My House of Horrors
811 The Other Side of the Wall
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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811 The Other Side of the Wall

Looking at the unconscious Wang Yicheng, Chen Ge 's emotions did not recover for a long time; he had just obtained a very important piece of information from what Wang Yicheng had said. The person who lured Lin Sisi into the toilet was none other than Wang Yicheng!

Who would have thought the most crucial person has been at my side all along?

Chen Ge was thankful that he had not lost his kind nature after entering the door. When he first approached Wang Yicheng, he did not think too much of it. He merely wanted to help after seeing how helpless the young man was. Honestly, he had done what he had set out to do; Wang Yicheng now had a few more new friends, and these new friends would not look down on or bully him.

Through what Wang Yicheng said, Chen Ge had a brief grasp of what had happened. Wang Yicheng and Lin Sisi both shared Room 413. For various reasons, they were both ostracized. However, they took the segregation differently due to the difference in personality. Wang Yicheng chose to suffer the ostracization silently, whereas Lin Sis came up with ideas to get people's attention. Technically, the two could not be considered friends but bullying victims who found each other.

The students hated Lin Sisi a lot and decided to disguise as ghosts to scare him in the toilet on the top floor of the education block to take revenge on him. To lure Lin Sisi there, they enlisted the help of Wang Yicheng, who could be said to share a good relationship with Lin Sisi. Chen Ge had no idea how those people managed to persuade Wang Yicheng, but he knew that, in the end, Wang Yicheng promised to do their bidding. Wang Yicheng was not entirely guilty, but he was the hand that pushed Lin Sisi over the abyss.

"Quick! Before Wang Yicheng wakes up, we need to get away from those people behind us."

Chen Ge was very careful. He went to several places and only sighed in relief when he did not see white-clothed people following them.

The atmosphere on the western campus was slowly becoming abnormal. There were more and more people in white milling about. Chen Ge was not going to stay any longer, so he led his club members to the trash collection center.

"Mr. Bai, are those people in white schoolteachers as well? How come I've not seen them before? Why are they chasing us?" Zhu Long had many questions.

"They are not teachers but admin staff who are tasked with maintaining order on the western campus. Regarding why they're chasing us…" Chen Ge placed the fainted Wang Yicheng on the ground. "It is because of him and the rest of you."


"Yes, this school is not as simple as you might think. If you compare it to a human brain, the western campus is where they deal with various positive emotions while the eastern campus is responsible for the negative emotions and trash." Chen Ge used a normal analogy to explain the situation. "The western campus only has good memories, and all the trash has to be transported to the eastern campus. But how can people only have good memories in their lives?"

"So, we have forgotten many of our memories?" Zhang Ju was very clever. Before Chen Ge finished, he already grasped the point.

"Yes, your forgotten memories are filled with despair, and those things are treated at trash by the western campus. Once those memories loosen or awaken, you will be sent to the eastern campus," Chen Ge told them with a serious tone. "Now that you know the truth, do you still wish to continue searching for your memory?"

"I do," Zhu Long promised without hesitation. "This inability to remember what I've done is very jarring. If this continues, I'll go insane. Even if the memory is bad, I wish to remember everything."

"I also wish to know what kind of memory I've lost. Without it, it feels like I am incomplete, like… I'm some kind of monster." Zhang Ju's hand brushed against the scar on his face. His eyes were filled with complicated emotions. It was hard to tell what he was thinking.

"You've all lost your minds! Crazy!" Zhou Tu kept mumbling. He was like a trapped rabbit, bouncing where he was.

"Since you didn't say no, I'll take that as a yes." Chen Ge picked up Wang Yicheng from the ground. "Actually, there is one more advantage in us going to the eastern campus now. The people who are on our tail wish to send us to the eastern campus, but they will never expect us to go to the eastern campus on our own."

"Is there a difference?"

"If we go over there willingly, we can still retain our 'human' selves. If we're sent there, I'm afraid you'll forget even more things." Chen Ge gave the members a few words of consolation. "The eastern campus is not as scary as you imagine. As long as we're careful, we'll be fine."

Carrying Wang Yicheng, Chen Ge opened the door of the western campus' trash collection center. The place was very clean, unlike the one on the eastern campus' side.

"Do not touch anything in here and stay away from those doors." Chen Ge did not know whether the western trash collection center was manned or not. Before going in, he gave the students some ropes. "There is a little window on the second floor. Later, I'll come out from the window to get up the wall. Watch how I do it and just follow my lead."

"What about Wang Yicheng?'

"Tie him up with the rope. Once I get on the wall, you guys work together to move him through the window, and I'll help pull him onto the wall." Wang Yicheng was short and thin; he was not that heavy. This was good news for Chen Ge.

"Be careful of your safety. Once you get on the second floor, do not linger, and follow my direction!" After he gave them the ropes, Chen Ge personally tied Wang Yicheng and tied the other end of the rope to himself before carrying him to the second floor. After ensuring that there was no one on the second floor, Chen Ge did not dawdle and headed for the window.

Opening the small window, Chen Ge very expertly stepped on the windowsill and jumped over to the top of the wall. "What are you guys waiting for? Quickly pass Wang Yicheng over to me."

The rope was tied to his body on one end, and the other end was attached to Wang Yicheng.

"Mr. Bai, do you teach sports?" Zhang Ju was the first to snap out of it. He raised Wang Yicheng out of the window.

"This is the second floor! Before careful." Zhu Long and Zhou Tu moved forward to help. The three worked together to move Wang Yicheng out.

After a long time, Chen Ge finally got Wang Yicheng onto the wall. He was one of the key characters that night, so Chen Ge could not leave him behind. Sitting on the wall again, Chen Ge's feelings were completely different from before.

He untied the rope on his body and leaned on the wall, starting to move slowly to make some space for the other students.

"Quick! Move faster!"

Chen Ge held Wang Yicheng and found some gaps amid the bricks and tied the rope through them. Next time, if they wanted to cross between the two campuses, they would not need to go through the trash collection center; they could use this rope that he had left behind.

The group used about ten minutes to cross over to the eastern campus. For those students from the western campus, the eastern campus was a completely unfamiliar place.


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