My House of Horrors
808 Black Leather Shoes
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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808 Black Leather Shoes

Chen Ge's eyes glowed from finding a crucial clue. The School of the Afterlife is a four-star mission, one I haven't encountered before, so all the previous experience I've gained is useless here. To learn more, I will have to go and investigate myself.

Chen Ge wondered just how intense one's hatred must be to be able to create such a large living nightmare; this was beyond the scale for even the combined power of both Doctor Gao and Zhang Ya.

Perhaps there is a door in the toilet, and when the students were pranking Lin Sisi, they accidentally opened the door.

Chen Ge's own Haunted House had a door. Until now, he had not dared to get any closer, so he predicted Lin Sisi might have been caught in the same situation. But while he had managed to avoid the door, Lin Sisi had opened the door.

No matter what the truth is, I have to go take a look at the toilet on the top floor of the education block!

The words did not specify whether the toilet was in the education block situated on the eastern campus or western campus. For the sake of being thorough, Chen Ge decided to check both places.

"Let's leave for now. I need you all to follow me to the lab building." Chen Ge had gathered enough information from underneath the bed. Staying in Room 413 served no more purpose. In fact, it might only arouse the other students' and staff's suspicion.

"The lab building? But haven't we just…" Wang Yicheng wanted to say something but was interrupted by Zhang Ju, who pulled on Wang Yicheng's shirt sleeves lightly. "Just listen to the teacher. We'll go wherever he wants."

Going to the lab was a smokescreen dropped by Chen Ge. The students in Room 413 had a negative attitude toward them, so once they left the room, Chen Ge would not put it past them to go and report Chen Ge's group to the staff.

"It's about time for lights out. We'll hurry back after getting the stuff we need." Chen Ge rearranged the bed and led the few club members out of Room 413. Along the way, they avoided arousing any other people's attention. After they left the male dormitory, Chen Ge saw many people hurrying toward the lab building like something serious had occurred.

"Zhu Long merely knocked the operating table over; that can be handled by the staff on duty. So, why are there so many people involved?" Chen Ge was very curious about the activity at the lab building, but he quickly stifled his curiosity. If he went there, it would be like walking into a trap, so the best choice was to avoid them for now.

"Sir, are we really going to the lab building? We just came from over there."

"No, we're going to education block one. We need to move quickly; we need to finish the investigation before we tip off the school." Chen Ge kept changing their movement. This way, it would ensure that if someone was on their tail, they would be puzzled and confused. The group ran in the direction opposite of the lab. As time passed, the campus was getting more and more deserted.

"Have any of you heard of a toilet-related ghost story?" Chen Ge asked while they moved. "Have any of you been to the toilet on the top floor of the education block?"

"No." The few students shook their heads.

"This school looks normal on the surface, but dangerous threats are hidden everywhere. When we get there, be sure to listen to my orders." Chen Ge took them on a detour around the campus to reach the education block. The education block was very imposing. There were three buildings in total, and they were all four stories tall.

The school apparently likes the number four a lot.

At this time, the education block was devoid of students. The classrooms were shrouded in darkness, and only the corridors had the lights on.

"This is my first time coming here so late in the day. I didn't notice it in the morning, but this place is quite scary at night." Wang Yicheng walked the slowest. Once they got close to the education block, his expression turned unnatural, like his body had a natural reluctance to come here. This change in the young man attracted Chen Ge's attention. This limping boy had possibly experienced something here in the past.

"Follow me closely. We are heading directly to the top floor. No matter what you see in the classrooms, do not go toward them." Chen Ge scanned the surroundings before entering the place. Each building had two staircases leading up and down, and the toilet was adjacent to the left staircase.

"Are we really going there?" Zhou Tu had trouble getting into Chen Ge's headspace. The latter's actions felt like there was a detailed plan behind it, but once Zhou Tu gave them a closer look, he realized that they were all without rhyme and reason. However, the man put on such a confident front that Zhou Tu wanted to crack Chen Ge's head open to see the master plan that was brewing inside for himself.

"Try to keep up," Zhang Ju reminded Zhou Tu kindly as he supported Wang Yicheng.

"Come on, this is a club activity." Zhu Long's eyes were bloodshot. Even though he was 1.8 meters tall, it did not feel out of place for him to carry a pink phone.

"I must have lost my mind to follow along this madness. Coming to the toilet to search for supernatural activity at night." Zhou Tu walked into the corridor unwillingly. The group did not stop as they headed to the top floor. The education block was quiet at night; it was a direct contrast to when it was daytime.

"Me and Zhang Ju will go in first. Zhu Long will be our direct back-up. Zhou Tu and Wang Yicheng, the two of you guard outside." Chen Ge grabbed the handle of the toilet door. He was about to push when someone grabbed his elbow.

"Sir, can we not go in?" Wang Yicheng was standing next to Chen Ge. His face was as white as sheet. Cold sweat slid down his face as his pupils darted about. "I just remembered something bad, and it happened right here!"

"What is it?" This was the first time that Chen Ge had seen such an expression on Wang Yicheng's face.

"I could only remember snippets of it. It was something that I was forced to participate in. In the end, only I didn't enter the toilet, so I was the only survivor. The rest who entered the toilet… all of them have died!" Wang Yicheng started to ramble on the verge of tears.

"Those who entered this toilet all died?" Chen Ge pressed on Wang Yicheng's hand lightly. "You're just a new student here. How would you know something like that?"

"I don't know! I didn't mean to do it! They were the one who forced me! Sir, we must leave now! Please do not open that door no matter what!" Wang Yicheng was in a pitiable state.

"I'm not going to give up now that we've reached this place." Chen Ge let go of Wang Yicheng's hand and pushed the toilet door open.

"No! Do not open that door!" With Wang Yicheng screaming, Chen Ge opened the toilet door and peered into the room. Plastic Halloween ghost masks littered the ground, and skulls and red handprints were left on the walls using paint. Entering the room would give one a feeling of being watched from all angles.

"So, this is how they pranked Lin Sisi." Chen Ge picked up one of the masks. After making sure that it was not dangerous, he placed it inside his bag.

He slowly walked further into the room. When he passed the first cubicle, he took out Lin Sisi's phone to snap several pictures. Everything was normal inside the toilet; there was nothing there that did not belong.

"Everything looks normal, but I keep have this feeling that something's not right." Chen Ge looked at the closed cubicle door. He reached out to push on it and realized that it would not budge.

"Is someone in there?" Chen Ge bent down to look through the bottom gap and saw a pair of black leather shoes sitting inside the cubicle.


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