My House of Horrors
864 Han Song
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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864 Han Song

How could Yin Hong's current feeling toward Chen Ge be described? She wanted to hit him, but she did not dislike him.

While Yin Hong was caught in this conundrum, Chen Ge had already taken her hand and started to talk with the boy who was bullied. Perhaps it was the cute Yin Hong who had lowered the student's alertness, or perhaps he realized that Chen Ge was scarier than the bullies in the classroom, but no matter the reason, his attitude toward Chen Ge was very kind.

"Why did they bully you?" Chen Ge reached out to support the student in Taekwondo outfit. "Don't hesitate to tell us anything."

"We wanted to start a Taekwondo club, but the school would not allow it, so we started one ourselves."

"Wait, so the club is having the other kids beat you up?" Chen Ge felt like the child was not telling the truth.

"I am the training partner—that's how all the newcomers started. There were a few others before me, they were unable to hold on, so it was my turn…" As the student explained, his tear fell. His body was fragile, like his soul was about to disperse.

"Don't be so hard on him." Yin Hong walked out from behind Chen Ge. "That big fellow is a Red Specter."

She pulled on Chen Ge's shirt to signal him to walk toward the door to prevent him from falling into an accidental death.

"A Red Specter?" Chen Ge had thought that the student was just a Half Red Specter; he trusted Yin Yang Vision too much.

"Yes, and he's a very scary Red Specter." A cute canine tooth showed when Yin Hong's lips curled into a smile. "His name is Han Song, and he suffers from giantism. He has been gawked at since he was young, and everyone is afraid of him. Afterward, when people notice that he's not that clever and is an honest person, many boring people started to play pranks on him. Those people call themselves his friends, but in reality, they were merely ordering him around and treating him as a tool… or perhaps more like an animal. The saddest thing was all this happened at school, so his family had no idea. He was so happy to have found some friends, and his parents even invited his bullies to his home as guests."

"Then how did he enter the door? If it was just physical bullying, with his physical condition, he could have easily pushed back against those who bullied him." Ol' Bai was worried about Chen Ge, so he followed them in. When he saw the Half Red Specter, he thought that he could take him down.

"This is the harshest form of bullying, emotional abuse. No one bullied him physically. They isolated him, verbally attacked him, and ostracized him, making him feel like a monster." Chen Ge was familiar with all that. "There are worthless creatures who like to put others down to satisfy themselves. They are filled with malice. The more the kid wants to make others think that he is not a monster, the more they will make him feel that way."

"Yes, that was the type of bullying Han Song ran into. One time, they pushed him to the edge, and they got into an argument. As a result, Han Song was punished; it was Han Song who was injured, but the parents came at him madly. They wanted Han Song expelled because they felt like it was too dangerous for their students to be around someone who was so violent and dumb." There was a cold smirk on Yin Hong's lips. Her eyes were red like she was planning to destroy all life forms.

"And then what happened?"

"The school did not punish anyone, but the emotional abuse on Han Song worsened. Their actions toward Han Song slowly crossed the line. Their school once had a Taekwondo club. None of the other clubs were willing to accept Han Song—the Taekwondo club was the only exception. But afraid of him acting out, they only gave him the role of a training partner, or more precisely, a human punching bag. Han Song valued this chance a lot. But people refused to let him be and joined the club as well. You can imagine what happened next." Yin Hong pointed at the male student next to Chen Ge. "That was what he experienced; outside the door, he was bullied, but here, he became a bully."

"Why do you know so much about Han Song?" Chen Ge was curious.

"We came from the same school." Yin Hong did not continue. She seemed to have been reminded of something unhappy.

"Okay, I know what to do now." Chen Ge looked at the students in the room and took out the red high heels. "Han Song probably thought that, by bullying others and instilling fear in them, no one would dare bully him again."

"What do you plan to do?" Yin Hong always had trouble understanding Chen Ge.

"I wish to tell him that is a bad idea." Before Chen Ge finished, a roar echoed through the ground. Han Song, who had been pressed onto the ground earlier, slowly stood up with his hands on the wall. His coat was drenched in blood, and his body was expanding. A horrible stench filled the room, and worm-like wounds could be seen on his exposed skin.

"How did those wound from?"

"I have no idea. I only know about what happened to him at school. Perhaps he ran into something else outside of school." This was the first time that Yin Hong had seen Han Song being pushed into such a corner.

"The reason he is behind the door probably has to do with his family." Chen Ge looked at the maddened Han Song, and he was surprised. Facing the attacks from the headless woman and Xu Yin, he did not get injured too much. "The guy has a single attack style but can sure take a beating."

Chen Ge could not waste too much time there. He said something to the heels he was holding, but the heels did not react. He had no other option but to toss the heels right at Han Song. "Big Sister, please help. If I can't leave this place, you can't either. I give you a verbal promise now. If I can leave this school alive, I will give you freedom, and we will not owe each other anything."

Yin Hong looked at Chen Ge like he was dumb, but she did not expect what would happen next. The sound of heels clicking echoed in the room, and red footprints appeared on tables and chair before finally appearing on Han Song's body. Soon, the footprints turned into small black lines and crawled into Han Song's body. This was the curse that the heels was most familiar with. After consuming the ghost fetus' curse, the heels' power seemed to have grown. The three Red Specters cooperated to pin Han Song down, but even until the stage of almost being dispersed, he refused to surrender.

The color on his coat faded, and his actions slowed down. The red in Han Song's eyes slowly disappeared—he seemed to have seen his old self.

Nothing had changed…

The wounds on his body increased. Seeing as Han Song was about to be consumed by the three Red Specters, the door opened, and a fat old man rushed in.


The headmaster's heart wrenched just from hearing the sounds from outside the door. After he came in, he was given a shock. Wherever he looked, there was red.

Chen Ge signaled for them to stop and turned to the old headmaster. "They bullied others first. When I came in, they were hitting that child. I did nothing wrong."

"Really? But I only see you bullying others!" The old headmaster looked at the student on the floor. The student in Taekwondo gear did not seem like he wanted to get into trouble, so he stammered through gibberish.

Han Song was collapsed on the ground. The scene before his eyes felt familiar.


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