My House of Horrors
792 Art Club
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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792 Art Club

If eastern campus was a nightmare that one could not wake up from, then the western campus was like a beautiful fairy tale. However, the one thing that concerned Chen Ge was that both campuses came from the same person's mind. 

Chen Ge did not pause for long at the trash collection center. He was worried that he might wake up the manager there again.

"Mr. Bai won't follow me to the western campus, right?" Looking at the wall that was almost three meters tall, Chen Ge's lips curled into a smile. He was about to begin a completely new experience. "I wonder if the rules in the eastern campus are applicable here as well. For the sake of security, I'd better not stay at a fixed location for too long."

Rushing to leave, Chen Ge followed the edge of the brush and moved toward the western campus. Without walking for that long, Chen Ge noticed that something was off. Different from the eastern campus, the brush on the western side had been carefully trimmed and cared for. There was no wild grass at all, and in the distance, he could see very clearly that someone was walking through the brush.

"Since I cannot hide here, I will figure out another method." Chen Ge took out Lin Sisi's phone and used it to scan around him first. After ensuring that there was no 'one' following him, he took out the working outfit that he had found in the laboratory and put it on. Chen Ge brushed away the dust, smoothed down the edges, took a deep breath, and straightened his back.

"The people from the eastern campus all refer to me as Lin Sisi. Every single one of them wants me to be their scapegoat. I wonder what the differences between the occupants of the western and eastern campuses are."

As a student, he had limited access to the campus. Not only could the teachers intercept him easily, other students would not be afraid when they saw him. Therefore, the first thing that Chen Ge did when he crossed over to the western campus was disguise as a member of staff.

"I should find some easily bullied students to try this out. If I can successfully trick them, it means that this method does work." Chen Ge still had no idea why the people from the eastern campus referred to him as Lin Sisi. Perhaps every living human who entered the campus would be called that.

"The manager of the school probably won't expect me to come over to the western campus. After all, the two campuses are separated by a very tall wall, and the only way through is through the trash collection centers." At the eastern campus, Chen Ge felt weirdly constrained like there had been a pair of eyes constantly on him. However, this feeling disappeared completely when he crossed over to the other campus. Clearing his throat, Chen Ge did a few breathing exercises, and his expression turned serious.

Those who did not know him would probably mistake him for an expressionless teacher when they saw him.

After placing the nails in his pocket, where he could reach easily, Chen Ge held the bag with one hand and walked out of the brush, strolling openly through the campus.

"It appears to be quite lively over there." The western and eastern campuses were indeed different. Chen Ge only took several steps before he saw two students walking toward him from afar. They had the appearance of normal students in real life. They looked ordinary; nothing stood out about them. They had that look of innocence and hope toward future that characterized teens. After several years in the work force, that hope would be gradually winded away. The light in their eyes would disappear, and in its place would come tiredness and helplessness. However, these students were different—they felt like life was in their own grasp. They believed that if they held their hands tight, the beautiful future would not slip through their fingers.

"They appear much more normal than the creatures on the eastern campus. Looking at them makes me feel younger." After experiencing so many things, Chen Ge's mental age had already far surpassed his actual age. Slowing down, Chen Ge kept his head lowered like he was contemplating something. The two students walked toward him with talk and laugher.

"I was chosen by the swimming club! The senior approved of my application herself. In the future, I can openly admire her. Perhaps she might even be my coach and teach me personally."

"In your dreams! The female seniors from the swimming club only interact with new male members when it's recruitment time. After you join the club, you'll be assigned a muscular male senior."

"Wouldn't that be even more exciting?"

"Go to hell!'

"I'm just joking. What kind of club did you join?"

"I used to like painting, but it's strange—how come our school doesn't have an art club?"

"That's impossible. You simply haven't found it, most likely."

"It's true. I've asked the seniors, and they also have no idea about it. Then I found the counsellor, and he just gave me a random excuse."

"Then why won't you just switch for another club? How about you join the swimming club as well? One on one teaching sessions with a female senior. It's going to be great!"

"I still wish to join the art club… Ah! Sorry! Sorry!" The male student was too caught up in his conversation, and he accidentally bumped into Chen Ge's shoulder. Rubbing his shoulder, Chen Ge stared at the two students with a stone-cold glare. He did not speak but stood to block the middle of the road.

"I'm sorry, I really didn't mean it," the male student apologized profusely.

"I hear that you wish to join the art club?" Chen Ge glanced casually at the man.

"Teacher, do you know where our school's art club is?" The way that the student referred to him as a teacher gave Chen Ge quite a relief. The panic lessened.

"Why do you insist on joining the art club?" Chen Ge kept his tone calm, making it difficult to tell what he was thinking.

"It's not that I insist on joining the art club. I simply like to paint, and other than that…" The male student scratched his head and started to stammer.

"Since it's not necessary for you to join the art club, never mind." Chen Ge made to leave. He gave off the impression of an eccentric young teacher.

"Teacher, wait!" The male student pouted. "You might not believe me when I tell you this, but recently, I've been having the same dream every night."

"What do you dream about?" Chen Ge slowed down.

"I cannot remember. Whenever I wake up, I would forget all about my dreams. But since it occurred so many times, there is a lingering impression in my mind. I can only remember painting something in my dream." The student also thought that he was being quite preposterous, and his face was red from the shame, as if afraid that Chen Ge might treat him as a nutjob.

"That's why you want to join the art club?" Chen Ge looked the student up and down. "What's your name?"

"Zhou Tu."

"Okay, I've memorized it." Chen Ge still wanted to ask a few more questions, but another few students were coming over from the other side. Afraid of being exposed, Chen Ge stopped the questioning. "Go back and think about it. If you really want to join the art club, come and find me at the club recruitment place." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Chen Ge had already spotted the small pavilion where the club recruitment was happening. It was filled with people and very bright. In fact, it gave him the fleeting impression that he had returned to real life.

Leaving with slow steps, Chen Ge wore the staff outfit to disguise himself as a member of staff. He was honestly quite good at it and had a more intimidating presence than normal teachers.

Just ten meters away, Chen Ge encountered three more students. These students were chatting; the topic ranged from the school entrance exam to games. There was light in their eyes and smiles that came from their hearts. This caused Chen Ge to start to wonder if he was perhaps in some kind of illusion.


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