headless woman and stopped before the students who blocked his way.

"I do not ask that you support me, but if you think I do make sense, if you don't feel happiness at this school and have been bullied, please do not stop me."

These people heard what Chen Ge said for the first time in their lives. After all, in this school, it was rare for someone to hold onto hope. Yet, this man wanted the despairing souls to feel happiness and find salvation? That was preposterous in their mind. These seniors in dark-colored uniforms had given up such thoughts a long time ago. The longer they stayed at the school, the more they understood that there was no hope there. This was a nightmare filled with despair that they could not escape from.

It was unclear who first took a step to the side, but more people followed, moving to open a path. It was unclear whether they believed him or were afraid of the Red Specters behind Chen Ge—perhaps it was both. When the seniors retreated, something that sounded like thunder came from outside the school. The surrounding fog gathered around Chen Ge and stuck to his body. It seemed to wish to consume him but realized that Chen Ge was not a Specter, so it could not enter his body.

"Something has changed with the school's consciousness. Is it because I have gained more of the students' approval?" Chen Ge knew full well that the school's consciousness was made up from the students, and changing the students' mind was changing the school's mind.

The students did not stop Chen Ge, and that was outside Mr. Lei's expectation. Seeing that Chen Ge was about to leave, he yelled, "The female dormitory is a forbidden zone. Since you said that you are doing this for the students, trespassing into the forbidden zone is your way of doing that, is it? Trespassing will lead to salvation?"

Chen Ge ignored him, and that caused Mr. Lei to get angrier. "The scariest monsters and the strongest curses are hiding in the forbidden zones. Not only will trespassing into them harm you, it will harm everyone! They trust you that much, but you're leading them to their death!"

The staff were the school's consciousness' executioner. They would stop Chen Ge, which was within Chen Ge's expectations.

Chen Ge stopped and turned to look at Mr. Lei. "Then, do you dare to make a bet with me? If I can walk out of this forbidden zone safely, do not come and block me anymore and say things like I will harm the others."

"What if you lose?" Mr. Lei had a fiery temper, but he had toned down a lot before Chen Ge.

"If I lose, it means that I will have died inside the forbidden zone; the bet would be null and void." Chen Ge made sense. Before Mr. Lei answered, he walked away.

Walking past the seniors, Chen Ge entered the female dormitory and walked to the fourth floor. The road ahead was blocked by a bunch of trash, and a wooden board stood next to it, barring people from entry. Looking through the gap, Che Ge saw a faded red chair placed in the middle of the corridor. The chair was placed there like there was someone sitting there.

"Come, let's go take a look." The scene that he saw was similar to the scenario in Western Jiujiang Private Academy.

"Looks like I've come to the right place." Everyone had their secrets, including Zhang Ya. There were many secrets around her, and the more Chen Ge interacted with her, the more curious he became. "Arrestingly beautiful and impossibly strong with a mysterious past, such a girl has found me…"

Chen Ge had Xu Yin and Bai Qiulin clear away the trash, and they entered the fourth floor of the female dormitory.

They only took a few steps when Chen Ge felt a tug on his shoulder. He turned back to see Xu Yin looking at him.

"What's wrong?" After finding his heart, Xu Yin had become more expressive, and he moved to stand before Chen Ge. Without saying a word, Chen Ge could understand what he meant. This place made him feel danger, so he volunteered to lead the way.


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