My House of Horrors
785 We“re Not Taking Advantage of Her
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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785 We“re Not Taking Advantage of Her

The girl's voice suddenly turned shrill, and the broken arm shot forward like a python that was striking its prey. It flew to grab Chen Ge.

"Don't worry." Chen Ge tightened his fists, and the nails poked through the gaps. He targeted the hand that shot at him and hit it heavily.

"I'm so cold! I'm just underneath your feet! Save me! Save… AH!" The girl's harrowing howl was interrupted by a scream.

"Are you alright?" Chen Ge looked at the broken arm that fell next to him. The hand was very beautiful with tapered fingers, fair fingers, but the back of the hand had been pierced through by a nail, pinning it to the ground.

"Where are you buried? I saw a severed hand earlier, is it yours?" Chen Ge unclenched his palms, which were covered in sweat. Actually, he had been given quite a fright. Thankfully, he had been well prepared to face this situation. The begging ceased, and only a shrill female cursing voice remained.

"Is it that painful? I've been pricked a few times myself, and it doesn't feel so bad." Chen Ge looked around carefully as he slowly retreated. If there was a broken hand inside the brush, there was no guarantee that there was nothing else.

The girl's voice became clearer, and Chen Ge's ears twitched. With the talent of Ghost Ear, his hearing was better than most. He could hear the mumbling of ghost, and that effect came in handy at this moment.

It's on my left. Chen Ge reached into pocket and grab another nail. He ensured that the weapon was close by. The arm that was pinned to the ground was still flailing about. The girl was incensed, and she stopped disguising her voice. Chen Ge moved to the left, and suddenly, he felt something give underneath his feet. It was very soft.

Not good! As the thought crossed his mind, Chen Ge's body already reacted. He quickly jumped back, but a mysterious power pulled on his calf, preventing him from leaving.

"Didn't you want to save me? Why are you leaving? I'm buried here, the plot of land that you've just stepped on!" Pain and hatred turned the girl's voice ugly. Chen Ge ignored the girl and turned his head down to look. His calf was being grabbed by another broken arm. And worse than that, he realized that there was something wrong with this whole plot of land. It felt like a muddy bog, and his body would sink if he stayed there for too long. When he saw that hand, Chen Ge reacted swiftly. He held the nail and pushed it deep into the girl's hand. The curse in Room 413 seemed to be very powerful, and a single nail proved to be so damaging.

No wonder it's the room for Lin Sisi. There are probably some other treasures hidden inside that bedroom.

The scary curse turned into something useful in Chen Ge's arms. Even the shadow in hiding was shocked by his response.

"I feel sorry for what has happened to you, and I do wish to help you, but what do you plan to do to me in return?" Chen Ge pushed the nail deeper into the other broken arm before swiftly retreating.

"Didn't you say you'd save me? My body is just buried here! Dig me up and help me escape!" The girl's voice echoed in his ears. Chen Ge turned back to look, and three meters away from him, there was a hole in a tree. Inside the dark enclosure sat a scary female human skull. The hair was tattered, and the eyes that had no pupils were yanked open as they stared at Chen Ge. "Liar! You didn't intend to help me at all! You're all liars!"

"I really did wish to help you—that's undeniable—but you refuse to communicate nicely with me. Why did you try to grab me?" When Chen Ge saw the girl, his hands reached subconsciously into his pocket. The girl had died a horrible death, and he might not have enough nails to deal with her.

Chen Ge had a love-hate relationship with these nails that he pulled out from his body. With the addition of each new nail, it meant that he was that much closer to death, but at the same time, it was because of these nails that he could compete against the girl and the shadow.

"Stop lying to me! That was what the man said! But in the end, this is what they did to me! Go to hell! Go to hell all of you!" The skull was sitting snugly inside the tree house. With the screaming from the girl, the surroundings started to change again. The air seemed to freeze, and the leaves rustled noisily. Soon, strands of hair floated down from between the branches, and things that looked like blood vessels surfaced on the ground. It looked quite scary.

"She seems to have joined with this plot of land after being buried here for so long." The situation had changed to go out Chen Ge's control. He started to retreat.

"Didn't you say you'd save me? Why are you leaving? Is it because I look so ugly? Didn't you promise that you'd love me no matter what happened to me? Now that I've become something like this, why are you turning away? Come back and accompany me! I'm so cold here alone. Come stay with me, I've missed you so much!" the girl screamed madly. She seemed to have treated Chen Ge as Yuan Ming, and the face inside the tree hole had morphed into something inhumane.

"She has to be in so much pain now, but I cannot communicate with her at all, and I can't do anything to help her. Oh well, perhaps I can figure out a method to make her forget this horrible memory." Chen Ge turned to look at his shadow. "If her spirit lingers, her pain will never end. We can't just allow this to carry on. The head inside the tree hole should be her real form. Can you help me detain her?"

The shadow did not imagine that, in just a few seconds, the situation would deteriorate to such a stage. He looked at the two arms that were pinned on the ground, and he could not imagine how Chen Ge was going to save this girl.

"Brother, don't just reply me with silence! As long as you can detain the head, we have a chance!" Hearing Chen Ge, the shadow shook his head in panic. He was afraid. Even though the girl was not a Red Specter, it did not mean that she was easily bullied.

"You need to have faith in yourself! No matter what happens, you have to trust yourself! This is strength from the bottom of your heart!" The shadow had a soft personality. He had been through too many things when he was still alive. Chen Ge yelled loudly, trying to resolve the lock in the shadow's heart. "I am your scapegoat, so I won't harm you! This girl is the first hurdle that we've encountered as a team. We have to overcome it so that our path in the future will be smooth!"

Chen Ge spoke very fast, and he did end up convincing the shadow. The thin shadow appeared behind Chen Ge. His body swayed with the wind and looked like he would disperse at any moment.

"Don't be afraid! Don't hesitate! Think about your past! You do not wish for the tragedy to occur again! You cannot allow yourself to continue being like this!"

The shadow gradually grew. With the encouragement from Chen Ge, the shadow grew to twice his size. The hands turned into claws, and the resentment around him thickened.

"Yes! Anger, pain, and despair are your power. Go ahead! This hurdle before us is not the enemy—it is just a soft fruit. Make her a part of you, carry her spirit with you. That way, you won't only have saved her, you'll end up saving yourself!"

Chen Ge's voice was low and hoarse, like the murmuring of the devil.


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