My House of Horrors
787 Instinct and Beyond Instinc
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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787 Instinct and Beyond Instinc

The shadow was very weak. He would avoid a Half Red Specter, much less a Red Specter. To put it plainly, he was at the bottom of the pyramid at this school. He had forever been pinned to the wall, unable to move, unable to speak, just a stain on the wall.

Indeed, compared to the other monsters at the school, the shadow was just like a small stain. No one would give him any thought, and no one would have faith in him, least of them all himself.

"We've made too loud a commotion—we need to leave this place immediately." Chen Ge went forth to remind the shadow since the latter was still standing there. The shadow was like an orphan who had seen his parents for the first time. There was a bestial element to his nature, but he did not know how to get used to it.

"There will come a day for every mammal to be weaned from its mother's teat. If you don't eat others, you'll end up being eaten by others." Chen Ge patted the shadow's shoulder. His hand once again phased through the shadow and fell on his chest. "No one is willing to grow up, but you have to understand that you cannot stay a child."

These words were meaningful to the shadow. The latter's body shook. His hands held the heart that looked like a red ruby before swallowing it whole!

"Hey!" At that moment, the shadow seemed to lose his rationality. His spectral nature compelled him to consume the heart.

"This is bad. That girl should be slightly more powerful than the shadow. He will go into hibernation since he has just consumed the heart of a ghost who is more powerful than he is." Chen Ge knew about the shadow's potential, but even with that unique potential, he was not going to be more powerful than Zhang Ya. After Zhang Ya consumed a Red Specter, even she had to go into hibernation. There was no exception.

"Why are you acting so recklessly‽" Chen Ge had just found himself a helper, and now said helper was going into hibernation. This gave hm quite a headache. His original plan had been to split the red heart into several parts so that the shadow would still grow but not go into hibernation.

Just by swallowing the heart, the shadow's size doubled. He held his head in both of his hands. He pulled on his lips and face madly like he was trying to tear his face apart. Chen Ge could see that the shadow was in great pain, but he did not know how to help him.

"Calm down. If you really cannot consume the other party, accept her—accept her power and carry out her dying wish, help her complete her dying hope!" Chen Ge yelled loudly. The shadow finally reacted. He walked to the tree hole, squatted down, and reached both of his hands into the hole like he was looking for something.

"Something is not right. Even for Zhang Ya, when she consumed a Specter from the same level, she entered hibernation in a very short time. This guy has held on for so long. Is it because of his own uniqueness, or are the ghosts at this school different from the ghosts outside?"

The shadow dug for a long time before retrieving a rusted knife from inside the tree hole.

"Is this the weapon that killed the girl? Has her spirit been lingering on this murder weapon?"

Normally, a Specter's item of possession was related to the item important to their life. The girl's item of possession was most likely the weapon that had killed her, which also meant that the driving force to her lingering after her death was revenge.

The shadow's body doubled in size. He held the knife and stood before Chen Ge. The twisted arms waved up and down like he was trying to say something. Several seconds later, the shadow crawled into Chen Ge's shadow, and the knife fell before him.

"Does he wish for me to go look for the killer?" Chen Ge's lips pulled upward. He picked up the knife. He was in the same camp as the shadow, so he would help whenever he could. "To go to such an extent for being a scapegoat, I don't think anyone would have done this."

The knife was covered in rust and dirt, but it felt quite heavy in Chen Ge's grasp. "Could it be that the nature of the knife has changed since the girl has possessed it for so long?"

After placing the knife in the folds of his clothes, Chen Ge inspected the surrounding again. The signs of battle were obvious in the brush. There was no way to hide them, so Chen Ge decided to make use of it to misdirect people who might be on their trail.

"After wasting so much time here, it's about time we leave." There was danger hiding in every corner of this school. All Chen Ge could do then was trust in the shadow and find the location that the shadow had mentioned—the wall.

Turning back to look at his shadow, Chen Ge could feel the increasing chilling air that radiated from it. "He'll become stronger after consuming another Specter, but this school appears to have a rule of its own. All the ghosts that I've encountered limited their nature, quite unusual."

Chen Ge thought back to his experience in Li Wan City. The 3.5-star scenario had a lot of Specters, but there were few instances where the Specters went after each other because each Specter had their own territory, and their area of movement was limited.

This was completely different from this school. Most of the Specters could move freely and go to any corner of the school.

"Someone at this school has accomplished something that the ghost fetus at the pinnacle of Red Specter was unable to do." Chen Ge sucked in a cold breath. He was even more certain that there was something greater than a Red Specter at the school. "How am I supposed to face something even scarier than Zhang Ya?"

Chen Ge quickly suppressed the burgeoning sense of despair. "The black phone wouldn't have given me an impossible mission. There has to be a way out."

A three-star scenario was different from a four-star scenario, just like how a Red Specter was different from a Greater Red Specter. However, Chen Ge was unfamiliar with the exact differences. In any case, the encounters that he had experienced tipped him off to certain things.

Red Specters were tied to the instinct and nature that they carried from when they were alive, but Greater Red Specters seemed to have broken through that limitation. For example, the twelve painters in the art room and the bloody oil paintings that were hard to understand. They seemed to be collectively expressing something, and that something was already beyond Chen Ge's comprehension.

"Different from knowing the ghost fetus' identity, there should be something that I can do to deal with the owner of this school." The ghost fetus harbored deep resentment toward Chen Ge, and it could not wait to torture Chen Ge. Conversely, the owner of this school did not seem to have much personal history with Chen Ge.

"I should take it slow; my most immediate concern is to survive." Chen Ge picked up his speed. As he ran, he took out Lin Sisi's phone. He keyed in the password and finally unlocked the phone.

"After the Red Specter at the lab saw me leave the building, it stopped chasing me. From that, it shows that even Red Specters are unable to violate the rules of this school. What I need to do now is figure out the rules here and make use of the rules to increase the chance of my own survival."

Lowering his head to glance at the phone, he only took a glimpse at it, and Chen Ge was unable to pull his gaze away again. Lin Sisi's phone background was that of an oil painting. It featured a human face that was featureless.


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