My House of Horrors
775 Who Is Following Me?
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My House of Horrors
Author :I Fix Air-Conditioner
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775 Who Is Following Me?

The night school's laboratory building was not tall by any means; it only had four floors in total. Instead of saying that it was a location for the students to conduct experiments, it was more like a tacked-on location to fulfil the appearance of being an educational establishment. This building was not far from the student dormitory. So, if Chen Ge made too much noise there, it would be heard clearly by those residing in the male student dormitory.

Chen Ge silently sought his way to the building entrance. He looked through the glass door into the building for a while. There was a dark corridor and numerous rooms with closed doors. Looking in from the outside, there was nothing that particularly stood out about the place.

"Everything looks normal." Chen Ge had a standard in his heart used to gauge the scary factor of a scenario. The lowest standard was for those scenarios where the scenario itself was not scary but the characters or events that transpired at the scenario were very scary. The highest standard was reserved for scenarios where both the setting and the characters possessed incredible danger, and a careless mistake could lead to your death.

Obviously, this school belonged to the highest standard. Therefore, Chen Ge reminded himself not to be fooled by a seemingly peaceful appearance. "The stiller the water on the surface, the deeper it runs."

Resting a moment before entering the building, Chen Ge adjusted his breathing. When he was ready, Chen Ge moved forward to give the entrance door a light shove. The glass door of the laboratory was not locked. With a light push from Chen Ge, the door slid open practically soundlessly.

A chilling draft came from inside the building. Staring down the dark corridor, the hair on Chen Ge's arms stood on end. "Something does not feel right here."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Chen Ge had conducted many Trial Missions, and a normal scenario would not have caused him such a feeling.

Squinting his eyes, Chen Ge studied his surrounding carefully. "Things look like how they should be in real life. There is nothing that stands out, so how come I have this disconcerting feeling in my heart?"

The corridor was laid with clean and slippery tiles, and the walls were painted white. The place was spotless. There was no graffiti to be seen, and this place was very well kept, but somehow, it made Chen Ge feel incredibly uncomfortable.

"What is the problem?" An instinctual sense of fear curled around Chen Ge's heart. He entered the building with as much care as he could manage. The moment that his hand let go of the doorknob, the glass doors slid back into place.

"Not good!" Without any hesitation, Chen Ge instantly turned around to grab the doorknob. He pulled with all his might, and the doors swung open easily. He was not trapped inside the building.

"This is different from what I thought." When the doors slid shut behind him, Chen Ge had thought that his escape route had been cut off and that he had been quarantined inside the building, but that was not the truth. "They allow me to escape if I want to, or does this mean that they know I will not be able to survive even if they allow me the freedom of getting out the front door?"

Chen Ge let go of the door and watched as the glass doors closed. So far, everything that Chen Ge had encountered inside this building could not have been more normal. Any other person would have doubted their conviction and lowered their guard, but Chen Ge was not that kind of person. "I need to find what is causing me the anxiety as soon as possible. I don't care whether it is a person, a ghost, or something else."

Carrying the bag, Chen Ge entered the corridor with his back pressed against the wall. The interior of the building was very small, but it contained many labs. They were for different subjects, and every classroom had a different name on it.

"All the labs and activity rooms for the night school should be in this building. That means that I will probably find the art room here." Chen Ge's footsteps echoed down the corridor as he walked down the path alone at night. This pressure was hard to describe, but every single second was like tortuously long. Chen Ge tried to open the classroom doors as he walked down the corridor. He had lost count of the doors that he had tried, but the majority of them were locked. Only a small handful were left unlocked, but even so, the doors could not be opened. They were too heavy to move as if someone had placed a heavy object behind them to block entry.

Chen Ge reached the end of the corridor. He had searched the entire first floor, but he had failed to locate the art room. To his surprise, the building, which only had four floors, came with an elevator. "Are there no stairs? Only an elevator?"

Everything else in the building was fine until the appearance of this elevator. Chen Ge did not dare to utilize it so recklessly. He stood about four meters away to study it first.

"This appears to be an elevator normally used to transport heavy objects. Does the lab need to have bigger objects transported up and down between the floors often? In that case, why didn't they fix the stairs but install an elevator?"

As he got closer to the elevator, Chen Ge got an increasingly stronger whiff of a horrible stench. The smell came from inside the elevator. "Just what kind of things is this elevator normally used to transport?"

Chen Ge stood at the door for a long time. Actually, Chen Ge was reluctant to take the elevator because the booth was a confined space. Once the doors closed, he would lose the ability to escape. There was no way to run. "The art room is not on the first floor, and to get to the other floors, I have to use the elevator."

There were two choices. One was to take the elevator and continue exploring the building, to search for the shadow that had escaped from Room 413. The other was to leave the night school directly and head to the western campus where the normal students should be gathered.

Chen Ge did not dare to wander about the night school anymore. Mr. Bai was waiting to ambush him at the dormitory; if he ran into either Bai Ling or Wang Xiaoming, he would be exposed, and then he would end up in a very dangerous situation.

"The frequency for the appearance of the nails is becoming shorter and shorter. I have to deal with this curse as soon as possible." Chen Ge hid one of the nails in his palm and pressed the button to summon the elevator. The number on the panel above the door originally showed three, but after Chen Ge pressed the button, the number on the panel soon turned to two.

"This building does not possess a staircase. So, the only way to leave is to use the elevator. Before I called the elevator, it was parked at the third floor and not idling on the first floor. This means that at this moment, there is someone else inside this building, and he is on the third floor!" Chen Ge gripped the nail tightly. As the number on the panel slowly changed, he silently retreated to the middle of the corridor. He was worried that once the doors opened, something would rush out at him from inside the elevator.

The school was filled with danger at every step, and Chen Ge felt like he could never be too careful. The number on the panel soon turned to one. The elevator doors opened, and the strange stench in the air seemed to have thickened. Chen Ge, who stood several meters away, peered into the elevator booth with his Yin Yang Vision. The inside of the elevator was empty; there was nothing there.

"That thing hasn't come down, so it is still on the third floor!" Chen Ge returned to the elevator. He started to search inside his bag. He wished to use the dental floss and artery clamp to make a simple tool. The plan was, when he took the elevator to the second floor, he would place those items between the two doors so that the elevator could not close fully. The elevator would not move to another floor, and he would not have to worry about the thing from the third floor coming to get him.

As a Haunted House boss, Chen Ge had personally designed many props in the past, and he finished the tool in mere seconds. "This should work."

Chen Ge entered the elevator and pressed the button to go to the second floor. The button lit up.

The elevator booth was much more spacious than a normal elevator. Chen Ge felt very uncomfortable standing in there. "What is this elevator normally used for? What does it usually transport? Why is there such a horrible stink?"

After selecting the desired floor, the gray doors slowly closed, and the intensity of the stench inside the elevator almost doubled.

"The stench continues to thicken." Chen Ge subconsciously moved his hands to cover his nose. He looked at the screen above the control panel with a frown. He wished to leave the elevator as soon as possible, but once the doors completely closed, the button that represented the third floor on the panel suddenly lit up.

"Someone is going to the third floor?" After this temporary shock, Chen Ge's eyes gradually widened!

The light on the button would only light up because someone had pressed on the corresponding floor number from inside the elevator!

"There is something else inside this elevator!" The heavy stench rushed into his nostrils. Chen Ge did not turn around. He faced the elevator doors and kept himself frozen solid inside the elevator.


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