My House of Horrors
846 Third Path
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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846 Third Path

Chen Ge saved the video of how he punished the bullies on Lin Sisi's phone; he was not afraid of leaving behind evidence. He wished for everyone to know that there was someone at this school who dared to stand up to school bullying. For that, the video had to be convincing. Chen Ge chose a good angle for the shoot. He did not include his own employees in the video, only himself and the bullies. Those who did not know the truth might think Chen Ge dealt with the numerous bullies alone just from viewing the video. After the video was completed, all the bullies crumpled to the ground. The way they looked at Chen Ge was filled with terror.

"This time, you have all been taught a lesson, right?" Chen Ge stopped interacting with the bullies. He put down the bags and lay down on the ground to cover his body with the dust. Then he tore parts of his shirt and pants out before finally daubing his body with blood. "One has to look heroic."

The employees had already gotten used to his way of thinking. They pitied the bullies for having encountered their boss. Summoning the employees back, Chen Ge moved with one hand on the wall. He needed to return to the nurse's office. Before he got that far, as he was turning a corner, Chen Ge bumped into someone who was rushing his way.

The bullies' helper? No matter who the person was, after Chen Ge was bumped into, he staggered backward to introduce some distance between them.

"Chen Ge!" It was a round face that entered Chen Ge's eyes. The person had an unassuming look with a little baby fat. His eyes were wide with worry.

"Lee Bing?" The boy was Chen Ge's deskmate. When Chen Ge was bullied earlier, he had maintained his silence to prevent himself from being target. Even if he communicated with Chen Ge, it was through paper notes. "Why are you here?"

"I…" Seeing how ruffled Chen Ge was, with the torn clothes, the dusty outfit, and the blood on his body, he panicked. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

"Why are you apologizing? I have no time to talk. If you're not one of the bullies, then move away." The blood sun that was covering the school was changing, Chen Ge was in a hurry to get to the nurse's office.

"I'm here to help you! I've already told the teachers!" Lee Bing said with determination. The change in his attitude was out of Chen Ge's expectations. "That is the only way I can help you. Please stop angering them, they are familiar with ruffians outside of school. There are many of them, and the students with good results are also on their side. If you continue to do this, you'll only hurt yourself."

"I'm thankful that you're willing to stand forth to help me, but in certain matters, I will not compromise." Chen Ge leaned against the wall weakly. "I am a rational person. What's wrong is wrong, and what's right is right. If it's wrong and I have to say that it's right because of social pressure, I can't do something like that."

"That's what I'm asking you to do! I'm just trying to teach you how to survive at this school!" Lee Bing advised. Chen Ge understood that his intentions were kind.

"I know you mean well, but there has to be someone who dares to stand up to the bullies." Chen Ge wiped the blood off his collar, and his tone was harsh. "Facing against the group of bullies and helping the bullied, everyone knows that is hard to do. Why should we sacrifice ourselves for others? But have you considered this? Just because everyone thinks like that, that is why those bullies dare to push so far into their madness!"

Chen Ge's voice was rising. "I have faith that human nature is kind, and most people mean well. If the majority of people are kind, then why should we be bullied by those who are in the minority?"

Lee Bing's lips fell open; he did not know what to say.

"Let me tell you the answer—kindness is easily mistaken as weakness. No one dares speak, no one dares stand up, so those b*stards trample over everyone." Chen Ge grabbed Lee Bing's hand and pressed it against his heart. The spot was wet with the blood of the gangsters. "Kind people like us make up the majority. People just doesn't dare speak up. Thus, we need a person to lead by example."

Lee Bing finally understood Chen Ge's intention. "So, you purposely provoked the bullies in class?"

"No matter the time or place, bullying is wrong. They do not realize their mistake, and I will use my own method to remind them." Chen Ge reached out to grab Lee Bing's shoulders. "I cannot fall. I have to prove to everyone that the bullies are not impervious; there is no need for us to be afraid of them! Everyone can stand up on their own, criticize them bravely, and look down on their mistakes! If everyone had a consciousness like that, before the bullying even has a chance to occur, it would be stopped!"

To be honest, Lee Bing had stopped listening a while back. He merely felt that Chen Ge was right, and the emotions caused his blood to boil.

"There are only four bullies in total. This time, you came forth to help me. If the other students were like you, just imagine how many would be on our side? Wouldn't our number be greater than the bullies?"

Lee Bing nodded. Although he probably still would not dare come out to help Chen Ge before the bullies, at least his perspective had started to change.

"Come with me. We're going somewhere." Chen Ge wanted to take Lee Bing to the nurse's office. A plan was forming in his mind.

"Where are we going? The teachers will be here soon, and those who tried to bully you…"

Before Lee Bing finished, Chen Ge passed him Lin Sisi's phone. "This time, I won. If, one day, I fall down, I hope you will learn not to bow down to them."

After finishing the video and looking at the dust and blood on Chen Ge's clothes, Lee Bing's conviction was shaken. His despair was shattered, and hope bloomed in his heart. The two raced toward the nurse's office. There were no students in the corridors, but there were staff occasionally bustling about.

"Come in with me." Chen Ge led Lee Bing into the nurse's room. They headed right for Yan Fei's bed. "In this bed lies Yan Fei."

Lee Bing felt guilty toward Yan Fei. He hesitated a long time before he pulled the white curtain aside. Seeing Yan Fei in bed, Lee Bing apologized several times. What caught Chen Ge's attention was that Yan Fei, who would not respond to him, moved his fingers after seeing Lee Bing, and his eyes slowly wandered to fall on Lee Bing.

They were once good friends.

Chen Ge did not waste time on platitudes. He took out Lin Sisi's phone, opened the video, and showed it to Lee Bing.

"They will not be able to bully you again." Chen Ge repeated what he had told Lee Bing. He hoped that Yan Fei would understand what he had done because this was the path that he had chosen, a path different from the painter and Chang Wenyu.


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