My House of Horrors
793 You Can Call Me Mr. Bai
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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793 You Can Call Me Mr. Bai

"Are they really ghosts? Can ghosts even be so innocent and pure? Do ghosts also play video games and make jokes?" Chen Ge started to have second doubts. He was unsure whether these students were actual ghosts or not. If they were ghosts, it was possible that they had no idea that they were already dead.

Arriving at the pavilion where the club recruitment drive was, every single club had people lining up to register. There were slogans pasted everywhere, and in the middle of the pavilion, the members of the street dancing club were performing.

"Nothing feels out of place. Am I really inside a door?" Walking through the pavilion, the sounds gradually weakened as Chen Ge reached the edge of the pavilion. He found a quiet place to sit down. He planned to observe the situation for now.

"Based on the clues given by Zhou Yu earlier, these children should all have forgotten something. Are they really happy here?" Chen Ge had no answer. He was not one of the students and could not make the choice on their behalf. His eyes scanned each of the student before his gaze finally stopped next to him.

About three meters away from him sat a thin student. The child sat on the step alone with no friends around him. He looked at the crowd bustling through the pavilion with envy in his eyes.

Chen Ge's interest in the child was piqued. He walked toward him. "Hey, why aren't you going to join one of the clubs?"

Hearing Chen Ge's voice, the male student was shocked. When he saw Chen Ge walk toward him, subconsciously, he turned to leave.

"You're a man—what are you so afraid of?" Chen Ge walked to the student's side. "Just go and apply for the club that you want to join. There's no need to hesitate."

"I…" The male student lowered his head and leaned forward like he was hiding something.

"Don't tell me, you wish to join the art club? But the school does not have an art club?" Chen Ge guessed.

Being shown kindness by Chen Ge, the student answered, "I wish to learn how to dance, but…"

He stood up, and then Chen Ge realized that the child was limping. His leg left was heavily disformed.

"But the club refuses to take me." The male student was depressed. "Actually, not only the dance club, many clubs rejected me in a roundabout way. There are two extra credits to grab if you join a club, and that's what's bothering me."

"Don't worry, leave it to me." Chen Ge patted the child's shoulder. He was not good at consoling people, but he was good at solving problems.

"You?" The child raised his head to look at Chen Ge. A trace of distrust was visible in his eyes.

"I am a teacher here. Since I've encountered your situation, I cannot just sit idly by." Chen Ge took out various IDs for Mr. Bai out from his bag. When he was at the staff dormitory in the eastern campus, he had swiped the IDs. Using his thumb to block the picture on the ID, Chen Ge showed the ID to the boy.

"Never mind. If you force them to take me, they will not feel good about it either." The male student pursed his lips. "I don't want to create problem for others. I'll be fine on my own."

"You are one of our students and thus one member of the family. There's no need to be act all embarrassed."

"Mr. Bai, thank you, but it's okay."

"Stay here. I'll be back in a minute." Chen Ge entered the pavilion again. He asked some of the clubs for their opinion, but there were very few clubs that were willing to accept the child. Returning to the student's side, the latter seemed to have guessed the result already.

"Teacher, there's no need to mind. It's fine."

"A student like you is not an isolated case. Since everyone is unwilling to accept you, then this is more than one student's problem but a problem for the school." Chen Ge's expression suddenly turned serious. "We are born with our body; we cannot do anything to change the nature gift that we're blessed with. However, we can change the impression of the people around us, which is the strength and responsibility of education."

The student nodded. When he heard that, his suspicion toward Chen Ge completely disappeared.

"Wait here, I refuse to believe that there is nothing to be done." Chen Ge passed through the pavilion again to arrive at the small office next to the pavilion. There were many students there since they were there to update their clubs' information. Mixing among the crowd, Chen Ge silently sought his way into the office. He was worried about running into other teachers, so he limited his movement to the first floor.

The office used to keep the information of the clubs was open. A female teacher was writing something with her head down inside. Next to her were several students compiling the clubs' information.

After taking a glance at the door, Chen Ge directly strode into the room. He acted very naturally like he worked there for real. The female teacher probably thought that it was one of the students walking in, so she did not even raise her head. The other students did turn Chen Ge's way, but they did not say anything.

Walking to an empty table, Chen Ge's mental constitution held firm. Very calmly, he opened the drawer and found a copy of a new club formation and application. Then he sat down at the table.

Using the pen, he wrote some simple things and added the school's seal to the form. Then, he shoved the entire document into his bag and left the office.

Passing through the pavilion, Chen Ge found the male student again. "There's a club that is willing to accept you, and I am the teacher responsible for that club. Would you like to join it or not?"

"Your own club?" The male student nodded. "Sure."

Since no other club was willing to take him and this Mr. Bai treated him so well, there was no reason for the student to reject the offer. "Mr. Bai, what kind of club is this?"

"Sign here first." Chen Ge took out one of the club registration forms and handed it to the student.

"Okay." The student signed his name on the form.

"Wang Yicheng? Not a bad name." Chen Ge put the form away and took out the club formation form that he had just written. "Our club is called the supernatural phenomenon observation club. Normally, there's nothing to do. Most of the time, we'll spend time studying the strange happenings at the school and study some supernatural, mysterious events that science cannot explain."

Hearing Chen Ge's introduction, the student was stunned. "Mr. Bai, are you serious?"

"See the seal on this form? Why would I lie to a student?" Chen Ge zipped up the bag. "You've signed the member form, but I won't trouble you if you wish to leave the club. The two credits, however, will be taken away from your score."

"Please don't. I was just shocked." The student had no idea whether he should be happy or sad. He had a feeling that his school life was about to change.

"That's much better. First, tell me everything that has happened to you. Do not leave out even the smallest detail." Chen Ge took out pen and paper to record.

"Here? We start now?"

"Quick. Do not feel any pressure. This is the tradition of our club. Any new members have to share the supernatural events that have transpired to them." Chen Ge was not lying. He merely did not tell Wang Yicheng that he was the first and only member of the supernatural phenomenon observation club.


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