My House of Horrors
779 Fourth Floor
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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779 Fourth Floor

The third floor was the most dangerous floor; almost everything in the elevator was trying to get to this floor. The seemingly empty corridor might be bustling with people if viewed from another angle.

"The curtains of this building are grayish black in color. The red thing that floated around my neck earlier was definitely not gray in color, so it was not the curtain. It was probably the monster from the second floor that had caught up to me."

A Red Specter was on a completely different level compared to a normal Specter. Therefore, when Chen Ge encountered a Red Specter, he did not hesitate to turn and run.

Without the aid of his workers, Chen Ge was practically defenseless before a Red Specter. He knew very well that he did not pose a threat to a Red Specter with the few nails that he was holding. "I didn't find anything off on the first floor, and there's a Red Specter on the second floor—I wonder what awaits me on the third floor."

The laboratory was only one of the many buildings at the school, but this four-story building was already proving too much for Chen Ge to handle.

"On the surface, the school maintains a normal appearance. It hasn't been that long since the lights got switched off, so the school hasn't arrived at its scariest point yet." Chen Ge was getting more confident that he was in the School of the Afterlife. The scary factor at this school was far beyond any of the other schools that he had been to in the past. "No matter what, I have to shake that Red Specter loose."

Chen Ge headed to the room on the opposite side of the corridor. He had just taken the first step when he felt something touch his shoulder. "Did I knock into someone?"

Squinting, Chen Ge used his Yin Yang Vision, but in his eyes, there was nothing in the corridor. "It was not my imagination; I definitely brushed against something earlier."

He took another step forward. This time, not only his shoulder, his arms and legs knocked into something. "This corridor isn't really filled with 'people', is it?"

Actually, that question was no longer that important to Chen Ge. He forced himself to 'squeeze' through the corridor. Just as he was about to reach the door of the opposite room, the door before him suddenly was closed by someone inside!

Without any warning, the door that had been left ajar was slammed shut. A chill surged through his body. Chen Ge reacted very quickly; he turned to run toward the next room. However, before he even took his first step, the next door was closed as well.

"The things inside the rooms don't want me to get close to them?"

At the same time, like they had received a signal, all the doors that were left open in the corridor were closed from within. A light stench drifted down the corridor and crawled up Chen Ge's nostrils. He had encountered a similar smell when he was inside the elevator. "It's this smell again."

Chen Ge leaned against the wall. The stench formed a palpable wall around him. It felt like 'dead bodies' were surrounding him.


Suddenly, knocking came from behind him. Chen Ge turned to look, and the knocking was coming from the room that he had just escaped from.

"It's the Red Specter knocking! I can't stay here any longer." The doorknob turned like the person inside was trying to open it. The Red Specter might appear at any moment. "Why is this thing chasing after me? Is it because I took its clothes?"

Chen Ge reached into his bag to take out the work outfit that he had 'borrowed' from the second floor guardroom.

Strangely enough, when he did so, the stench around him seemed to lighten. "Why would that happen?"

Chen Ge put one of his arms into the sleeve, and the stench dissipated even further. "I cannot see the monsters inside this building, but they carry a smell like the smell of decay around them. With the stench fading away, it can only mean that their interest in me has lowered. They have moved away from me."

Chen Ge's original plan had been to return the outfit to the Red Specter inside the guardroom, but that had changed.

Putting down the bag, Chen Ge put on the whole outfit. He tried to push open the door before him, but it felt like something was being used to block behind the door. Even though the doorknob could be turned, the door could not be opened. He tried several rooms before finally giving up. He grabbed his bag and rushed toward the elevator.

"The monsters on the third floor that give off the stench are not hostile toward me. The Red Specter from the second floor is still in the third-floor room. So, at this moment, the elevator should be safe." Chen Ge ran faster. He knew that his prediction might be wrong, but he had no other choice. Without his employee, without the black phone, he could not even contact the police to come and help him—he could only rely on himself.

In this despairing environment, one had to make the choice in the shortest available time, but the smallest mistake might cause death to become a type of luxury. Negative emotions corrupted his mind, and a curse would bring more pain to this physical body, but even under such stressful conditions, Chen Ge still forced himself to move toward his destination and goal.

"No wonder the Pen Spirit would rather commit suicide than come to this place."

When he arrived at the elevator door, the number on the panel was three, and a smile appeared on Chen Ge's face. Pressing the button for the elevator, the doors opened, and Chen Ge slipped into it. He started to press the button for the doors to close madly. The Red Specter did not exit the room. It seemed to be under some kind of limitation—it was not allowed to break anything inside this school. The gray doors slowly closed, and the elevator moved.

"When I reach the first floor, I'll need to remain cautious of Mr. Bai. This scenario is impossibly difficult. Even for those supposedly hell-difficulty games on the market, you wouldn't be chased by both monsters and ghosts at the same time." Chen Ge was thinking about how to avoid Mr. Bai when he noticed that something was wrong. "Why is this elevator moving upward?"

Turning to look at the screen, in three seconds, the number on the monitor turned from three to four. "The fourth floor? But I pressed for the first floor! Someone on the fourth floor was calling for the elevator when I was using it?"

Without much time to think the situation through, the doors opened. Wearing the guard outfit, Chen Ge gripped the nails and hid in the corner. He was about to jump out should anyone come in. The doors opened fully. Beyond it was a dark corridor and nothing else.

"There's no one?" A faded stench drifted in from the open door. Then a stench harsher than the one on third floor floated into the elevator booth. All the numbers on the elevator control panel lit up on their own. The stench in the booth reached an unbearable level, but the elevator doors refused to close. Several seconds later, the control panel screamed its warning, and the term 'overload' appeared on screen.

"I'm in the elevator alone, but the weight's over the limit?" The beeping warning was particularly screechy inside the quiet building. Chen Ge could not imagine what was happening inside the elevator. After some hesitation, Chen Ge kept his head lowered and came out of the elevator with hasty steps. Once he left, the doors successfully closed, and the stench disappeared.

Standing inside the fourth floor's corridor alone, Chen Ge's emotion was complicated.


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