My House of Horrors
805 Last Story
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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805 Last Story

"It's in the eastern campus?" Zhou Tu was obviously hesitant. He had received warnings from both the school and the seniors to stay away from the eastern campus, but they did not give a specific reason. However, from their tone, he could tell that the eastern campus was a very dangerous place.

"You guys have a deep misunderstanding about the eastern campus. It is actually not that different from here, but there are two different administrative styles to the management. The people there live in actual terror, but you guys live in a fake happiness." Chen Ge looked into Zhou Tu's eyes. "Compared to you lot, they are actually closer to hope because at least they know who they are and know how to achieve salvation."

Chen Ge did not lie to Zhou Tu; be it the students from eastern or western campus, they were both trapped in the school. The students of the western campus had their memories altered and kept repeated the life created by the culprit; the students of the eastern campus at least knew how to look for a scapegoat to try and find a way to escape.

"The students from the eastern campus are closer to hope? But I heard only trash that are not wanted by the western campus are sent to the eastern campus." Zhou Tu was slowly persuaded, but he still felt quite unsettled by the whole idea.

"No matter the standard use, any school that treats their students as trash has to be a trashy school itself, wouldn't you agree?" Chen Ge reached out to point at the tall wall separating the two campuses. "Do you know the purpose of this wall?"

"What is it?"

"It's because the school is afraid of the worlds going out of control. They utilized various methods to reconstruct societal order, but humanity is the most complicated thing in the world. No matter how they try to alter the memory, once something happens, the scar that has been left behind will forever be seared on the heart. Not remembering anything doesn't mean that it has not happened, so the school's plan is destined to fail from the beginning." Chen Ge kept saying things that the members failed to understand. They had no idea why Chen Ge would say these things, but they found themselves agreeing with him.

Those young men were naturally curious. Chen Ge kept telling them the truth about this school, and he finally managed to arouse their interest.

"So, are we going over there now? Honestly, I still have a hard time believing that the art room in my dream really exists within the eastern campus," Zhou Tu whispered cynically.

"Now is not the time." Chen Ge turned to glance at this shadow. The shadow from Room 413 was still alive, but its body had changed. If one looked closer, one would realize how Chen Ge's shadow was different from others. It was dark as ink like it was capable of swallowing the light. It seemed to have grown stronger. The potential of the shadow was a trump card for Chen Ge. After it had woken up, he would lead the students to the eastern campus and go after abandoned Specters. That way, he could not only improve his own power, he could muddy the waters at the school to provide some distraction for the other 'killer'.

Now is the time to gather strength. Before the culprit notices a small bug like myself, I need to gather as much strength as I can.

Chen Ge turned to look at Wang Yicheng. He knew a thing or two about the other members' stories, but he knew the least about this limping boy who had been the first member to join his club. "The next location we're going is Wang Yicheng's dormitory bedroom."

"My bedroom?" After hearing that, Wang Yicheng gave a strange reaction. He quickly shook his hands. "I don't think that's a good idea. There's nothing worth seeing in my bedroom."

"When you said that, your tone was higher than normal, and you also spoke faster. Other than that, your eyes were fluttering. You are really bad at lying." Chen Ge touched Wang Yicheng's shoulder lightly. "Why won't you let us go there? What are you worried about us seeing?"

"I…" Wang Yicheng thought about it for a long time but could not come up with an excuse. Finally, he turned his head away. "It's nothing. In that case, let's go now."


 Wang Yicheng lived in Room 413 of the western campus while Lin Sisi stayed at Room 413 of the eastern campus. The numbering of the room was similar, but in Room 413 of the western campus, other than the fourth bed, the other beds were occupied. Conversely, on the eastern campus, it was the total opposite; only the fourth bed was occupied, and the others were empty.

"We should keep our club's secret from other people. Try to keep a low profile. There are staff like myself at the school, but there are also other staff who might not share my views." Chen Ge was on high alert. They had created too big a commotion at the lab building, so the school might have started an investigation already.

There's not much time left for me. After checking Room 413, we should find a place to hide for a while.

There were four floors in total in the western campus' male dormitory. The number of students was several times higher than the number on the eastern campus. It was not yet time for lights out, and the time they arrived was the most chaotic, lively time at the dormitory. The sound of washing, plastic basins falling, and chatting could be heard when they stood outside the building.

This building looks similar to the one on the eastern campus.

Chen Ge acted very normal as he entered the first building with the four students. The door to the manager's room was closed, but the window was open. A middle-aged woman in her fifties was humming a ditty inside; she seemed to be in a good mood. There was a notice stuck next to the window. It spoke of various warnings like the using of high voltage electrical appliances and using a stove fire in the dormitory.

If I remember correctly, the notice on the board in the eastern campus' dormitory read, 'Due to the recent vicious crimes happening around campus, students are forbidden from leaving the dormitory after lights out.'

A wall separated two different walls, just like how it was inside and outside the door. Walking down the corridor, the group finally reached the door to Room 413.

"This dormitory is no different from other dormitories. I don't understand why we're here." Wang Yicheng opened the door. Even when he walked into the room, his roommates treated him like an invisible person. They kept doing their thing, and no one even acknowledged his presence.

After Wang Yicheng took several steps into the room, the boy who had the bed closest to the door suddenly pulled off the cover to glare at him. "How many times I've told you this? Close the door after you enter. I know you've injured your leg, but have you injured your ears as well?"

The boy used a very harsh tone; it sounded like he hated Wang Yicheng for some reason.

"The reason he didn't close the door is because someone else is coming in. If you want an apology, we can apologize on his behalf, but I wonder, what kind of apology do you require?" Chen Ge grabbed the doorknob and entered the room. He looked at the occupants. When the lad saw Chen Ge, his courage dissipated. With a growl, he pulled the cover back.

"Mr. Bai, this is bed number four. Because it is unoccupied, we use it to store our luggage." Wang Yicheng pointed at the fourth bed. Several suitcases and bags of trash were left on it. In this bedroom, only Wang Yicheng's stuff was left beside his bed, the other people threw their stuff onto bed four.

Chen Ge was very familiar with bed four because he had slept on it on the eastern campus.

Walking up to the bed, he noticed that even though no one used this bed, there were bed sheets and covers. They had been made dirty by the luggage and trash that was left there.


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