My House of Horrors
827 The Remover
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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827 The Remover

Not just Zhou Tu, the other thirteen easels in the middle of the room had also started to change. The blood expanded on the paintings, and the originally inverted paintings started to morph. The side that was normal was overwhelmed by blood, and screams escaped from inside the paintings.

"Mr. Bai, what is happening?"

All the paintings in the room could be split into upper and lower halves. The upper half reflected real life while the lower half was covered in red. When the blood red color started to spread, the characters originally belonging to the lower part of the paintings started to crawl to the other side, following the blood. They used various methods, utilizing the tools in the paintings to kill the normal versions of themselves.

The inverted world was being destroyed. The strange thing was that more blood vessels leaked out from the characters who were killed inside the paintings, and they all rushed toward the thirteenth easel. The picture on the painting started to sharpen. Everyone's blood started to combine together to create a red dress.


The pale-looking Zhou Tu was slammed against the ground by the blood vessels. His body was damaged like a sponge that had been overstretched. The blood mist that enveloped him thickened, and they slowly flowed toward the fourteenth easel. The girl's dress fluttered in the sea of blood. Screaming faces were printed on the dress, and her feet stepped on screaming souls; it was like a flower blooming in the depths of despair. Compared to everything around her, she appeared so unique and different. Standing inside the cage made of negative emotions and curses, the dress was the world's brightest red.

"This painting…"

As the blood gathered, the fourteenth painting became clearer. On the mirror shards that littered the ground, she stood barefooted in the abandoned school. The blood red dress stuck to her skin. Her snow-white neck was arced back like a bloody swan. The painting only had the girl's back. Even with everything from the previous thirteen paintings, they only managed to carve out her back. Standing before the paintings, Chen Ge could not help himself from moving to the fourteenth painting. He was certain in his heart that the girl inside the painting was none other than Zhang Ya!

"Everyone is here. Those I've saved, those that have saved me. Those I've killed and those that have killed me. Everyone is finally here." The man's voice echoed again. When the first sentence was uttered, it was a male voice, but as it continued, the voice started to become more unisex.

"Who are you? How do you know what she looks like?" Chen Ge stood next to the fourteenth painting. "Where is she?"

Zhang Ya was hibernating in his shadow. Chen Ge was worried that the enemy might make use of this opportunity to harm her. After all, the school might belong to a Greater Red Specter. There was no reply. The voice slowly disappeared amid the dripping sound. All the paintings in the art room were filled with blood. Rationality and artistry were destroyed by brute force, and only a bloody stain remained.

Why is Zhang Ya the fourteenth painting? Has all of this been planned?

Inside the four-star scenario, Chen Ge felt so miniscule. Even with so many club members by his side, he felt unsafe; he had merely been able to keep his anxiety in check.

Before things ended for real, Chen Ge would not expose his real thoughts. But this time, it was different. When he saw Zhang Ya appear in the painting, his heart had jumped into his throat.

Zhang Ya is related to the School of the Afterlife! This time, Zhang Ya is not my trump card but one of the chess pieces!

Fourteen paintings represented fourteen people. One of them had Lin Sisi's signature, and one of them recorded Zhou Tu's death. Chen Ge had already met the owner of the school and possibly brushed shoulders with him in the school.

They were competitors and also partners. To achieve the final goal, there was no bottom line that they would not cross.

The goals in School of the Afterlife are escaping and finding a scapegoat. The person who will end up bearing all the negative emotions behind the door will probably be chosen from one of the fourteen painters.

Chen Ge had no idea what was going to happen next. Everyone in the school was looking for a scapegoat, so he suspected that was the owner's plan as well. After all, the door's pusher had already been consumed by Zhang Ya. So, theoretically speaking, the owner of this school was himself a scapegoat.

This four-star scenario is huge, and it's nowhere near ending. To support a door like this, one would be under enormous negative emotions.

The art room was located at the very end of the corridor. The change here had started to affect the rest of the building. Blood red paint leaked into the walls, and blood vessels crept along them like a type of extremely resilient plant that sucked on dead bodies as nutrients. The people in the paintings were bleeding. They beat on the surface of the paintings repeatedly with scary expressions, but they were unable to escape from the paintings.

"Quick… you have to leave!" Zhou Tu, who was now as thin as stick, woke up from his unconsciousness. His raised his twig-like arm and grabbed Zhang Ju beside him. "He's coming. The painter is coming."

"The painter?" Zhang Ju was sure that this was the first time that he had heard the term in that setting, but for some reason, when he heard the term, his body naturally started to shake.

Just the mention of a word caused a Half Red Specter to shiver, which was unimaginable for Chen Ge.

"We need to leave this place first.' Chen Ge signaled for Zhang Ju and Zhu Long to carry Zhou Tu. He was the first to rush to the door and pull it open. A stench and chill rushed into the room, causing Chen Ge to take several steps back. He looked a closer look and saw a man in a red uniform leaning against the door outside. His body was tilted, and he leaned against the door like he was eavesdropping.

"A Red Specter…" When Chen Ge first came to the lab building, he had run into this Specter, but he had been lucky last time to have escaped.

"Are you one of the staff here as well? This place is not safe. If you wish to talk this out with us, we can go to another place first." Chen Ge tried to communicate with the man, but before he even finished, a scent of blood drifted from behind him.

"Be careful!" Zhang Ju and Zhu Long stood either side of Chen Ge, and they were each stepping on top of a ghostly face.

Lowering his head to look, Chen Ge noticed that the Red Specter outside the door seemed to have the hobby of collecting human faces. On the floor where he was standing, many human faces were squeezed around him.

Ding Dong Ding Dong…

The sound of metal clanking came out from the Specter's waist. His red uniform was blown open by the wind to reveal the various autopsy tools that were hidden underneath.


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