My House of Horrors
789 Window
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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789 Window

Assuming that the person who pushed open the door inside the sickroom was Chang Gu, then where did he go after entering the door?

Chen Ge knew practically nothing about this world behind the door. The experience that he had obtained from previous three-star scenarios was completely useless here, but Chang Gu was different. The man had spent years studying this specific door, and he even possessed the left eye that Chang Wenyu had taken from the School of the Afterlife.

The eye could see things that normal people could not, and possessing it was no different from possessing a cheat.

Chang Wenyu is Chang Gu's little sister. Her physical body became a vessel for scapegoats. That means that her soul should still be somewhere in this school. She won't allow anything bad to happen to her own big brother.

If this current mission's difficulty could be categorized into different stages, then Chang Gu was playing the extremely difficult version while Chen Ge was playing the hellish difficulty version.

Chen Ge started the game with nothing. When he opened his eyes, he was already in the middle of a dangerous conundrum. He had to survive without any aid, and there was not one single person whom he could trust around him. Under these circumstances, Chen Ge somehow managed to carve a way out for himself.

If I can meet up with Chang Gu, his aid will mean my aid, and we will be able to look after each other.

Even though Chang Gu had bad eyesight, he was a very clever man. He was good at hiding and was much more capable than he made himself out to be.

After the shadow wakes up, I'll go look for the list of the victims. I'll observe Chang Gu from the dark before deciding what to do.

Never one to put all of his eggs in one basket, after finding Chang Gu, Chen Ge planned to work with him, with one in the open and the other in the dark.

If this killer really is Chang Gu, then I can make use of this opportunity to put everything onto him and clear my name. I'll come out to help him at the most crucial moment. The school probably won't expect there to be two killers.

Chen Ge actually had another plan in his heart.

To confuse the school, having only two killers isn't enough—I need help from more ghosts. When there are more than a handful of killers, the school rules will be completely broken, and then I will have a chance to submerge myself in the muddy waters.

In any case, those were merely Chen Ge's temporary thoughts. It was hard to put this plan into action. There were Greater Red Specters at the school, and Chen Ge could barely imagine just how scary those monsters were.

When the other ghosts are summoned, I should try to make myself scarce. Perhaps there's a way that I can provoke them remotely.

His plan was slowly moving into completion in his head. Chen Ge reached the end of the road without really realizing it. Before him was a long wall. The paint on the wall was peeling, and it was covered with vines. The night breeze blew, and the leaves rustled lightly. They looked like many small hands waving at Chen Ge.

This wall is only three meters tall, and there is no visible support anywhere. I'll have a hard time jumping over it. Why would the shadow tell me to come here?

The wall was adjacent to a brush, so Chen Ge did not need to worry about being exposed. However, his experience told him that staying in one spot for too long would only lead to bad things. Chen Ge reached his hands toward the wall. The leaves of the vines brushed against the back of his arms. The sensation was weird, like children biting him with their small teeth.

"This wall looks normal. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it." Chen Ge did not dare stay there for long. He kept turning back to look at his own shadow. The shadow's body was changing at every minute. He was in the middle of a metamorphosis and showed no sign of reawakening any time soon. "It's ironic that a scapegoat has started to get worried about the ghost that placed the curse on me."

The shadow had only told Chen Ge to come to the wall, but he did not tell him what to do when he reached the wall. "There is no sign of blood or a chilling presence. This place feels no different from the surrounding wall of a normal night school."

The wall looked too normal, so normal that it felt incongruous with the rest of the school. Chen Ge took another few steps forward before suddenly stopping. He pushed away the plants that covered the wall and stuck his ear to the wall.

"There is sound coming from the other side of the wall! It sounds like students talking!" Due to the distance, Chen Ge could not clearly hear the content. "Even from the distance, I can still catch some clues. This mean that there is a large number of speakers."

Chen Ge tried to triangulate the location. The other side of the wall was Jiujiang Private University for undergraduates.

"Why is there a need for a wall to separate the eastern and western campuses? The eastern campus is scary enough. Don't tell me that the western campus is even scarier!" Chen Ge leaned against the wall to listen. He could not sense anything that was wrong. "Did the shadow want me to head toward the western campus?"

The shadow had no reason to harm Chen Ge, and Chen Ge also trusted the shadow implicitly, but it was too difficult for him to cross the wall. Thus, Chen Ge moved down the wall. He walked for several minutes before he spotted a squat two-story building.

The house was not big and was built into the wall. The door was left half open like someone had been inside the building moments earlier. Once he got near, Chen Ge smelled a horrible stench in the air. This stench was different from the stench that Chen Ge had smelled at the lab. It was not a simple smell of decay, but it was a mixture of several horrible stenches.

"If I climb up to this building's roof, I'll be high enough to just jump over the wall." Chen Ge stood outside the building and resisted the urge to vomit. He took out Lin Sisi's phone. "This phone can capture ghosts and monsters; I might as well try to use it now."

Switching on the phone, Chen Ge discovered with some shock that the face on the background was slowly becoming more and more like his. "This portrait is changing?"

Shaking his head, Chen Ge clicked open the camera. He lifted the phone and aimed it at the small building and its surrounding. Everything looked normal.

"The stench here is different from the one at the lab. It shouldn't be those upside-down monsters. Shall I go in to take a look?" Chen Ge levelled several glances at the small building. The building had an exposed wall, and there was no window on the first floor. The only place to support his body was the window on the second floor. "This building only has one window?"

If Chen Ge was to use the building to leap over the wall, he had to first enter the building and then climb out through the second-floor window and up to the roof.

"There are things here that are not visible with my Yin Yang Vision, but Lin Sisi's phone should be able to capture their presence. If not for the fact that the phone accidentally captured things that it shouldn't have, the pictures inside it wouldn't have been tampered with." Chen Ge finally made a decision. He walked up to the building and pushed open the door.

The door creaked noisily. Chen Ge entered the room and saw the floor that was littered with trash.

There was everyday trash and wrappings for various medicine, as well as balls of black plastic bags that appeared to be leaking blood.

"Is this building used as some kind of disposal center?" Chen Ge held the phone and did not let his guard down. With every step, he stopped to take a picture of his surroundings.


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