My House of Horrors
862 Chen Ge“s Plan
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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862 Chen Ge“s Plan

Flashes of the past appeared in Chen Ge's mind, and the many coincidences now appeared to be linked together. They might not have been as coincidental as Chen Ge had previously thought.

Chang Wenyu and the painter, who should I help?

When he first obtained the black phone, Chen Ge had made a choice, and that choice had changed his life, giving him the right to find the truth.

Even though School of the Afterlife is a four-star scenario, there is no door-pusher. There must be plenty who have their eyes on this piece of meat.

At first, Chen Ge had treated the doors as some kind of burden, but under Doctor Gao's 'influence' and 'teaching', he had slowly come to understand the doors' importance. If used well, the doors could do many things. Viewed from this angle, Doctor Gao was both Chen Ge's enemy and guide. Doctor Gao wanted to absorb Chen Ge into the ghost story society and make Chen Ge his assistant; that was a fair plan, but there were too many accidents during the process. Even though, in the end, Chen Ge did join the society, by then, he was the only member left.

If Fan Yu is really the painter, this will be very interesting.

Chen Ge did not hate the painter. He did not have a good impression of him—he merely thought that the painter was different than any of the other Red Specters that he had met. There were so many powerful Specters and ghosts behind the door, but the painter was the only Specter who wished to use his own power to change the world behind the door. This idea was crazy. Some Specters wanted revenge, others wanted rebirth, but the painter was different. He did not wish to return to the real world, instead wishing to create a different 'reality' behind the door. If he succeeded, the line between the world behind the door and the real world would become even blurrier. Chen Ge had no idea what that meant, only thinking that would be very dangerous.

There are too many people who have their eyes on the School of the Afterlife. The blood red city that is expanding, the cursed hospital that is seen everywhere, and not to mention Chang Wenyu. If he wishes to succeed in this condition, he will need the help of a powerful Greater Red Specter.

Chen Ge's heart skipped a beat when this thought crossed his mind.

If Zhang Ya becomes a Greater Red Specter, does that mean I can help him complete his wish?

Shaking his head, Chen Ge soon vetoed this idea. The more chaotic the school was, the better it was for him.

I am friends with Xiao Fan outside the door, but I have had no interaction with the painter inside the door. Even if I help him, he might not appreciate the help. If anything, he might harm me after the fact.

Chen Ge knew that the Fan Yu outside the door was an innocent child, but he was very cautious toward the painter inside the door. After he completed the Trial Mission at Mu Yang High School, the police had come to the scene and dug up Fan Yu's parents' bodies from inside the well. Then Fan Yu's aunt had been swift to admit that she had killed Fan Yu's adopted father. She had claimed that it was an accident. She had wanted to stop tragedy from happening but failed. There was a giant loophole in her claim. She was just a fragile woman, so how did she 'accidentally' kill a murderer who was extremely experienced?

The police at the time had thought that it was a strange claim as well, but other than Fan Yu's aunt, there were no other survivors who were related to this case, so in the end, they had to accept her claim, ending the case that had happened years prior. Now that he thought about it, however, there was another surviving victim of this case, and that was Fan Yu.

The deepest secret on his heart is hidden in this well. Perhaps it was then that he entered the door.

Chen Ge would never forget Fan Yu because he was his haunted house's first special visitor.

The old headmaster knew about the fact that Fan Yu entered the school and knew that Mu Yang High School's appearance in the School of the Afterlife is due to Fan Yu's memory. He would not have found out all that alone, so the biggest possibility is that someone told him about this.

At the place, the only people who would help the old headmaster are my parents. First Yin Hong and then Fan Yu. Are they trying to tell me something through the old headmaster?

Chen Ge could not guess his parent's thoughts.

Are they trying to tell me something through my interaction with Yin Hong and Fan Yu? After this mission is over, the ghost fetus might come to find me. I don't have much time left. Is it because they are worried about me and wish for me to know about the fetus' weakness through the painter? After all, the ghost fetus is my shadow, and in a way, he is my darker self.

After knowing certain things, Chen Ge slowly calmed down. He pulled the headmaster out from the well. "We will go back to the school."

"Okay." The only escape had become a dead end, but the headmaster felt lucky in a way. "Thankfully, you found me, or else I really wouldn't know how to leave."

"There's no need for that." Chen Ge led the old headmaster and retraced their steps. When they removed the wooden plank, there was a small accident. The blood sun that covered the school kept dropping, and it dispersed the blood fog around Chen Ge and almost discovered them. Returning safely to the school, Chen Ge took out the tools to pin the boards back up. That way, it would be hard to tell that someone had tampered with the school.

"Where should we go next? Are you trying to get the school's approval?" The old headmaster took Yin Hong's hand and followed behind Chen Ge. Yin Bai looked at the headmaster innocently, as if wondering what kind of mistake she had made.

"Other than myself, you also need to get the school's approval." Chen Ge's reply stunned the old headmaster.

"Me? Why?"

"You are the key to everything," Chen Ge said seriously. "Even though the school has consumed many souls, it was because it wished to provide a home for these despairing children. Currently, this home is very chaotic as it lacks a qualified manager."

The headmaster nodded subconsciously. "Yes, the world behind a door that has lost control is very scary."

Chen Ge did not pick up on what the headmaster said but continued on his own. "From how I see it, no one is more suitable to manage this school than you."

"Me?" The old headmaster, who was lamenting the state of the school, was baffled, and he quickly shook his hands. "Stop kidding…"

"Don't hurry to deny it. We can talk about this after gaining the school's approval." Chen Ge looked confident.

"Fine, what is your plan?" The old headmaster could only follow Chen Ge; he had no other choice.

"Simple, Yin Hong has lived here for so long, so she should know who people normally shy from. Later, we'll bulldoze over all of them." Chen Ge looked at the headmaster with a smile. "I will be the bad cop, and you'll be the good cop. I'll use force to correct force, and you only need to be yourself."


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