My House of Horrors
853 I“ve Been Searching so Long for You
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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853 I“ve Been Searching so Long for You

The library was at the center of the School of the Afterlife. After Chen Ge left the mirror in the library, he was given a glimpse of the real School of the Afterlife. But as he walked toward the edge of the school, more strange things started to appear around him. The school was huge, but the students and staff mostly gathered at the center of the school; the classrooms and rooms at outer edges of the school were mostly empty.

If they were just empty rooms, it would have been fine, but upon a closer inspection, Chen Ge realized that there were various stains left in those classrooms. Some of the classrooms appeared to have been soaked in water. The wooden tables and chairs were sodden, and they gave off a strange smell. Some of the classrooms were barred with wooden boards. Looking through the gaps, he saw that all the drawers were pinned down with nails as if someone was afraid that the things inside the drawers might escape.

That was not the strangest part. When Chen Ge walked down a corridor that was far away from the center of the school, he saw an abandoned hall. The decoration of the hall was similar to the hall that he had seen when he went to challenge Xin Hai's Haunted House. The Haunted House in Xin Hai was replicated according to the diary, so the real owner of the diary had spent their life at this hall before.

Chen Ge had read the diary himself, but he realized that the description inside the diary and the real School of the Afterlife did not match up. A banner that welcomed new students hung on the wall, and several mannequins stood on the cement stage. They had cheery expressions, and stuck on their backs were pieces of paper with various negative emotions like anger and envy written on them.

These mannequins are smiling so happily when facing the students, but the words on their backs are negative emotions. Is this some kind of hint?

When Chen Ge passed the hall, he clearly saw the mannequins on stage moved their heads toward him, and the expressions on their faces changed. There was something special about this hall—a scary presence should preside there.

"What are you looking at? Look some more and I'll consume all of you."

Through the window, Chen Ge yelled threats at the mannequins like a big bully. The mannequins reacted cleverly. They swiftly turned their heads back as if everything that Chen Ge had seen earlier was just an illusion.

"If I was not in a hurry to find the old headmaster, do you think I would let you go so easily?" Chen Ge stared at the mannequin that had glanced at him earlier. "It's pointless to hide. I've remembered you."

There were many strange rooms at the School of the Afterlife. It was like a box of chocolate with different flavors for Chen Ge; he had no idea what he would encounter next.

I've only checked the western side of the school. If the other parts of the school are also like this, then this scenario is enormous.

The thought that he had a chance to move such a scenario to his Haunted House caused Chen Ge's eyes to turn red. To be able to possess such a large, complicated, and scary scenario should be the life-long dream of every Haunted House owner.

Just the School of the Afterlife alone covers all the scary scenarios related to schools. There are numerous classrooms and rooms for me to transform. I can even replicate all the stories I heard at the Ghost Stories Society here!

Unfortunately, the scenario unlocked by the black phone is only a shell. I will need to find the employees and stories to fill it up myself.

The thought of the black phone made Chen Ge calm down again. It was as if he was being splashed by a pail of cold water while standing next to a fireplace in winter. The backpack had been found, and everything but the black phone had been there. Based on current information, the most likely scenario was that it had been taken away by Chang Wenyu.

I was too careless. I shan't let this happen again.

Chen Ge was good at analyzing the situation. He would take note of everything that he had experienced so that he could correct issues little by little. Finally, he would burn the records. It was this caution that allowed him to survive until now.

After leaving this place, I should make a few customized phones that looks similar to the black phone and hide a Specter inside each of them.

A while of running later, the white painted walls started to have the doodling of children. The amount of litter on the ground increased, and trash appeared around the corner. The stench of blood in the air lightened, and in its place was the smell of burning. "We're almost there. Be careful of the surroundings."

Chen Ge opened the comic to release the smelly boy from Western Jiujiang Private Academy. He was a special Specter. He had no shape or form and was made up of a bad smell. That meant that he was not easily injured and could protect his teammates from a large area. Walking forward, the paint on the wall started to peel to reveal the black and red bricks behind it. Signs of a fire started to appear.

"This should be the place." Chen Ge got Yin Bai to stand beside him. "Your grandfather is in a dangerous situation now. Someone is trying to harm him, and only we can save him."

Yin Bai's only family was the old headmaster. Hearing the stern warning from Chen Ge, she was rightfully frightened.

"Are you sure he hasn't told you any other information?"

"Yes, there's nothing else."

"Then, we'll have to look through the place ourselves." Chen Ge tried to see things from the old headmaster's perspective. Both Yin Hong and Yin Bai were part of Lee Xueyin. He would not just escape with Yin Hong and abandon Yin Bai. Chen Ge had no idea what was at the end of the School of the Afterlife. The closer he was to the edge, the greater the anxiety in his heart. After walking down two corridors, the scene before him changed completely. Signs of a fire were all over the walls, and rubble littered the ground.

"This place looks familiar." Chen Ge walked to one of the classrooms. He pushed lightly on the charred wooden door, and it collapsed easily. He looked at the tables and chairs in the rooms. His fingers touched them gingerly. "I've seen these arrangements in Mu Yang High School before. This classroom…"

A pinprick of pain came from his fingertip. Chen Ge then noticed that there were lines of words carved into the surface of the table, and he had seen the exact writing when he first explored Mu Yang High School.

Why would Mu Yang High School's classroom appear in the old section of the School of the Afterlife? Is this just a coincidence, or is the entire School of the Afterlife made up of various abandoned schools?

Chen Ge wanted to confirm the thought, so he hurried to the last classroom of the corridor. Walking down the corridor, when Chen Ge pushed open the door of the last classroom, he was baffled.

Each of the chairs in the classrooms had a burned school uniform on it, and in the middle of the room sat a cute, obedient girl. She looked eighty percent identical to Yin Bai.

Just across the girl stood a rotund old man. He was facing away from Chen Ge, but even from the back, Chen Ge felt he looked very familiar.


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